I've been wanting to get my nose fixed every since...

I've been wanting to get my nose fixed every since I found out it was possible. My nose is wide & the tip is bulbous, also for a couple of months now I've had red marks on the sides of my nose which led me to research surgeons. I've been covering the red marks with makeup when I go out & when I don't cover them, people just think I've been wearing glasses (even though I haven't in months).

I called Dr. C's office during the 2nd week in december & scheduled my consultation for 12/31/12. I have to say their office is very accommodating! I'm in school & wanted to get this done before next semester starts. We scheduled surgery for 01/10/13! This is all happening so fast.

Dr. C doesn't think the trauma had anything to with my nose developing wide but an ENT who looked at it last year did. Im also going to a different ENT tomorrow just to get another look & opinion. Also I went for x-rays yesterday as per Dr. C to see what's going on but haven't gotten the results yet.

Every post that I've read has been so helpful! It was nice to see so many before&after pictures & read different experiences. I'm just nervous because most of his patient's had a large nose/profile & bump. My profile is fine my problem is the wideness & lack of definition. Looks aren't EVERYTHING but they are very very important to me. I just don't know if this is the right decision. I've wanted this for as long as I can remember but now that it's happening I'm not sure. My biggest fear right now is that the surgery is going to make me look worse & that I'm going to regret it forever.

I have to make a decision ASAP & am freaking out lol

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-never mind.. a friend of my parents just called...

-never mind.. a friend of my parents just called them said Dr. C was really bad...cancelling my surgery =(


So sorry to hear you had to cancel! However there is no point going to a surgeon you lost faith in. I hope you find the right surgeon for you! It's hard to know who to trust your face with, unfortunately. Best wishes!
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Can you please share what exactly your concerns are about Dr. C? I am considering Dr. Ciardullo and really want to know about his work. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Also, would love to see some pictures!
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Good luck with the second opinion! I hope you gain some clarity with what is going on in your nose so you can relax and proceed and your doc knows the whole game plan. You may find yourself wondering if you made the right choice up to your surgery and perhaps after. There is a definite commitment involved and as you know, it's only just begun when the bandages come off. Try to be kind to yourself when you are all swollen because it is temporary! And if you really really really are not sure about it all, you can always hold off. Don't feel pressured, because this decision is made by you and you need to be o.k. with it, not anybody else :) Best of luck & well wishes to you!
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