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Going to get my nose done on the 28th! My doctor...

Going to get my nose done on the 28th! My doctor is Dr. Robert C. Ciardullo, MD I found him on this site and he had wonderful reviews and pics. I'm praying that mines will turn out the same. I'm mixed with black but my nose is long med size with a bump. Never hated my nose until I turned to the side

Finally getting my nose done tomorrow!

Going to get my nose done at 9:30 am cant wait!

finally apart of the nose job familg!

I got my nose done today!! It was a breeze. My face hurts but icing and meds make it less painful! When i woke up my throat was dry and sore. Cough drops and cold water really helped. Everyone was so nice to me today! I got a nostril tuck raised tip and the bump removed. I will update later!! Boy do i feel the need to blow my nose lol!

look at my face

Praying for a cute button nose!

It really does hurt and I can breath a little

Omg everyone is super nice! Your talking,they give you the IV then your done lol.I woke up with a sore though so have some cough drops on deck!! My face hurt but after I took my meds I was fine its really not that bad. I bruise so bad but for some reason I didn't maybe because I took 4 vitamin C pills a day for 2,weeks straight. It's really a breeze and it looks pretty from what I can see!!

Doesn't hurt typo lol

Omg everyone is super nice! Your talking,they give you the IV then your done lol.I woke up with a sore though so have some cough drops on deck!! My face hurt but after I took my meds I was fine its really not that bad. I bruise so bad but for some reason I didn't maybe because I took 4 vitamin C pills a day for 2,weeks straight. It's really a breeze and it looks pretty from what I can see

hello Miss Piggy

My nose is doing fine on day 2 but i do look like Miss Piggy but i know it will drop soon! Cant wait until this cast is removed!!!

Swelling going down pain going up

Well its day 4 im doing well although i feel some tightness and pain but its not so bad!

swelling is going down thank GOD

Finally breathing again

Cleaned out crust dried up blood and debri tonight now I can finally close my mouth and breath through my nose. I only have 4 days left until this cast is removed yah!!!! I'm trying to image what my new nose will look like!!

Tip going down

My tip is looking less piggish lol! I'm so happy!!

Going out trying to get cute lol

Well I have to leave out so I had no choice but to wear my cast out. I feel a little self conscience but a girl has to do what she has to do right!!!

Small Nostrils

My only complaint is having smaller nostrils its so hard to clean your nose lol. My nostrils are small now with swelling so I can't imagine, thank God for Qtips lol! Dr. C. gave me a nostril reduction because he felt my nose was to wide he also raised the tip and shaved down my bump. Tuesday we shall se the outcome. Fingers crossed!!!

One more day until cast removed

Well guys I have 1 day until my cast is removed!!! I'm so elated! I tried on some eye makeup I want to be cute for my removal lol!

Dirty oily skin

I was only able to do makeup on my eyes guys! Can't wait to wash and exfoliate my face so that I can beat my face! Anybody out there struggling from oily grimy skin because you cant wash your face??


So i get my cast off tomorrow i was excited but now im just scared! I know i cant expect perfection but it is my face and it wasnt cheap either lol! Im going to pray for the best and calm down. Wosai lol

Forgot to mention

So my skin is beyond oily im going to stay young forever lol however the oil in my skin has totally lifted my surgical tape up on both sides. My nose has also shrunk therefore my cast has damn near fallen off! I hope Dr.C will understand!

Cast Fell Off

Well guys my cast fell off so while it was on its last leg I called Dr. C at home and he said that its normal if its day 6-7 due to oily skin. I thought I did something wrong but he said let it fall off. My husband slipped the falling lopsided cast off and OMG Dr.C must be an artist or a magician my nose is beyond what I expected!!!!!! If its swollen then I'm not sure of what it will look like as time passes! I'm so happy I went to him he changed my life!!!! I'm going to get my stitches out tomorrow I will update and provide more picks!!!

Dr.C Rocks

I'm so blessed to have found this site and all of Dr. C's patients thanks guys


Here are some result pics remember I'm still swollen

Lost pic

One more

Stiches out!

I went to see dr. C today. He took my stiches and I'm so happy!!! I met some nice women today they were so sweet. It's so nice to have love and support by fellow rhino sisters lol!

2 week mark

Today makes 2 weeks I'm happy with my results I will be even happier when my swelling goes down!

3 weeks today guys

3 week update

Bump on right side

My nose has formed a hard bump on my right side. I've been reading that's normal due to swelling and bones however I still want to get it checked out. Still swollen in pain can't breathe dry nose but I love my new nose. Going to make an appointment in Aug. to have this bump checked out!

More pics

More pics

More pics

More pics

Almost 4 months


Front view

Better view

Sorry 5 months not 4

Before & After

1 year 2 month update

So im proud to report that I finally love my nose especially my profile!!! I use to cringe in pics my side profile was so terrible now Im happy to take selfies turned to the sides. They say it takes about 2 years so im waiting patiently?

no more bump

My last update was that I still had a small bump on my left side well im happy to report its gone!! I guess it was swollen or hard cartilage but my nose is perfect now!
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

wonderful reviews and pics haven't gotten my nose done yet but will do an review

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Just now seeing this... Wish I could see more pics, because my nostrils have a flare to them, and I would like to see your before and after. And now that your nostrils are smaller, how is breathing in general? Does breathing feel like how it used to be? Or is it a bit different?
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congrats! any after pics?
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Hi could you please send me some picture of your nose yo help me make my own decision. Thank you.
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U should post some pics!:)
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Hello !! I will like to know how are you feeling in all these months with your new nose . I don't know why . But I can't see all your pictures . I'm only see 2 pics from before surgery nothing else :( . Can u make an update . I thinking in Dr. C for my surgery . It will very helpful your before and after pictures from all angles . Thx so much !!
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how are you doing? Have you seen Dr. C lately? I keep forgetting to make my follow up apmts lol
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Im great I need to go see him too! How have you been? Im going to update soon♄
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Looking great! Thanks for all your updates.

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Thank you and your welcome more to come!!
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I just got my nose done by Dr. C and even though I'm 8 days post op (and swollen and itchy) I am obsessed with my new nose. Thanks for your review!
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Your welcome enjoy your new cute nose!!
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Omgggggg you loook fantasticcc. I was waiting patiently for an update
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Thank you when are you getting yours done
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January 6
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Good luck!!
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Did you have open or closed rhinoplasty?
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Good question I don't know
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How long did it take you to see the definition on your front view? I am only 2 weeks post-op but pretty impatient lol
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It gets more defined as the days go by it's still swollen don't expect to see real results until a year or 2 having your nose done is pretty traumatic it's major trauma to a sensitive area so be patient as humanly possible! Easier said than done I know!!!
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how's your bump doing gf?
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It's going down I have an appointment on the 26th I may need a shot idk but I will up date you gf! How you doing??
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I'm ok still hating the swelling but I can breathe & the stitches are finally all gone (at least from what I can feel lol)
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You have no idea how reassuring your blog has been for me. I had my rhinoplasty yesterday and I look very piggy like and couldn't stop crying. The surgeon (Lucian Ion) called me to reassure me that I would love the results but that I would be looking a little crazy for a few weeks. I hope my nose turns out as good as yours! xx
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Awwhhh your welcome trust me its going to go down dont worry at all! I know you are going to look awesome!
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Looks great!! You are looking like a star! Best wishes on the bump, I'm sure it will go down, it's just a pain in the rear because it takes foreverrrrrr hahahaha. I don't have any lumps but the swelling in between my eyebrows is horrendous and painful! Ugh I can wait for it to go down, or maybe Dr C can give me a shot or something lol
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