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Hello all! I just had a consultation with the...

Hello all! I just had a consultation with the famous Dr. Ciardullo and I scheduled my surgery!! The staff was really great, Bobbie knew who I was immediately when I walked in and made me feel comfortable. When I spoke with Dr. C, he told me exactly what he wanted to do with my nose before I even said anything and it was very much similar to what I had in mind. My only issue with surgery is the money. I'm not fortunate enough to have my parents paying for this and will have to pay out of pocket. I live by myself in NYC and make a living being a cocktail waitress, so I dont exactly have a steady income but when I do, I can make a lot of money. I would love to have the surgery done next month and get it over with but I have to leave some room to save. Either way I will have to borrow a few thousand using either CareCredit or a bank loan. I"m just apprehensive I will dig myself into a financial hole and ruin my credit/life for something that isn't a necessity. Another concern I have is telling my parents about the surgery. They will insist I am wasting my money on vanity and making a mistake and I know my father will continuously lecture me on how I could use the money to get my master's degree or something else. So I am worried about the financial and psychological strain the procedure is going to have. I know Dr. C is a great doctor and I'm going to love my results but I'm starting to wonder whether its worth sacrificing my relationship with my parents or my credit history. I dont know if anyone else has gone through a similar situation that could give some advice??

Ah I know how you feel! What I've heard above all from rhino patients is "I wish I did this sooner" which is what makes me assured that I want to get this done asap and "move on with my life" like you said. I'm also looking on getting it done around the same time, IF I get an opening (hopefully ahhhh! can't wait)
Do what *you* feel is right. I have gone through a similar thing with my sister. She did not approve but I emphasized that this was what I wanted. You have to do what makes you happy. Have not had surgery yet but am also going with Dr. C, hopefully having surgery in Dec/Jan.

I totally understand! i went through something very similar in my twenties. I got a personal loan to cover the cost and have not regretted it for one single day. You're young and you'll make more money! Can you wait and tell your parents after the fact? Do you really think it could cause a permanent rift, or would be something they might disapprove of but would eventually get over?


Update 1: More financial blues!! I applied for...

Update 1:
More financial blues!! I applied for Carecredit and got denied. WAHHHH!! I think it's because I have virtually no credit. I really dont want to have to have a co-signer, I want to take care of myself! What are my other options? Could i apply for a regular credit card and charge half the procedure to that?? If anyone has info please let me know! Also, still havent told my parents yet. I want to make sure my money is sorted before I go through the drama!
Did you go through with your surgery? If so, how did it go? How do you feel about your decision and your new nose? Can you please post some before and after front and profile pictures? I am considering Dr. Ciardullo and really want to know how his work does in terms of the recovery process. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and best of luck to you!!!
Hey! I totally can relate to what you are going through with the financial challenges. It's expensive! especially for 20 somethings like you and I. BUT... I think you just need to remember that this is for YOU and that it will make your life and outlook much brighter in the long run. You have your whole life ahead of you to make money and pay it back... and in the long run, a few thousand dollars isn't going to be monumental. I think you should go through with the surgery and focus on the money afterward. I don't think it's something that can totally destroy credit, especially if the monthly payments are manageable (which they probably will be). Also, your parents and family should understand that you are an adult and you're able to make your own choices. I too was worried about what others will think but I need to remember this is for me and my happiness will totally outweigh any other people's opinions on it. My surgery is booked for November by the way... I'm nervous but also very excited. Good luck!
yeah i would hate to wait til i had a career and could afford a celebrity surgeon and blah blah and before i know it im 40 and still have the same damn nose!! are you going with dr. ciardullo? he said the busiest time is during the holiday season when everyone is back from college/ppl are on vacation, so if you schedule it during a random time you should be good, i saw his date book and he was open from now until january. good luck!
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