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I had rihnoplasty done over two years ago and it...

I had rihnoplasty done over two years ago and it has completely changed the shape of my nose... But not for the better. I got the procedure done to remove a hump that had been bothering me for years and not only does my nose still have a hump-- it's way, way, way bigger in width than it was before. I had a pretty thin nose before and I was pleased with how I looked front-on but now I can't bare the sight of my nose. It looks like it takes up my whole face and there are parts of it that are lumpy (and still numb from the surgery!!).

I saved up for this procedure for about a year and a half and was so excited to get it done... It's so disheartening to know that I blew $8,000 of hard earned money (mind you, I'm a college student who doesn't make that much money to begin with) only to be let down so badly. It's not that I'm just unhappy with the results but my nose is completely ruined now.

My doctor seemed like a really nice person so I don't want to bash him completely but when I walked in for the surgery and he was drawing on my nose (like all surgeons do) he wasn't even explaining to me what he was doing. I literally got up out of my hospital bed moments before they put me under to run back to him and ask him what exactly he was going to do to my nose. I didn't feel secure about it at all. Unfortunately, I didn't go with my gut-feeling. I was pretty young and so excited to just get the surgery over with that I attributed my uneasiness to general nerves about the procedure when I should have trusted my intuition.

Luckily for me, after my year post op check up, as soon as my doctor walked into the room he told me that even he wasn't pleased with the results and that he would do it again for free (I'd just have to pay for anesthesia). I'm just so afraid that the damage is done and that my nose will never look good (or at least not $8,000 worth) again...

I'm really, really hoping that he will fix my nose to the best of his ability.

It would be nice to find support on here from people who have had a similar experience...


Hi Mxg123, I read your comments about your experience with Dr. Blau, and felt compelled to write about my own experience. Please read my comments regarding Dr. Blau. As you will read, my nose job experience with Dr. Blau is very different than yours, and I wanted people on this site to read a comment from a very happy and satisfiedl patient. I must tell you that I never met a patient of Dr. Blau's who was not happy with their new nose, including my own family. Again, please read about my experience that I posted on Real Self. I hope you see Dr. Blau in a new and different light. DaniellaGo
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Hi Rena, I'm so sorry you sound so bitter. I am a real life patient of Dr. Blau's. Nothing fake. My pictures will be posted in a few days. Please be patient as you noted, my post is new. Where is Mxg's and your pix? DaniellaGo

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I should point out that the titled is supposed to say "isn't much better" instead of "is much better". Sorry!


mxg let me tell you my experience. A few years ago I had a procedure done but it wasn't a nose job. I was very unhappy with the results. The doctor said he could try to fix it just for the price of anesthesia. I instead went to another doctor who examined my primary results and noticed things my other doctor did not even NOTICE. I went to the second doctor for a revision instead, and even though I ended up paying more it was soooooooo worth it. Let's say I went with my first doctor because he'd be cheaper. He would perform his surgery but would've missed meticulous details that the second doctor noticed. I would've still been unhappy and later caved and gone to another doctor to get a revision. At the end of the day I'd be spending even MORE money and undergone MORE revisions. Just think about it
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Glad to hear your results turned out well and I agree with you! Sometims its best to go to some one else.
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Nice guy but I would NOT recommend him for rihnoplasty.

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