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I had a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty performed by...

I had a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty performed by {Edited: Provider information appears above the review for registered users} and I can honestly say that I could not have had a more positive experience. I have had a septoplasty done before by a Dr. in MN, and had a really negative surgery, so much so that I had to have it again!

The staff was so gracious and helpful, and I always felt cared about. I was a little worried that my doctor might not have been experienced enough, but I quickly realized after our meeting that he really knew his stuff, and more importantly, he really heard me out and made sure that we were on the same page every step of the way.

I really really want a nose job BADLY!!! I've always despised my side profile!! Its really bulbous and I'm just sooo ready for a change!! I really want to find a good surgeon in the NY area that knows what he/she is doing and is also not too costly and will make me happy in the process. I really want to get this procedure done!!
can you post some before and after pics as I am interested in this Dr. Thanks
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