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20 Year Old, Just Starting Claravis - Westport, CT

I am a 20 year old female. I have been dealing...

I am a 20 year old female. I have been dealing with acne since I was 12 or 13. I have tried everything. I have been using Epiduo for the last year (hence why my skin isn't absolutely terrible). When I do break out, the pimples are under the skin and extremely painful. My doctor has been trying me to take accutane for the last couple of years, but i always said no. Finally, this past year, I have become so fed up with having to put on a cream every night, yet still not getting results, and just keep getting more and more scaring on my face. I just took my second pill today, and obviously have not experienced any side effects. I have noticed my face is a bit more red and I also need to buy some sunscreen considering I have a 20 minute walk outdoors to work everyday. All of the acne that I have seen on here doesn't exactly look like mine, so I was wondering if anyone has every seen any significant results on anyone with my type of skin? I do not really break out on my forehead, but my cheeks are terrible and I just started developing some acne on my chin due to what I believe is stress.
Hey there, I am checking in for an update, how are you making out?
Hello! I am still continuing my treatment, however I am not seeing any amazing results whatsoever. I still have at least 8 active pimples on my face. Currently taking 60 mg's per day.. my face has dried out a little bit... I still feel terrible going outside of the house without make up on my face. Next month I am going to an endocrinologist to see if the problem is hormonal... of course I am the 10% this stuff doesn't work on!
Awe, well hopefully the endocrinologist can help you. Have you ever tried cutting things out of your diet to see if there is a trigger. Check out this video: 

1 month

One month down- started at 30 mg and my next month is also 30 mg. my face is still breaking out really bad around my chin, and normally I never have acne here! Hoping for the best.
My skin is similar to yours. Very mild to moderate acne. You've been on longer than I have so please let me know how everything goes. This is the first time I've seen someone with similar acne trying Accutane. I hope everything is going well :-)
It gets worse before it gets better unfortunately. Hang tight.
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