I Am Considering Either Juverderm or Restylane Fillers for my Lips ? - Westchester, NY

Soooo I am really considering having this...

Soooo I am really considering having this procedure done ! I havnt had a consultation only conversations through email with two surgeons !
I'm afraid to jump on a consult because I know once I have the consultation I will be so eager I will just go ahead and have it done ! But I want to really research a little more be4 I make my final decision =] any information any of you could share would be so appreciated ! I have full lips already would like to add some volume and also give them a youthful look ! The lips are an important feature of the face ! I love my lips right now lol so I wouldn't want to ruin them simply enhance them ^_^

After some serious researching

Last night ! I think juverderm it is !
Will be contacting doctor today to set up my consultation ! I think I will be going with Joshua Greenwald in Harrison NY - he is an absolute great ps in Westchester

A little disappointed

I wanted to get in next week but doctors office has nothing until June 9 =[ ugh so my appt is set for consult June 9th yayy ^_^
Did you get your lips done? Love you! And miss you girl.
Hi...wondering if you got anything done today?! I hope so!!
How'd they come out? I was looking into this and Botox for my birthday. Hope to hear from you soon. You're missed!
Joshua Greenwald

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