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Bad Results with Juvederm Around Lips - West Palm Beach, FL

I had juvederm injected 7 months ago. The surgeon...

I had juvederm injected 7 months ago. The surgeon at West palm Beach didn't do a good job since must of the stuff is not on my lips or my wrinkles and I look like I was on a fight with lumps on top of my mouth. He injected 2 syringes and it seems like it's taking forever to dissolve.

I would like to find an experienced doctor that removes it in the Raleigh/Durham area.

I do NOT recommend this "doctor". Very...

I do NOT recommend this "doctor". Very greedy and uncaring.

West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

He was in a hurry and just cared about getting paid.

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It's about a good surgeon, I had juvederm in the past and I looked great the fillers all over my face, took 10 years of my life. I went to Medellin , Colombia , my friend said lets go to visit Javier, a plastic surgeon , family member, and wuala! He did a wonderful job on my face.
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Response to Nela99 If he is so professional, why did he injected so much juvederm? Money is the answer.
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I had very positive experience with Dr.Nir...He is very professional and thorough, with one word he is a great doctor and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM
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He must have paid you for your recommendation.
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Wow...2 syringe ?? He put way to much...and he used a big needle probably .... when the stuff comes out, it comes out suddenly ...so he made baloons instead of a nice even line...once the stuff is in...you have to massage quite aggressively to flatten it out...but it will go away...it's not to bad
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I had a PS put juvederm around my orbital area just by the inner part below my eye's. He put so much in that it looked like I had shoe-laces under my skin. I thought I would try taking a needle and just lightly pushing it in below the skin. Low and behold the stuff squirted right out and so I sculped it to the way I wanted it. I did it over the course of a month of so because I didn't want to remove all of it plus I didn't want to much hitting my blood stream all at once.
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I just wanted to say that I had juvaderm fillers injected under my eyes by Dr. Harris Lee in Dec 2010 and I have to say that Dr. Harris does not know how to inject these fillers and should not be injecting people with them, I have waited for almost 1/2 a yr for the filler to dissolve since he put way too much in and has not only left me with a indentation line and purple blueish discoloration under my right eye. I wish that I had never trusted Dr. Harris to do this procedure because I have pictures and my current appearance as proof that I actually look worse than before the injections. I do not trust this doctor to get the enzyme placed under my eyes. since Dr. harris did not know how to inject the filler in the first place how is he to know how to use the hyaluronidase enzyme. All I am going to say is dont trust Dr. Harris with any fillers or you will regret it. I will never recommend this dr. to anyone nor will I ever be coming back for any procedures.
-A very unhappy customer
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Ask the doctors on this site to recommend somebody in your area to get the stuff out of your face. I was so relieved when I did it. I waited 8 months and couldn't wait anymore. Juvederm can last up to 2 years. Best of luck.
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I am having the same problem under my right eye thanks to a Dr. Harris in Beverly Hills. I would recommend to never trust this plastic surgeon/dentist ever again. Thank to him I look even worse than I did before the filler and he put so much in that its ruined my skin and theres a big creases where there too much filler. does anyone know a great dr in the los angeles area that can fix my problem. its been 6 months and I had juvaderm injected.
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Were you able to find a solution to this? I think I'm experiencing a similar problem.
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I asked on this site if somebody could recommend a doctor around the Raleigh/Durham area that could help me get the Juvederm removed. Dr. Stephen Mandy from Miami recommended Dr. Timothy Flynn from Cary, NC. I made an appointment and had it removed yesterday. I am so happy to be my old self. I was miserable for 8 months. Thanks Dr. Mandy and thanks Dr. Flynn. Dr. Flynn first injected a little bit of the hyalurodinase solution on the inside of my arm to check if I was allergic. After 20 minutes he applied a numbing cream around the area and then proceeded to inject me. His nurse gave me a cold pack and some vitamin K to apply afterwards. I didn't get swollen or have any bruises. I am very happy and I swear I'll never have any more fillers injected. I am going to stick to facials and microdermabration, nothing invasive again.

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My Doc told me there is some kind of injection that can be given that will dissolve the Juvederm real quick. I forget how long he told me but I think it was almost instant. The way he said it I know it was quick. He was talking about someone having a reaction to the Juvederm and he said that if that happened there is an injectible enzyme (I think it was an enzyme he said) That breaks down the Juvederm and dissolves it. If it's being done because of an allergis reaction it has to do it quick. Hope this helps you.
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The enzyme is called hyaluronidase. Check out the link for more info.

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Can anybody recommend a doctor in the Raleigh/Durham area that has experience with hyalurodinase? Thanks.
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Did you ever find a good doctor in the Raleigh Durham area for injecting fillers ??
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