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I was in an accident two weeks ago and broke my...

I was in an accident two weeks ago and broke my nose and eye socket. I also had a laceration on my forehead that required 30+ stitches and is healing well. At the time of my accident I saw Dr. Peck in the ER and he had stated that my nose could possibly be snapped back into place. Once I saw him for follow up, however, he stated I would need surgery to fix the break and realign my nose. It's pretty bad.

I had always thought about a nose job, but had learned to accept my nose as a part of me. It is unique, but many people have been attracted to me for having a rather prominent nose (yes people have said that believe it or not). I was initially just going to have my nose popped back into place considering it is the least invasive treatment. Regardless of the method needed to fix my nose, I knew I wanted my nose back to how it was pre-accident. Having my glasses sit crooked on my face is not something I could live with. Since Dr. Peck deemed I would need surgery to correct the break, I have elected to have some additional refinements done. Considering I have to endure an invasive procedure to fix my nose, which is not an option to skip, why not have a little touch me up? "Kill two birds with one stone."

I am getting nervous though. I hope he does a great job and makes me look like a better version of myself. I do not want to look plastic or artificial. My mother has friends who had horrible results with rhinoplasty, but I believe it was due in part to having very unrealistic expectations for how they should look. Dr. Peck was able to identify my concerns with my nose and inform me how he would address them. He made it clear that I had to be realistic, which I am. He also understood me when I repeatedly said I just want to look like me, but more refined. My examples of the procedure I like is that of Jennifer Aniston's. While I do not want her nose, I think the surgeon did a great job because he subtly enhanced her natural beauty. I feel like he will do a great job and just enhance my appearance.

But I'm still scared. My mother is flying out to be with me for the surgery and help me for a few days post op. My fiance will also be there and he has been amazing through this whole ordeal, but he sure deserves a break. I am blessed to have people who love me for me, regardless of me choosing to do this surgery. I am so lucky to have a man who makes it clear that if I choose not to fix the break he will still love me and think I am the most beautiful girl in the world.

It will be ok because it has to be. I'm staying positive.


Since I have such a short nose (pre surgery) I have a thing for long noses too. lol. You wear yours really well. Hope your surgery goes well and let us know how it goes!
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Oh, you poor thing...I'm sorry about your accident. Best of luck and get better soon.
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In less than 12 hours my mother will be here and...

In less than 12 hours my mother will be here and at this time tomorrow I will put my trust and faith in the plastic surgery team. At this point I am feeling positive. These past few days at work have been difficult since EVERYONE has a comment on how I look now. I am going through with this, however, for me. I want to feel positive and beautiful again. My nose crooked is just not something that I would have been able to be happy with so this is the right decision for me.


Sorry to hear about your accident! You are beautiful though and sound like a very level-headed woman with a wonderful support system and realistic expectations. These things make all the difference when getting this procedure done! You're going to do great; good luck!
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Thank you so much. Very kind words. I will keep updating throughout the process.
So sorry about your accident. All the best for surgery, and I hope the healing phase goes smoothly and you are thrilled by the results.
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The surgery was completed by this afternoon, but I...

The surgery was completed by this afternoon, but I cannot fall asleep. I'm wondering if this is a side effect of Percocet? I have no idea how I look under all this gauze and tape, but I'm feeling hopeful.

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End of Post Op Day 1 Today was rough. I was...

End of Post Op Day 1

Today was rough. I was not taking as much Percocet as I should have so the pain was quite intense (I blame my mom since she didn't read the RX label, but technically neither did I). I took 1.5 pills of Percocet instead of 1 around 10pm and I am now feeling good, a little loopy, but good nonetheless. I am going to keep taking this pain medication around the clock because I can't focus, function, or sleep when the pain breaks through. I took out the packing in my nose today, which was easy (yes I did it myself), but scary because I did not know what was going to come out of each nostril. My nose seems to be running, but I have just kept the gauze taped under my nose to catch any discharge. I'm feeling very tired now so goodnight. I survived day 1.


That's actually really strange because normally Percocets can knock you right out.. I was on those when I had my wisdom teeth removed and I couldn't keep my eyes open twenty minutes after taking them. Meanwhile, I had Traumacet for my rhinoplasty a week and a half ago and aside from helping mask the pain, I didn't feel drowsy or loopy or anything. Maybe it's a subjective response to the medication?
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Today is Post Op Day 2. I am very tired and...

Today is Post Op Day 2. I am very tired and nauseous today. Without the Percocet I am in pain so I am not sure what to do about the nausea because it is just lingering. The best position I find is propped up on the couch with lots of pillows, but even then it is hard to get comfortable. I have not actually thrown up, but my stomach is very upset (I think this might also be due to the fact that I have not gone to the bathroom). My nose does not hurt as much as I feel a lot of pressure. My nostrils, however, are painful due to the stitches. Further my ear is quite painful, swollen, and tender to the touch since they had to take cartilage from my ear to support my nose. While I had been informed that this might be an option, the doctor had assured me that he would not need to take cartilage from my ear so that was somewhat disappointing.

At this point I'm just trying to stay comfortable and out of pain. Percocet really messes with your stomach.

I have added a picture from the recovery room. I look dead sexy.


I had cartilage taken from the ear too, so that I can relate to your pain. My ear is still swollen and sore after 10 days, so take care and try not to lean on it while sleeping. The good news is that the ear won't look totally different, only a little different. I agree with the suggestion that you ask about Vicodin if the nausea persists after a few days. I took Vicodin for pain, and Xanax as a sleep aid, and it helped a lot. The first week is the hardest. Get lots of rest and don't push yourself!
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I think you are going to be gorgeous once you're healed! Good luck & feel better.
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Thank you and I hope you are right

Today is Post Op Day 5 I have not been updating...

Today is Post Op Day 5

I have not been updating like I should. I go through periods where I start to feel better and then the pain medication wears off and I feel crummy. I had a lot of trauma going into the surgery so I am thinking (and thank you everyone for your suggestions) that the preexisting accident contributed to the increased pain. Or I am just a wuss.

Today is Post Op Day 5

I have not been updating like I should. I go through periods where I start to feel better and then the pain medication wears off and I feel crummy. I had a lot of trauma going into the surgery so I am thinking (and thank you everyone for your suggestions) that the preexisting accident contributed to the increased pain. Or I am just a wuss.

I'm still taking the Percocet and I am able to get a good 6 hours sleep. Also I finally took a BM and that was after days of taking stool softener and laxatives, which I do not recommend. In the future I would skip those meds until I was desperate to go to the bathroom since they just upset my stomach and I have a sensitive tummy to begin with.

My throat is still slightly swollen. The bruising and swelling under my eyes is very minimal. What's under my cast I cannot tell...

Tomorrow I get my cast off and I'm starting to worry. I do realize that my nose is not going to look like the finished product in less then a week, but I am hoping it is straight and proportionate. It will be nice to get the stitches out in both my nose and ear since they are driving me nuts (itchy and sore to the touch / with movement). My forehead is itching like crazy so I think that is a good sign that the laceration is healing. Only time will tell. And by time I mean 24 hour and change!

I have still note rated Dr. Peck because I would like to first see the finished product. Hopefully tomorrow I will have better idea of things.


Good luck tomorrow with your cast removal. I feel your pain as I too had an accident which is why I ended up having a rhinoplasty. I was not in pain at all after the surgery though but it might be because I waited almost 8 months to fix my nose. I had to wait at least 4-6 months as I had 10 stitches across my bridge and those had to heal before they could touch my nose. That said, I am crossing my fingers for you that when the cast comes off you love your results. BTW. why did he touch your ear? Did you have to have a graft added to your nose? If so why? I didn't have any grafts added other than collumelar strut. However now that I am 6 months post op the surgeon should have added a graft to the right side of my nose and he didn't. Let me know your ear is doing as I have to go through this terrible surgery again and the doctor will have to take cartilage form the back of my ear as I have no septum left.
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Thanks for the tip. How are you feeling now?

Today has been one week since my surgery. I...

Today has been one week since my surgery. I should post pictures, but I don't have the energy to get "cute." These last few days I have had little energy to do anything, let alone try to compose a post.

Yesterday I had my cast removed, which was incredibly painful since the tape had melted to my skin. My forehead and nose are still covered in a sticky residue that I cannot get off. I've tried everything from soap and water to astringent, but the tape will not budge. My nose is far too sensitive to keep touching so the tape can win (for now).

To say I cried when I first saw my new nose is an understatement. I hysterically broke down, but overall I was really happy. My fear was that my nose would come out poorly or significantly change how I look. I still look like me, but with a cuter, shorter (and really swollen) nose. The change is subtle, but done well. It is still scary because it has only been a week and this is not the finished product. For the amount of work I had done, it appears that I will look a lot better by this time next week, but the full results will take months. My doctor is having me return for post op pictures at 3 months since he feels this is the time when most people can really see and appreciate their new nose. I am happy now, but I will be a lot happier once this swelling has subsided and I can fully smile again.

I will attempt to post pictures soon.


Wow, I just read your story -- what a lot to go through in a very short time. I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to your happy ending!
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I can't wait to see photos! I KNOW you look beautiful! :)
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sticky tape problem ... solved when I discovered adhesive tape remover which you can buy from the chemist / pharmacy ... use a tissue to soak the solution into the tape, wait a minute ... and voila, the tape comes off easily ... the solution can also remove sticky residue on your skin ... then clean your face with your cleanser
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Today is post op day 10. Everywhere I go people...

Today is post op day 10.

Everywhere I go people look at me like I am a domestic violence victim. The two bruises under my eyes don't help. And I've tried all my makeup tricks, but I can't conceal this dark bruising. I tend to be a bruiser though so I was not shocked to see bruising. If anything I have had less bruising then I had initially anticipated.

I was still quite swollen in the face up until yesterday. While I am still swollen today, I have noticed a huge improvement in just the last few days. I keep thinking if this is the worst my nose will look, then that is ok with me. If anything the change was so subtle that I have not had a problem adjusting to my new (and improved) nose.

I did have a glass of wine last night and do not find myself to be more swollen today, which is good. While I really want to get back to my exercise, I am following the doctor's orders and abstaining from cardio for 3 weeks total. Staying inside and not exercising is making me a little depressed. It is hard to go from active to couch potato, but I don't want to damage anything. I desperately want to feel like myself again, but I have to keep reminding myself that I need time for my body and mind to heal.


You look gorgeous! And it can only get better. :)
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Wow you are doing so well and can only keep improving. Your nose looks gorgeous and it won't be long until the bruising completely goes. I can relate to people looking like you have been abused. I am 8 weeks and my bruising has been gone for ages, however last week I was surprised to see a hint still there when I saw myself in a mirror with Fluro lighting. Do take it slow; I resumed normal life at two weeks and ended up harmorrhaging (took a week for bleeding to completely cease) and due to this have had to abstain from exercise, singing, lifting, etc for another 6 weeks after bleeding stopped. Only a week to go then I can finally get this body moving again. Take care and I wish you all the best for your recovery.
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Sorry, no idea why this went in twice!?!

It had been 2 weeks and 4 days since my surgery. ...

It had been 2 weeks and 4 days since my surgery. I'm still bruised and very swollen. Despite looking puffier than normal, I am pleased with the results and look forward to the changes that will occur each week.

The hardest part of recover for me (at this point at least) has been not being able (or allowed) to exercise. I'm very body conscious, and find exercise to be a huge mood elevator, so this last week I've felt a little low. I've been a good girl though, and have abstained from exercise per my doctors orders. Since I am a bleeder, I would rather be safe and prevent any possible complications like hemorrhaging (and yes, that happens). For now I am just going to have the Fat Bastard mentality: "I eat because I'm sad and I'm sad because I eat."

Today was my first day back at work. I took a full two and a half weeks off and a total of 5 weeks plus in all from the accident. I'm a nurse. My job is physically and emotionally demanding. Taking the time off was really necessary for my healing. I would advise anyone having an open rhinoplasty and or revision due to trauma to arrange to have the time off.

And I have posted some picturas.

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The one thing I forgot to mention is how much the...

The one thing I forgot to mention is how much the cold bothers my nose. My poor little puppy says, "mommy, why can't we go on our long walks?" When I go out in the cold I feel like I just drank a slurpee and have awful brain freeze. Only the brain freeze from a slurpee goes away. As long as I'm outside in this frigid New Jersey weather I feel pain in my nose form the cold. I have forgotten to call Dr. Peck about this uncomfortable side effect, but I hope it goes away and so does the puppy.


You had a good face from the start so I knew a shorten nose length would call attention to that afterward! It has been while since you've updated your review. How does everything look now? How are you feeling?
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Wow! Love, love, love it!
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Thank you so much :)
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