Unfortunate Experience and Completely a Waste of My Money - Wellesley, MA

Even after two rounds of surgery, I will need...

Even after two rounds of surgery, I will need additional procedures to correct/improve/achieve the results.

Boston Plastic Surgeon

I do not think this doctor cared about my desires. I felt like I was a paycheck and nothing more. After telling me I was a good candidate for certain procedures but then creating results that were less than what was hoped and far from what I believe to be the industry standard, he then changed his tone and tried to sell me additional procedures and accuse me of having unrealistic expectations.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
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It makes me so mad to hear how on caring some of these so called PS doc's claim to be, mine was a
butcher who laughed at me when he saw how bad it turned out, which made it even worse, had all I could do not to end my life, now I'm always depressed, It really hurts when people look at it, some have even gasped, because the end side of my nose shows from being to pushed up, "YUCK"
Thats why stay away from going out in public
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So so sad to read about your misfortune. I also wish you would have left your picture up so I could see what exactly you are referring to, though I understand how much courage it takes to even post photos when you don't like your results. Please, to you and the others who have chimed in with their stories of rhinoplasties gone wrong, don't give up hope! I spent 3 1/2 years depressed over the horrendous results of my first rhino and I finally took the plunge with another dr and had a revision just over two months ago. My results are nothing short of AMAZING. There are really good doctors out there--I know because I found one :). Hang in there...
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Please tell us you revision doctor's name. I need to have a revision and I was turned away by a few doctors. I was told that the revision would only make my problems worse. PLEASE give us your doctor's nam
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It looks like you've removed your photo. If you'd put it back up, it would help this thread make sense to others who've just found it.

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To those of you who think my noselooks good, thank you. However to the last person who so clearly knows nothing about me but wants to toss that term around, I am well aware of what BDD is. Amazingly enough you sound exactly like my doctor and I would not be surprised if you were him or another doctor trolling the site. I do not have unrealistic expectations and since I know what I looked like before and after, you cannot realistically say that my results are good or natural. I did not walk in asking to look like Brad Pitt or Geaorge Clooney. I asked for a narrow bridge and straight profile. I did not get that and if 12 of my friends and family members thought I backedout of the surgery, then the end result cannot be all that different. No one asked him for his vision of what my nose should look like. I requested what I wanted and even if it was wrong, it was not his decision to make. He could have declined the surgery just as easily. And why should a patient have to prove they do not have BDD. If adoctor was truly trained to recognize it, as they are supposedly, then it would again fall to the doctor for failing to recognize it in his patient.
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Jason, you are handsome guy. It is just hard for some people who really do have messed up noses (like myself) to see someone unhappy with a perfectly good nose. It is symmetrical and fits your face perfectly. If you were so happy with your old nose why did you want it changed? As a woman I am perplexed at why guys really care about what their noses look like anyway unless its majorly messed up. Women like character and we don't care about looks like guys do. Look at Owen Wilson for Christ sake. Do you think a woman could get away with that thing. No way. Just enjoy being a guy.

I would never post a picture of my nose on here because everyone would just agree on how bad it looks. I am sorry you are so unhappy with your nose though whether its BDD or not. I wish I had BDD damn that would make me happy to hear strangers on the net say that because people are honest on the net.

Take care.

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I've got the same thing here!! went because my nose wasn't straight and i wanted him to take off the hump. im ending up having the hump removed and the same crooked nose than before!! I am so mad!! this surgery meant everything for me because I've been saving and waiting to do it and now I'm so depressed, i don't even wanna leave my house. its terrible...
hope we'll get better
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Oh Susan,
Your right on with your comment, I also won't put a pic of my nose on her because I know some of the comments would be"NOW THATS A BAD NOSE JOB" lol
My doc was suppose to be top notch, but turned out to be a butcher!
my previous social life is gone, my left side of my nose has bumps and dents on it, the front is pinced which shows up more as the day goes by, "YUCK"
Have been made fun of so it's not just in my head !
I've had 3 revisions, can't do anything else with it, just staying around for my kids and grand kids
There the only ones I feel half way comfortable with
Take care, and know theres someone who know's exactly how you feel
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Your nose is so good,natural and fits by your face. if ı were you, I would forget thinking my nose any more. You should have respected your doctor,who did great job. check out what is ''Body dysmorphic disorder.''

I think, every candidate of plastic surgery should be taken to test whether they have Bdd or not by a physican or psychologist. However, while there is a issue which is money. safety and healthy of a person do not outweigh more than bloody money
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Your nose is perfect...I only wish I had your results.
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I think your nose looks great.
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I feel for you, going through some troubles myself with unpleased how the surgery results are turning out. I do want to say I think your side profile looks really beautiful.
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same here - got surgery 4 months ago by top-notch Doc and left with what looks like an eggplant on my face.

feels like just wasted a year of my life and it will take a year to recover financially.

somehow it's like you either get butchered or it's a "conservative approach", also thinking about doing 3rd one but now it's really scary and the Doc would have to be world-class.
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What was the goal of th surgery? Was it to deproject the tip? I don't think the nose looks bad.
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It does not look terrible but it does not look substantially different from what I had. I definitely wanted to deproject the tip since it is so prominent compared to my chin. And you are looking at the profile WITH a chin implant added so that helps. However, it is still the front view that shows the issue. It is too wide for my face at the bridge. As well, it causes a draw under my eyes that makes me always look tired.
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I'm sorry this didn't work out for you. Did you really spend $20,000 on the revision rhinoplasty alone?

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No the $20K was in total although I had the nose done twice so a majority of that money was for the rhinoplasty and revision rhino. See the 4 reviews I posted for the complete cost breakdown
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