Ok, it is today. I've been researching &...

ok, it is today. I've been researching & researching on the boards and today is the day. I stated getting consults in 2006 when I was in esthetics school, with an otolaryngologist/plastic surgeon in2010, a formal consult with an oculopast surgeon in 2011, a the head of plastic surgery in 2013 and then last week I woke up and listened to the recording I made of the oculopast.

So after I listened to my recording, I said, this is it, I'm doing it… NOW. Obviously, problem is, surgeons aren't so readily available. I called the office & Donna was as helpful as can be & we schedule for Friday. Problem was, I was about to go in & called with a question. We never actually said the date. It wasn't last friday, it is today. Funny when you get geared up & then poof. So, today is the day. I am nervous I won't get the result i want, not because he doesn't do an excellent job but because I'm the girl that gets my hair cut & is shocked when I look in the mirror & it is my face, not the model in the photo. I'm also worried that my lower lid will look even more wrinkled but I plan on doing laser at a later point for that. I've also been looking into the ultherapy for my lower face & in fact had a consult yesterday who thought I am a great candidate for it re: my jowls. It is about a 30 min treatment and I am taking 5 mg of valium about 1/2 hr before procedure- just because I will be a better patient. Oh, I am also probably getting lip filler ( HURTS but the tiny lines do go away) and perhaps other filler. Won't do botox until we see the results of surgery because i've had a problem with my eyelids being wonky for a month after Botox & he wants to let things settle first.

I'll post pics and recovery.
Great detail. Thanks for sharing and good luck. I get to Boston on occasion and would like to hear your results!
Thanks for your detailed post. I look forward to reading about your progress! Your before photo looks very similar mine. I too, am the girl who gets the haircut and is shocked:) I am also considering lasering for my undereye wrinkles and ultherapy for my jawline. Keep us posted!

ok, it is now 3 days post op….

Hopefully I'll be able to attach all the pics. I am trying to take 3 pics each day so you can see progression. There are a couple of extra- like last night it seemed worse and this morning the skin under my eyes where the filler was put in looks awful. I'm hoping it gets better cause it looks bizarre. The skin just hangs there right below the injection.

All in all this hasn't been bad at all. I did take 7mg of valium sublingually 1/2 hour before the procedure because I knew i'd be a better patient. I also did take 2 tylenol when I got home as well as 1/2 am oxy. I took another 1/2 oxy at midnight. I don't think these were necessary, but I HATE pain & live alone & was a bit scared. I have had some eye itchiness- I think the sutures. it was making me nuts. I was given post op instructions after my procedure. this was of course, after my valium. The instructions say use ointment yet does not say what kind or where to use it. I'm a bit concerned about this. I put just a tiny bit of triple antibiotic on the sutures just in case.

An interesting side effect, at least for now, it mist of my furrowed brow is gone. I did not have botox because in teh past, it created this weird crepey thing with my lids & he wanted to see what the procedure would do first. I did have filler in my NL folds and lips & under eyes. I'm not sure what to think about these yet. I've had filler in these areas before. I've liked the results but VERY painful. I'm not sure I like it. But I think I should reserve judgement until after swelling subsides.

Dr. K was GREAT. we chatted through the procedure about random things. He's got a great bedside manner.
Let me know what you decide for that & where you go!!!! Are you in Boston?

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my apologies!
Did you have only an upper Bleph? Or did you have other procedures too?
upper surgery only & filler in tear trough ( not liking so far) filler in NL fold (not in love with it- only wanted to even mine out but it seems a bit over filled) and touch of filler in lips. I won't do a verdict until I am 100% healed.
Thanks for sharing - the difference in your eyes is AMAZING already! I go in the 31st for bleph. I had nasolabial done with juvederm and was delighted - time for more.

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your face looks good, you're probably not used to seeing yourself look so full but it will go down. i hate the first few days when i get my lips done, they seem overdone until the swelling resides. i sometimes try to hide my lips because i'm embarrassed but they look great afterward.
Great write up and its good that your doing your pictures on a regular basis , wishing you great recovery and results . Cheers D
You look good for only 3 days post. I don't think you look overfilled. What type of filler did you have? Once the swelling goes down, you will look great. As for the Ulthearpy, one of my friends had it done at Christmas. She said it hurt A LOT (her actual words are not printable here;). Now I'm scared to do it!

5 days post op

ok, my eyes are starting to look more normal. I was freaking just a tad. They were so swollen towards my nose. I used to have people tell me all teh time I look like the girl from avatar, but now I REALLY did. the shape looked totally different. Today a lot of the extra swelling near my nose has subsided and the bruising is turning yellow which is usually a good sign. No pain really. Tad discomfort. mostly where the stitches were poking me or the dried blood being sharp. I've been applying warm compresses a couple of times a day as well as teh ointment & that is helping. There is a line on each eyelid that looks like a light crease but feels like a paper cut. That kinda smarts. I've not had any pain meds since saturday.

oops, didn't get the other's added

days 4 & 5
LOOKS GREAT! You seem to be healing really well. Did you take anything besides the arnica that Dr. Kapadia recommends?

me careful if you are on valium or pain killers…. with a credit card nearby

so, the first couple of nights I was by myself- not a big issue for having uppers done. Though I warn you, I am a very very frugal person & NEVER by on impulse. I received a package of skincare supplies from HSN in the mail yesterday. YUP, I was wowed by the woman who covered her port wine stain with this makeup. And yes, it DOES NOT cover my bruising. It will be sent back….Any one have any makeup tips? My BF's 50th bday dinner is next friday & it will be the first time I can actually use makeup (if all is healing right) on teh eye itself. I am not much of a makeup person & have never tried to cover anything more than a pimple...

just changed "would I recommend"

yes! subtle, no one would know unless they saw my bruising. Found very light readers today that for the most part mask any redness so I'm good to go. Unless wearing the light readers screw my eyes up….
Did you ask your doctor where to apply the ointment? The reason I ask is because I would have thought the ointment my doctor gave me was to be applied to my incisions, but since my lower Blepharoplasty was transconjunctival I didn't have any. If he hadn't showed me how to apply it directly into my eyes before I left his office, I would not have known it was to be inserted directly into my eyes.
yuck, they must feel horrible. the paperwork i have says to apply ointment to sutures. you may experience blurriness if it gets into eyes. i don't have the ointment yet but i'm assuming they'll give it to me after surgery, if they don't forget. i'm having sutures on my uppers but not lowers.

healing pics… I forgot a couple of days… sorry

all in all, things are really good. I barely itch anymore. Most of the pain was the stitches poking my skin like tiny needles. I tool cuticle clippers & clipped the ends off VERY CAREFULLY as to not take too much or cut the knot. As the swelling reduces, the stitches are more "exposed" so more pokey. I do have some bumpiness in the scar on both eyes, and I assume it will gone away. Hope hope. I think I will have a tiny bit more filler in my lips (lower) because he didn't do & my mouth still looks like a smoker although I never touched the things. What can I say, I just have an "expressive" face….

sorry I've been remiss, forgot a couple of days and computer keeps crashing on upload

All in all, I'm quite please. I do have some bumpy skin and hopefully it will no away. I am now able to wear light makeup under my eyes and with glasses, they are fine. I'll warn you, .75 readers aren't so great to wear all the time. I think they are giving me a slight headache, but they look so cute! My itchiness is for teh most part gone & the "pain" was due to the stitches getting longer as the swelling subsided. I took cuticle clippers & **** VERY**** carefully clipped the ends being sure NOT TO CLIP THE KNOTS.

Also, I had a bit of juvederm in my upper lip. I think I will get a tad in my lower. The idea was to get rid of my "never touched a cigarette in my life yet still have smoking lines…. and the bottom lip still has lines" I'm going to try to post this, then pics. Maybe it will help.

also forgot to photograph a few days

days ~6-10 and post of is March 25- HOPEFULLY I can wear a tad of cover up next Monday for my BF's 50th celebration….
One more thing, you look 10 + years younger. You are going to have everyone confused about how you look so good. I am so happy for you.
FYI, I am a smoker and had 2 deep lines in my upper lip about 5 years ago that I had filled. Believe it or not I never had to have them refilled, I do have a little put in my lips each year so maybe that helps the upper lip. All I know is that it works great. I am currently trying to quit but I'm sucking on an e cig so it's just as bad, maybe worse because you have to do it more often. My lungs feel so much better already though and no more smell.
Thanks for the compliment! Many people say, you look great, but it may be because I've been sick a lot this winter, used retina a a coupe of times, bought the skincare stuff while I was on valium & oxy so... I didn't mention bromelein to him only because I forgot. Many doc suggest it or simply eating pineapple during recovery but I'm trying to stay away from sugar & pineapple is so high in sugar! I'll mention it to him in the post op tomorrow. Thanks for the compliment. A few people say I look great ( who didn't know) but it may also be because I'd told them I was bruised from my sinus surgery ( that I did gave in jan, but they don't know). My yogini said I look like I'd been in an amazing journey. It's the eyes & finally finding my beloved I've been missing fir 30 years. Good luck with the smoking. Your healing will go SO much better if you aren't taking in that stuff. Cool about your lips. I also was taking tons of vit c - look up Linus Pauling. As far as sleeping sitting up. Hard to say. Was having a hard time doing so- used a "husband" pillow. I'd say 4-6 days?

first post op today- day 11.

Dr. K VERY pleased with my healing. Gave me the ok to color my hair ( for all of you wanting to know how to present the new you, I was told, eons ago, when you have work done, change something0 lose weight, get a haircut, change the color- something, so when people say you look different, they don't realize it is the surgery. I use a demi permanent & haven't done it since mid Janurary, so overdue. No haircut since August, so just that will help. Dr. K also said the bumps in my scar will take 8months + to heal. No problem as long as I know they will go away.
One last thing I did not know- I had a bit of juvaderm left over & he is keeping for me. just found out only have 4-5 weeks to use it, so plan that into your calendar.

Thanks all for your support & kind words!
what day did your stitches come out?
Everyone is different, me, I've been telling everyone I run into I'm getting surgery. I guess I'm looking for moral support. All I get is, why? you don't need it, blah blah, no moral support out there. Some are worried for me, I understand, but I've made my decision so they should just support me right?
scars are not noticeable with eyes opened, do they feel weird or anything?

my unprofessional advice on the order to do treatments

ok, based on experience & information I'm learning as I go, I would
1) do laser/ultherapy & see how that works & where it gets you. Because the collagen can rebuild for some time, let that settle & re-assess.
2) do upper/lower bleph if still needed, maybe fillers at this time
3) then do fillers & botox.

I don't want to do the laser now because there can be some degradation of the filler & it seems like a waste. I'll most likely wait a year for teh laser since the fillers last ~ that long. Just something to keep in mind.
I didn't tell many because 1) I am a bit embarrassed I am feeling "vain" 2) I didn't want people to play devil's advocate & try to talk me out of it. I think when people don't support you, something in them isn't sitting right. so….. maybe ask what they are concerned about? Many times they are worried you will "outdo" them or they will not look good next to you, or what will you do next…. so sorry- I support you!
Ya, I'm not quite sure what their motives are. My kids are obviously worried, not jealous, haha, so funny, my son says "just go to the gym and drink a lot of water" like it will remove my skin. My nieces I think are just trying to be nice and say I look fine but if I think I need it I should do it. My friends, not sure what they really think. My husband knows I do what I want anyway so he's behind me. I think if he thought it was really stupid or dangerous he would tell me. Thanks for your support! Love your eyes, the rest of your face looks great too. I might go back to dr. K for more stuff if all goes well with the eyes.

It was 2 weeks ago today….

OMG this was so easy… No one notices anything 2 weeks later, except that I look great. Every once in a while, it looks bruised to me and I still have a small red patch under my left eye where I got filler, but no glasses, no sunglasses & I'm cleared for makeup ( which I barely use) and mascara. Wow- just in time for my BF's 50th!
Very beautiful and natural results! Thank you for sharing.
wow, you look like a new person, all fresh and rejuvenated! holy smokes! you healed soooo fast too! you look great, you must be so happy
Boston Oculoplastic Surgeon

A quick comment on Dr.K. He has the nicest, low key manner (as have many plastics I've consulted with) but in a different way. The office is nice, not super upscale so you think all the money is being wasted on cucumber water & gold lame'. I can't say how much I appreciate his manner, listening skills and the confidence he exudes. Dr. Kapadia is the only one who told me I didn't need a lower bleph and it would cause problems for me. All the other doctors told me I need a neck lift, a brow lift a mini face lift, a full face lift, upper & lower bleph, chemical peel for my lower lids etc…

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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