3 weeks PO. Still not happy or worth the $

I have posted previously in the Tummy tuck &...

I have posted previously in the Tummy tuck & brazilian butt lift areas....as Ive also had these procedures done this past March. I am having a revisition in January and an very seriously considering changing my saline to silicone and going a cup size larger. I also would need a type of a lift on the right side, and also some release of the pocket area on the lower left. I am not unhappy with my size....but I figure, as long as my PS would be doing the lift and fixing the pocket, might as well just exchange them and go a bigger.

I will also be having a revision on my tummy tuck(scar touch up) a little more lipo on my flanks and lower stomach and lower back. My PS doesnt want to waste any of the fat, so wants to place it back in to my butt for round 2. I had a fat transfer(aka brazilian butt lift) at the time of the tummy tuck. I am now more educated on PS in general, and plan to make this my LAST one so I want to do it right. I am stuck on what type of implant,,,,moderate, high profile, etc. I know it depends on my desired look....which is more cleavage w/o a bra...and more rounded...taking up more room on my chest, not a lot of projection...if that makes sense? Any ideas or suggestions would be awesome.

Also i was advised that apprx 150 cc = roughly 1 more cup size. Does that sound about right? I am currently a 34DD or 36D...depends the bra...but I also have 2 34 D bras as well, sooooo.....I feel Im more of a solid D in my opinion. I will post some pics soon.....Im having some computer issues right now, so hopefully I can get some up soon!!! Anyway you ahould also know that this would be my 4th breast revision. The last 2 didnt go well....he was (diff doc) supposed to have done this small lift but it didnt work, and the time before that he was supposed to have evened them out...they are still not even. My "favorite" breast is my left....the right is droopy and is about 1/2 in maybe more lower. I cant go braless as its VERY noticable. My current PS actually asked me about it after my Tummy tuck...if I "knew my breasts were uneven"....ughh....I just want them right...and if they get larger in the mean while, so be it! :) I am 5'5 roughly 130 lbs small/med frame....ideas? Advise on saline -vs- silicone? Any info will help! :) Thanks ladies, love you all!

xoxo Lynn

If anyone is willing to show me 650 -700 implant

If anyone is willing to show me 650 -700 implant

Well, 1 month til my revision! Im excited but more...

Well, 1 month til my revision! Im excited but more nervous this time. I think more so becuz Im also having my lipo revision/fat transfer revision at te same time...and I know what to expect after...if that makes sence. Ive done alot more research since my last post...and I feel more confident about what I plan to go over and discuss w/my PS. The lift my right breast will get is called the Benalli lift. (spelling?) Im a little nervous about have one nipple looking different than the other, but I guess, if that is my only issues, I can live with that. My main concern still lies in the symmerty. I still do plan on increasing that size considering Im having them exchanged...the ones I have now are only 3 yrs old. AND I want silicone. Im REALLY hoping this will be my last major cosmetic surgery for quite some time, so I hope I get the results, all around, I want. EKKK! one month, and counting!!! =)

I'm more nervous and scared this time ladies....

I'm more nervous and scared this time ladies. Probably cuz I know what to expect from multiple surgeries. I know recovery will be a little easier as there's no tummy tuck but I'm SO nervous about my new boobs! I did find out they ordered a few different sizes & he will make the finial decision at the time of surgery. I just hope I love them!! I have not loved my boobs in years!!!!! Ughhhh! One thing I am also scared about is the fact w/o thinking, last Monday I was given 2 Aleve after I had a OB procedure done. I do believe that's on the list of no-no's!!! AND I'm still slightly sick w/this cold thing I've had on n off since New Year's Eve. My throats a little sore so I'm wondering how much worse it'll be afterwards with the tube down there. I'm really not looking fowrd to going under again but is what it is I guess. Well ordered a pizza for supper...might as well enjoy it! Lol ;) ill post post-op tomorrow if I'm able! Wish me luck ladies for awesomely big and full new boobies and a good turn out on my touch up lipo with fat transfer!!!!! ;) cya!

IM ALIVE! I made it.....shewwww much more nerve...

IM ALIVE! I made it.....shewwww much more nerve racking than last time but I calmed down a lot as I sat & waited 1 1/2 in the pre op area...waaaaaitng...lol. They were running a little late,which is fine with me. I wouldnt want anyone rushing on someone...just as I would expect the same if it happned to me. Anyway, other than the boob job, lol, I had lipo of my lower stomach, flanks lower/upper back and inner thighs touched up. He looked and looked for more and managed to get 400cc's of which he transfered into my booty. I will take it...he initally said "Lynn, now Im telling you again, you are a thin woman with a petite frame, there isnt much fat left..You will be lucky if I can find 200!" LOL Yea yea yea was my reply, I told him to search harder....guess he did! LOL I will take it! OK BOOBIE NEWS! I did end up w/700cc silicone mid range. so mama's a happy camper! I just hope they arent as low as they look and feel. I know im right out of the starting gates...Ive been here before, and as far as I know, the pocket placment is pretty black and white. It doesnt move...so.....now I wait and hope they arent lower than they started! It could also be the size/width of the implant too...so I haved taken a post-op vow to not make ANY judgements early on or be negative. Im happy I was given this opportunity...again, and I plan on NOT having anymore PS for a VERY VERY loongg time. Unless of course my butt ends up looking like a freak show or my boobs deflat! LOL HA hehehehehe! But....I did quick peek at the cleavage, MUCH better. The porjection appears to be the same, which is slightly concerning, as im swollen...which means they will go down. The last thing I want is less of a projection. Yikes. OKOKOK, staying positive ladies, staying ppossssitive!! :)

So, as far as pain.....my inner thighs hurt more than anything as of now. Next in line is my incision, which is from the org TT...right side. There was deformation of that area, from lipo and there was a large dent. He lipo'd there, then pulled the skin down and sewed me back up. It feels like someone is burning me...I dont recall it being as intence as last time, nor do i recall my thighs hurting so horribly. Feels like ive done 100000 sets of that inner thigh machine at the gym, the one that forces your legs open to build muscle. lol Weird....again i recall pain, but OMG not like this. Next in line, my breasts. No too bad...considering I had my pockets fixed and a larger implant. It hurts on the sides, near my armpits. Not unbarable but enough to be annoying and cause me only ONE position to rest/sleep. Reclined at an angle on my recliner. I initally thought I could sleep on my side but my boobies are near there and its swollen and hurts. Arghhh....oh well, wadahyagunna do? lol

Im bored...already. This is going to be a LONG week. Im a busy body, so this recovery stuff isnt my favorite & Im no stranger...so i know what to expect.....boooorredomee!! LOL Anyone here play words with friends??? If so, hit me up!! Lynnz74 is my user name! Im serious..lets play!! Happy healing ladies......I will try and post pics tomorrow if I can!!

My vow to not bitch & complain? Out the window. I...

My vow to not bitch & complain? Out the window. I was able to shower today meaning I could take a good look at the girls. Well. Wow. Ok lets start with the pro's: they ate super soft & finally even on my chest & are a little wider. Now lets talk about major disappointment: In their swollen state they *maybe* project as they did before. Looking down on them, the left side is still more rounded on the inside pocket which was supposed to have been released so it was not as tight. They by no means look any bigger. The swelling will go down and I swear to you they will be smaller. Confused. HOW the FREAK is this possible? ARGGGGGG! This is my 3rd full implant exchange so I know what I'm talking about. I should have said I wanted HP's. I have my post op tomorrow...Im pretty sure I'm just going to cry. He will think I'm nuts for judging on day 4...I will be honest but I honestly can't handle my breasts STILL not being alike on both sides. Taking my pain killers, headed to bed and am hoping my attitude & my tits are better by tomorrow. >=•[

Hello all. Its been an emotional few days. I know...

Hello all. Its been an emotional few days. I know my body esp when it comes to BA's....as you know Im no stranger. I broken down and tried on all of my bras that I wore before this BA....some were a 34DD, some 34D and some 36D. Either way, per my request to my PS my desires were: to be one cup size bigger, a little more width/cleavage WITHOUT a padded push up bra and to have my breasts symetrical as the right side sat lower on my chest and was a liltte more saggy. I ended up w/ 700 cc's Natrelle silicone mid range which have a larger base and well, obviously less projection that what I had before. ( 450 shells overfilled to 550/600 Mentor mod+profiles) From what I researched I was under the impression 150 ccs = apprx one more cup size which is where the 700 came from. Well, that isnt true....Im thinking 200-250cc is a little more accurate. I should have asked for 750cc HP's instead which are in bewteen the width I had now and pre BA and have a slightly higher projection #. THIS would have been perfect. Of course...too late now. Heres the problem and I see now, its difficult to see from a pic: they are closer together which is fine BUT i dont have more cleavage, they arent as full as they were before AND my favorite(im being 100% sarcastic by the way) my old bras FIT!! Actually, once the swelling goes down, they will be too big. I am NOT happy. Too boot, the right breast is positioned more to the left so I now have crooked cleavage wearing a push up bra AND its not as full. Here are the only 2 pros: 1) MUCH softer and natural feeling 2) they are now even on my chest. I actually liked my old ones better except for the cookedness. Ladies, im sooooooooooooo sad. I spend most of the day crying like a baby. Why cant I just have what I asked for? This is my 4th BA. My last doc treated me crap and made me feel horrible about myself & "fixed" my issues twice (again sarcastic) when I finally gace up and said F'it. Im done...when i do fix them again they will be exactly how they should be and with another PS. Well, HA, guess I was wrong. Im just concerned with the # of times my breasts have been worked on. There has to be a max before issues can begin. I go back on Sat & I am going to demand this to be fixed. No questions asked. Im SO upset....here are the pics. Please be honest and let me know your thoughts & what you see/dont see, etc. THANKS ALL!

Im pretty certain my doc has created the beginning...

Im pretty certain my doc has created the beginning of symmastia. TOO WIDE. PERIOD. OMG. I am NOT handling this well. Why? *&#%#==&#&@@^*$^*^*!@$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just checking in as my insomnia is in full force....

Just checking in as my insomnia is in full force. I ended up"asking the doctors" here w/pics & I feel a little better hearing their replies. Don't get me wrong there a BBIIGG improvement from before & I'm thankful but honestly my issue is that my old ones were only 3 yes old. The ONLY reason why I exchanged then was to increase a cup size. Apparently my calc of 150cc = 1cup was WAY off. You'd think a 700cc mid profile would result in more than a D cup on my 5'5 130 frame. I have a natural look now which I kinda don't care for lol! I miss the upper pole fullness ALOT! I really think my PS should have suggested a HP or even the ultra HP instead at the same volume or maybe 750. I'm going to see what he says Sat & if I get my way, ill be back late spring for yet another swap hopefully at no charge to me.(I've spent enough there) maybe I'm crazy but I really want what I want. Posting more pix in a few days too see what an addtnl few days may have brought!
Hope all my boobie friends are well & flaunting there new additions!! ;)
Hugs! Lynn

Well. Wow. Exactly why I've been avoiding my...

Well. Wow. Exactly why I've been avoiding my camera. My breasts look..not right. clearly not symmetrical. Nothing is fixed really. They looked better a few days PO. I'm depressed & sickened. All the money and time & pain...for nothing. I guess having nice boobs is too much to ask for. Unsure what can be done. Not one cup size bigger, The right is weird shaped& smaller & its too close to the medial line & the nipple is still lower. All things I believe I paid for to have fixed. All I got is softer boobs really. When I have a bra on, you can see the cleavage line isn't a straight up/down line. It's more like a ". / " if that makes sense. Its weird n the pics dont really show it. I'm just sickened that I thought I'd be done & would love this decision. If this was my 1st revision, I'd get it...but it's not. UGH. Not fair. ;( Whatever. I realllllllly wish I didn't care. But I do.

Blah! That's all I got! Ha! Saw dr last Sat and he...

Blah! That's all I got! Ha! Saw dr last Sat and he whole heatedly agreed the right one is too far over the medial line. I'm just confused as to how he didn't see this during my surgery to have those issues fixed? He seems think that's where the pocket always was (no kidding) and that now with the larger/wider silicon implants, it exaggerated the placement of the pocket and its now more noticeable. I agree but still shouldn't that have been seen pre-op/during surgery? Either way it's pretty significant but can be fixed. And WILL be fixed. When tho? Soooo much life drama right now n my boobs are low on my list of things that are important or matter. I've had better months ladies, trust me. :(
Anyway, nothing else to say. I'll keep u posted if anything exciting happens, if not i hope all my boobie friends are doing good & enjoying their new "girls" ;)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Will add info here, as I progress post op, otherwise it may not be fair or accurate.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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While your old bras do fit, I don't believe that they fit you properly. How are things now? How are you feeling? Have you thought any more about revising?
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I had symmastia and bottom out. Your ps should offer a revision at cost. I feel like your implants are slightly lower than they should be, I feel like he should have a very easy fix on his hand because your. Skin looks nice and thick maybe dr Lu over cut your muscle. My skin was very thin hard to repair but its thicker now so my revision I had last week cured me of symmastia... So no more crying about it yay finally after 5 years its fixed i think.... Symmastia repairs and be hard and takes a skill Surgeon to fix. The fix doesn't always hold because you need enought scar tissue "in your ribs" that's where they stitch perm strong sutures with your muscle to hold your implant I think think you will need a piece of alloderm cause your skin seems to thick. Anyways I cryed over symmastia because I modeled for a living. Pastense... Anyways symmastia gets worse with time till it is fixed sadly. I used moliver in texas to fix it I had to have 2 surgerys, but... My skin is sooo much thiner than yours . If your near Cali talk to pousti.
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Hey ladies how are you I read your story seems like our stories are silimar just remember there is hope! Read my story when you get a chance ok!
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Thanks for the update .. sorry you are going through this. :/ Keep us posted please. HUGS!
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Thanks girl - hope things r good in ur life n ur still digging ur boobies! :)
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OK Lady whats going on with you? I am 2 months away from my new big salines. I can't wait. I will be going 1200-1400ccs and using mentor mod plus. Yay I can't wait!
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Sorry for the late reply lady. LOTS of BS in the home dept. excited for u about your revision!!! Hopefully then you will be happy @ proud of ur girls!! ;)
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Did he measure your BWD and go by that? It seems to me that you DO look better, but I think maybe your problems stem from not having the doc measuring you correctly and not using the highest profile for your seemingly narrow BWD/ribcage. You look incredible, though, but I know that it is tough when you get something done and spend a ton of $$ and you end up less than satisfied!!! UGHHGHGH. I hate that so much. I am VERY happy with mine, but he still did not listen to me when I said I wanted smallest size (turns out I could have gone slightly smaller, based on my BWD--I wish he had brought that to my attention), and I also asked for him to give me super small areolas, and he gave me the standard size. However, I cannot complain b/c I LOVE my breasts now, but there is always that "what if?" In your case, I think that it may be a case like my prior BA, where that doc did not measure and, as a result, I ended up with breasts that were all wrong. Your's are not all wrong and are much improved, but I think that you may have a narrow rib cage and probably need more tailored breast implants, like the gummy bears...? I think many docs are just lazy, and they just want to put round, smooth unders in and use bra sizers. Bam, easy. Done. However, it should take a bit more planning on their part, and it should not be too much to ask for them to measure properly. I think that you should request that he do that. :) xo
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Whoa! Sorry you are going thru this love. What does your PS have to say about this? Why didn't he fix nipples in revision? Crazy.
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Bootie, I go Sat. I have a list.....I just know that he will make it seem like im being too hard on myself. I mean, really. The WHOLE reason, the sole purpose of him touching my breasts, were to FIX THEM. Its So sad. I will be strong and voice my opion. If I have my way I will have a revison in May, exchange them for a HP or UHP 750-800 and have the pocket fixed on the right side. Fingers crossed. I am, not NOT nuts, right??? They arent symertical, right??? They are clearly not the same??? lol
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Good idea to make a list. Can't wait to hear what he says.
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What did your PS say?! I think if we are spending $6K we should be blown away by the results. My PS has some things to 'fix' on me too ... Keep us posted please!!!
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well i go Sat the 23rd.....we shall see. I hoping he see's what i see. Which is obvious.....I mean, really? They are NOT the same. Hence the reason why i wanted him to fix em......Ugh
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Oh no! Sorry! Keep us posted!!!
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I see what you are talking about... And I'm so sorry you are in this situation. I think we are both a bit stuck in regret---I completely relate to everything you wrote in your last update and I am also reeling from the idea that I thought I would be in great shape right now and the opposite is true. Will you go back to the same surgeon?
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hey swift...Yea...I paid more than I should have for this revision/exchange. I feel he needs to correct them. I go Sat so we will see what he says. Im prepared to leave in tears......
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Ok, I just looked at ur pics, yes I do see what ur talkn about, he's gonna have to fix that, we got to keep our heads up tho! But I feel you!
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Hey lady! :)
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Hey gurl!!!! How are u??
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In the one pic I can see a difference in your breasts. Let me know how tomorrow goes. You said you are meeting with your doctor right? Check out Dr. Hankins he's rated really well. Dr. Pousti would have been my second choice but he actually has a LOT of pics of XL implants I don't like. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much for the revision. I know you hate to go through another revise but maybe your doctor will do it free and get some better results? Do you miss your old boobs or is this an improvement for you at all? I am soooo sorry you are unhappy. How are all the other surgeries?
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No, I don't go back til Feb 23rd. If I get my way, I'd like MY LAST & FINAL revision done in may somtime. What ru thoughts? What are u seeing with my pics? I'm looking for honestly to help support my own thoughts...lol
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Check out my tummy tuck / lipo review I updated there to. Or bitched is more like it. I can't win. It's the truth!;(
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Anything new with you? I scheduled my revision...my boobs seem to get worse daily :( How are you doing?
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Hey lady!!! I was going to take pics this weekend but like always, i lost track of time and when I did think of it, I was comfie and lazy! lol The right one is still not the same shape and the pocket is closer to the medial line...which was part of the issue to begin with,he obvsiulsy didnt repair that. I still feel they are too close, however, Ive gotten a few compliments from friends, saying they look fuller and more natural (with clothes on) Really, the only benefit thus far is they are soft and feel like real breast tissue. WHen is your re-revision set for??? What profile/cc overfill are you going for??
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Aww! I'd love to see some new pics, maybe they have changed! Definitely with silicone you get SOFT you just don't get much for size. I'm glad your friends have been nice to you!!! Im set for May 8. No idea on profile or cc though it will be AT LEAST 1000 and I am hoping more for 1200 or 1300 (ok 1300). I don't meet with Dr. H until May 6 so it's hard to determine anything else. Gives me something to do haha. Let me see some pics!!!
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