Nose, Nose go away! UPDATE: Date final! September 27 2012!

Ever since I was a kid I realized my nose was not...

Ever since I was a kid I realized my nose was not cute at all. It didnt look bad when I was really little but once puberty hit it grew and morphed along with the rest of me!

Its long, wide, has a bump and to me always looked like a witch nose =O I think the boys that knew me in school would agree because in school I wasnt one of the best looking girls on campus.
Growing up some friends and family used to make fun of me and my nose and called me 'beaker'.... I would laugh it off but it did hurt me..they made me remember that I was not beautiful and as teen that was hard! Thankfully it stopped when I was an adult but that still haunts me. I didnt ask to look the way I did-who would!?

I just dealt with it, grew up and just figured thats how I was made so I should get over it! I even took up boxing and wasnt worried much if my nose was broke because I figured that would seriously push me to fix it! Well my nose was never broken -maybe slightly damaged but not broke. I think about continuing fighting but dont want to walk around like this until Im completly done with the sport. Ive had people say to me oh is your nose like that from boxing?? Or your nose dont look to bad for being a boxer! Weird thing is I was born this way! LOL

Now Im ready to make a change! I dont think I should have to accept my nose anymore if I dont like it. Been thinking about it on and off since I was in my 20's. Im 34 now almost 35 and I think its time for me to improve my appearance for me!

My little sister who is 24 just had a nose job done due to a deviated septum. While she was under she also had theDr reshape her nose. I have to say I never thought there was anything wrong with her..heck it didnt look like mine so to me it was fine! LOL

She is 5 months post op and looks even more beautiful then she did before! WOW! My sis is not happy with her Dr because of her experience and his bedside manner but his work is excellent! My sis had no choice in her surgeon because the insurance covered most of it but did say she wouldve gone to a different Dr if she had been allowed the choice. Seeing her results has motivated me even more!

I got a consultation in June 2012 with a board certified plastic surgeon (one my sis referred me to) and feel very comfortable with him. He was very nice, seemed very knowledgeable and explained the entire procedure to me. He quoted me $5150 (not bad I thought it would be more) and he's ready when I am. I wouldve done it by now but Im going on a one week vacation this month to see my other lil sis graduate from bootcamp and didnt want to get it done and be swollen for the ceremony or worse have some unexpected issues and not be able to go. So Im trying to figure out when to schedule it.

I found this site and its helped me alot. I see pics of people with noses similar to mine and they look great..this also motivates me. I am a little scared though..I really dont want to tell my co-workers anything but not sure Ill be able to hide the change!

I just hope Im not crazy!


Who was the doctor your sister used?
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You're not alone on with the "beak" middle school I was ganged up on & called birdbeak which everyone thought was hilarious, but I went home and cried every day. It really hurts & the people who said those things probably don't even remember saying them & we think about it every day.

Don't feel obligated to tell anyone about the surgery you don't want to tell...I just had mine done & I only told a few people & living in a small town that's scary because I know I'll be getting a lot of stares..but it's your life so do what will make you happy. I've realized it's hard to get support from others who don't know where you're coming from, but the people on this site are supportive, I can tell you that much. We know what you're going through & we'll help you through it :)
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"Beaker"??? That's terrible. I'm sorry some of the people around you were so insensitive. Please let us know when you've scheduled your surgery. I'd love to follow along on your journey.

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Ok, date is set and on Friday the 14th is my pre...

Ok, date is set and on Friday the 14th is my pre op appointment. I will make my final payment and do my bloodwork and we're all set. Im nervous about the surgery! I think Im more afraid of returning to work one week after surgery..I know my surgery will be very visible! Everyone will see the difference... but oh well. Im ready for this change!

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Added a couple more pics for you to see. The next...

Added a couple more pics for you to see. The next ones will be my after pics!


My heart hurts when I hear stories about some of you guys being teased. :-( Ever think of putting some of the boxing techniques you've learned upside their heads? I used to enjoy Muay Thai fighting. I didnt even think that I may not be able to do it after surgery.
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Haha yes I would've loved to try some boxing moves on them! I don't think I'm returning to the ring either! I want to keep my new nose safe!
I don't know what his name was. I'll ask her.

September 27th is here! I did it at 8:00 am. I'm...

September 27th is here! I did it at 8:00 am. I'm home relaxing and recovering. I have a pretty bad headache and can see a shiner coming on (I don't mind it it's not my first!) I'm a little queasy but doing ok. I'll keep you updated...


Hello! I'm very excited for you! You will look beautiful with a more refined nose. Mine is very similar to yours, except I have thinner skin and mine is more narrow. However, the overall shape is VERY similar. I'm SO excited to see your results! You're going to look wonderful! Best of luck :D
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Hello thank you! I can't wait to see my nose after the splint is removed. Im looking forward to seeing my new nose :)
Oh my!! We are the same age, my surgery was today, and I too have a triangle shaped Greek nose that droops, boxy tip and hump on top. I am considered pretty/cute but my nose has always been the detractor.. Ie, the pretty girl with the kinda big/manly nose. I know exactly what you mean. Also just relaxing and walked around a lot today. My nose is absolutely filled to brim with what looks like pure blood the thickness of heavy snot (sorry, gross!)
I hope your recovery is going well and send me a line anytime cis we are very very similar and in same stage if healing. I can send you some pics too if you like. Big hugs from Canada and best wishes for your healing.
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10/1/12 Day 5 I had my surgery 9/27/12. The...

10/1/12 Day 5

I had my surgery 9/27/12. The first few days have sucked but I have just been resting and getting plenty of fluids. Ive had alot of dull aching pain in my head and lots of swelling! I look like a chipmunk with blackeyes. Today is a better day. I slept only half of the day vs all day!
I had a unexpected visitor come by (someone I didnt tell I was going my nose) and she was very surprised to see me this way. The first words out of her mouth were 'there was nothing wrong with your nose!?' REALLY?? I dont know if she was being nice or just trying to knock me down? My response to her was I never liked my nose and have always wanted it fixed and I did! That ended the conversation pretty quick. People who dont have this issue just dont understand!

I dont care anymore what anyone thinks. I did this for me.


Hello there!! It's Ang, your Canadian sister! I'm so glad this site exists, otherwise we would not have met. Having essentially the same type of before nose, same age and our surgeries on the same day. We have been recovering together via email and my god dies it help to have somebody going through it day by day with you, best wishes to all the ladies out there, beautiful as you are and even moreso to come. Especially inside. To my new friend, bless you and I wish you the best results over the coming months : ) Big hugs and thank you Ang
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Thank you my new friend!! You've been so helpful with all your tips :D this is the best site and I'm very glad we've connected! Having someone to go through this with you is comforting and reassuring. We're all in this together!!
It's upsetting when people you care about don't understand where you're coming from. Even weeks after when I see some of my friends they don't say anything about it. They don't comment on it at all which sometimes make me wonder "Does it look bad?" but I know they didn't agree with the surgery from the beginning so I just push it aside. I'm glad you don't care what they think anymore. I feel if they were true friends they would have supported us & our decisions. I feel like it's just getting something changed that we didn't like about ourselves. Like when someone gets braces no one gives them a hard time, but since cosmetic surgery is considered superficial & not many people agree with it, no one understands why we would choose to get it. I'm glad you didn't let her reaction get to you. Maybe she'll change your mind when she sees how happy you'll be. I've been there & it doesn't feel good when people are against you. I'm looking forward to seeing your after pictures. I bet you're going to look wonderful :)
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10/4/12 I will have my splint removed tomorrow!...

I will have my splint removed tomorrow! I cannot wait!!! Im so ready to get this thing off. Today is another great day for me. Im feeling almost 100% recovered...but for the black eyes! I hope they're much more faded by Monday! =o


How does your nose look now? Are you happy?
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Hi. I'm very happy with it! I'm almost 2 months post op. I still have swelling in the tip. I'm going to post updated pics soon

I'm almost 8 weeks post op! In very satisfied with...

I'm almost 8 weeks post op! In very satisfied with my nose especially my profile. It's an amazing change for me. I'm glad I did it and wish I would've done it sooner.


Hi can I see a new pic of your nose surgery result? I live in Southern California and I'm in search of a Rhinoplasty Surgeon.
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Hello! Sure ill post a new pic
looks great :))
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14 month update

I'm satisfied with my results and love my new nose!


How thoughtful of you to come back and update at a year post. So many happy patients just disappear, never to be heard from again, lol. You look LOVELY!!! It helps so many people to see more long-term results. Enjoy your pretty nose!
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Thank you. :) I don't mind posting updates if it helps others get through this process. Good luck to all!
Your new nose looks phenomenal. I have a similar pre-op shape… hoping to have your amazing results. Thanks for the update.
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Brian Brantner

My sister referred me to him. Her friend had her nose done with him. Dr was great he explained what he would do for me. Doc says he can help give me some shape to my nose, remove the hump, also push up the has a long hang forward (when I smile I swear my nose can touch my lips!) and he will remove some of the tissue on the sides to make it not so wide. I also want it to look more symmetrical as it is uneven from the front view

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