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Feeling Sad & Disappointed -Vancouver, BC

Ok soo I've always felt that I had a big nose and...

Ok soo I've always felt that I had a big nose and have always been extremely self-conscious because of it. In 2011 I decided I would save all my money and get a nose job. Just over a year of saving, I was able to get my nose job. Long story short, it's been over a year since my surgery and I'm unhappy with the results :( I feel like I still have a big nose and now it looks more crooked than it did before.. Should I get a revision rhinoplasty? Ill post pictures of before and after. What do you guys think??


Your nose looks no where big! You have a perfect nose!
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i think you look adorable...surgery has done its work..and your nose does not crooked at all..you look it very closely in mirror,thats why you think its crooked...
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Hi! I would not touch your nose. You are completely adorable! Your new nose looks better than your old one, even though it's not exactly what you wanted. I think you should think about the possibility of it coming out and looking really bad if you do it again. But I think you look great and your eyes really pop!
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More photos

Thanks so much for all your comments and suggestions :) I added a couple more photos from different angles cause it's kinda hard to tell from that first photo I posted


Which Vancouver doctor did you go with, for your original procedure and if you did end up getting a revision?
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I think your nose looks good, I'm guessing that your after pics from the front are better bcause your had it narrowed. You are beautiful and look just like Ashley Simpson
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I would take your nose over mine any day!!!
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Would you say my nose is still big? :(

Update- I got a rhinoplasty 2 years ago because I've always had a big nose and have always been so self conscious because of it. It's been 2 years since my surgery and I feel like I still have a big nose! :( I'm seriously considering a revision which my surgeon said would cost another $4000. I'm a student right now so saving the money will be very difficult... But I just want to be confident in how i look :( would I look much better with a revision? Is my nose big? Thanks for all your advice, it's so appreciated. (All the pics are recent so shouldn't be swollen)


Who was your surgeon?!
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Your nose looks fantastic and it really fits your face. It's just the right size, anything smaller would look odd, IMO. You definitely don't need a revision!
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Please don't have another nose op. Your nose is very beautiful and it fits your face. If you make it smaller/shorter it will look too small for you face because you have a nice long chin. It's perfect for you.
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