**Update*****Was *NOT* Worth It and Not Nearly As Painful As I Thought It Would Be!

I went to a clinic in Vancouver BC and was very...

I went to a clinic in Vancouver BC and was very very nervous. I wanted them to look full and natural, but not like I had them done. After reading reviews of "juvederm gone wrong" I started to panic and started to leave but then went back in and said let just get this over with!!

They took my into the room to fill out some forms and talk about the procedure, didnt make me feel pressured, said I could wait another day if I was too nervous, but I insisted on getting it done. I was given an ativan to calm me down (I had some anxiety) they put a topical numbing cream on my face then injected a dental block (didnt hurt anymore then giving blood, actually giving blood hurt a bit more) then I felt my face getting numb. My doctor then began to inject the juvederm, letting me know every detail of what she was doing, cracking a few jokes and made me feel really comfortable!

It was a great experience overall, not painful in my opinion, just some uncomfort!

Will do it again when it starts to go away :)

Ask for a dental block, topical cream and ice and you wont feel hardly anything!

After only 3 days - While I am still very very...

After only 3 days - While I am still very very pleased with my lips, I will say that the swelling has now gone down, and I miss the volume from the swelling! I didnt think the size with swelling looked too big, so now that the swelling is gone down, I wish they where a little more plump.

I have decided NOT to ever get this done again. At...

I have decided NOT to ever get this done again. At first it was okay, but I am noticing now, that my smile is different and crooked and because it must have started dissolving or something more on one side. I also got my nasiolabal folds filled with a little bit too, and it just makes me look puffed like I have a swollen face. So after looking like I gained weight in ONLY my nasiolabial folds and a very crooked smile - I will never get this done again, I wish it would all just go away right now :(
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful doctor, and great experience, I was so please especially considering I was SOOOOOOOO nervous and am the biggest wimp.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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I'm surprised you gave a doctor 5 stars for that. It was purely her fault. Honestly you yourself would have done a better job. There should have been a retouch scheduled at very least she couldn't not see she put more on one side than another. I feel for you girl. xx
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I wouldn't say it is the docs fault - as it was even when she got it done.. We cannot blame the doctors for everything - They cannot predict everything.. Yes a touch up might have fixed the problem! Luckily it is not permanent ! I hope you found a solution and your lips look fab now Angeles!
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I had Juvederm done on nasolabial folds in May. FANTASTIC!
Felt like little pinches and the dermotologist spoke to me about what was happening every inch of the way. Looks great and I would do it again.
Over 50 NY Gal :)
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is there any perminant fillers for a more lusious look ?

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This Q&A might help with your question:

What Are my Options for Permanent Lip Augmentation?

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I get my lips done and i had a similar experience, but if your doctor is good she'll have you come in for a follow up and fix what is happening for no charge. my doctor in new york did this for me. if its your first time getting this done they have to build channels inside the lip and see how your lips respond because its hard to know what is swollen and what is the juvederm. anyways, i'd call them and tell them what happened. if they want to maintain a good reputation they will want to make you happy. good luck!!!
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Thanks for posting a new picture for us. I can see the asymmetry you are talking about. :( I wonder why that isn't something we hear about more. Maybe because people usually keep getting it done, so the area is just refilled as needed to even it out?? Hopefully it goes away quick for you!

Sending you a hug!

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Oh you have such beautiful lips to begin with =) THE result IS FABULOUS, I know how you feel about needing more, although I haven't had fillers I did go in for consult to get them under my eyes but DR said no way, it wouldn't look so hot..He suggested that I try Botox which I did and he was very conservative, I LOVED the result but after 3 wks I absolutely needed some more. At 4 wks I had touch-up and had my forehead done very conservatively ... Indeed, I also read many horror stories about both the botox & fillers, but I trust my PS hands, opinion & artistry =) I wanted to HUG him two weeks afterwards when my crows feet were so vastly improved. With the internet I believe that many people who are truly happy with the end results tend NOT to bother writing much at all, cause they are HAPPY and living life....For the few people that have a terrible nightmare like scenario I cannot begin to imagine how awful it must feel & they only have places like this one to share. I'd love to see pics of what your beautiful lips look like now =) Thank you for being kind and sharing pictures, I wish I could figure out how to do that, I will work on it.
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Thanks for your comment! I just added a not good update :(
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I did review as soon as I got it done! I am a little nervous they wont last long, as I work out all the time, and now that the swelling has gone down, I actually prefer the size when they where swollen!
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Yeah, you are definitely not the first person I have heard say that. I would just call the doctors office who did it & ask about getting a touch up. I think the doctors tend to err on the conservative side, especially with first timers since no one really knows exactly how their body will react.  Better to start conservative & need to add a bit, then go overboard though!

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me too, I get it from time to time and I hat when the swelling goes down, I prefer the fuller look too but it doesn't last long 4 me, maybe 4-5 months tops....short of the year they say it will last. I am torn, I do like it but wish it would last longer than it does :-(...you look good though!
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I am so happy, I was SO nervous, reading some of the comments on here scared me too!! No, I in fact got no bruising at all, but when I came home, I iced it for a few hours, and they did swell up, and are still swollen, but no bruising!
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I know, sometimes reading the reviews of bad outcomes can be pretty scary - I'm so glad you decided to post your review so we could hear about your experience!!

From what others have said, it seems things can continue to settle for a couple weeks after the injections. Do you mind me asking how long it has been since you had it done? I'm assuming you posted your review the day you had the injections done...but you know what they say about assuming. ;)

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Glad you were able to push past your fear and get it done, especially since you sound so pleased with the results! So happy for you!!


From your pictures it doesn't look like you got much bruising. Is that right?

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