Love my new nose!!!

I wanted to get Rhinoplasty since i was 14 years...

I wanted to get Rhinoplasty since i was 14 years old. I always hated the front view of my nose, and never like to take pictures. My tip is bulbous and nostrils are too wide, I also have small bump on my nose and slight drooping of my tip. When i was little my dog jumped and hit me in nose, which made one side of my nose more indented. It seems that cartilage on one side slightly collapsed. Overall, i find that my nose does not suit my face! I have had consultations with 3 different PS. First i found that was too pushy with procedures and felt that with him i will not get natural looking results. My second PS had lots of bad reviews. The consultation went well, but i still did not feel comfortable going with PS who had that many bad reviews. My third PS i felt very comfortable with right away. He even told me that i maybe should re-consider getting Rhinoplasty, because in his opinion my case was not that bad (LOL well i think i do need it). Then he went over what could be done and noted that it would be very saddle changes, because that is what i need to achieve natural results. I felt that he was very honest and did not try to push procedures on me. I actually found very laid back, honest and someone who really wants to achieve natural looking results!

Just purchased all the needed things for post...

Just purchased all the needed things for post op!!


They changed my time like two times and the final time is 1400 and I got to be there at 1300. I just ate my " last supper" lol sushi, so no more food :( that kinda sucks cause I absolutely love breakfast and always so hungry in the morning. I am staying over my bf house, because he is kind of closer to location of my surgery.
what time is your surgery?! i'll be thinking of you!!!!!!!! good luck!!! you'll do great!
I actually feel excited about finally getting it done after thinking about doing that for so long!!!!

Hey!!! So yesterday I had my surgery. It was ok, I...

Hey!!! So yesterday I had my surgery. It was ok, I actually can remember how my ps was asking for scalpel or other instruments, which was kind of freaky! I have quite a good recollection of the almost entire procedure. I talked to my PS today and he said that it happens sometimes to people.
When I got home I was feeling tired, disoriented and started to experience pain. Now when I compare today and my post op day I can honestly say that yesterday was kinda awful! I had pain, I had some bleeding and just felt biggest regret going for surgery. Today my day 2,I feel a lot better. However, when I change my "mustache" I see that my nose looks quite piggy!!! The tip appears to upturned and quite swollen. I do hope it will drop otherwise that would totally suck to be stuck with nose like that. Otherwise, I had been sleeping on and off in sitting position surrounded by lots pillows (haha I feel like some Middle Easter king) and my family is being sooo supportive and brining me anything I need!!! I do feel wide range of emotions starting from excitement all the way why did I do this. However, I understand that it must be common to feel like that after big surgeries. So I am just trying to stay tough and not make any definite conclusions about the outcome of surgery yet!
Hey it is ok. Last night I got runny nose pretty bad and I thought it is weird cause I feel completely plugged up, can't breath at all so when I looked closer aparently dr put packing in my nose. Did he put packing in yours too? Btw you look absolutely beautiful, I showed it to my sister too she said you look gorgeous and yes your nose looks like it dropped a little
how's the recovery sweetie? 3 more days :D
I am going on June 26 Tuesday!!!!YAY YAY YAY

So my cast comes of today. I am scared and excited...

So my cast comes of today. I am scared and excited at the same time. My family is being so supportive saying that my nose would probably be quite swolen and that I need to be patient and not to draw conclusions right away weather I like it or not. Well I guess I will take their advice, and wait untill swelling subsides, however I still will post pictures.

Today is my big day, my cast had been removed and...

Today is my big day, my cast had been removed and voila my small cute nose!!! Overall I am happy with results except I find my tip too upturned. However, I read that it is due to swelling and eventually the tip should drop. So fingers crossed!!! I will post pictures tomorrow.
you are such a tease!!! show us your new nose :D i'm dying here! i'm so happy you're happy with your nose. the tip WILL come down. don't worry :). can't wait to see your small cute nose
I like my new nose, however I feel it looks kind of piggy lol too upturned, but my PS said it is due to swelling and with time should come down. I hope it will. So far I think my PS did a good job!!!
Hey manuni! How was your big reveal today?! Thx for the kind words!! My bf is just taking of me no and I'm just relaxing. I'm actually hungry! Keep up the positive thoughts!!! :)

So here are my pictures with my new nose. I still...

So here are my pictures with my new nose. I still cant believe it is me!!! The tip still looks too upturned :( Overall i am happy with results!!
I think subtle for most people is the way you want to go :). I think it turned out great!!

Really nice results!

Thanks guy for such nice comments)) yes I guess I got "mini me" version of my nose lol as I wanted, subtle changes))

Today is 4 th day since my cast removal. My bf and...

Today is 4 th day since my cast removal. My bf and mom said that they noticed how the tip of my nose slightly dropped, yay!! However, my tip and bridge is still painful to touch. I had seen few of my friends and no one noticed anything different, no one asked anything at all. My other friends that know about my procedure said that I look better but if I never told them about rhinoplasty they would have never guessed it lol. I came to conclusion that most of the people don't care about noses or pay attention to other ppl noses!!!
IMO the alarpasty has made you look younger especially when comparing pic 3 to pic 2
Thanx. My mom says too I look younger now
still swollen at the tip and the nostrils ... did your ps narrow your base too ? ... also worried about my tip being too upturned ... think it has come down a little bit in last few days ... worried about piggy look ... looking forward to your latest pics and progress ... good luck

I love my new nose!!! It is very natural looking,...

I love my new nose!!! It is very natural looking, exactly what I wante dr to do. Dr Buonassissi is very professional, amazing doctor he is truly an expert in plastic surgery. I cannot imagine going to another doctor. His team is also amazing, they were extremely helpful!

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I am very happy that I choose Dr. Buonassisi and his team. They were professional, helpful and they put needs of their patients first. The results of rhinoplasty very natural and exactly what I asked for!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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