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HI everyone! I had rhinoplasty 20 years ago in the...

HI everyone! I had rhinoplasty 20 years ago in the small town I was living in at the time in Alberta. I was thrilled at the results then because I didn't know better lol (there was only 1 plastic surgeon in town) and he got rid of the hump I had on the bridge. Well, for the last decade or so I have noticed my nose looked kind of unnatural and funny. It had a double break point they call it and my nostrils were quite visible which I did not like and overall it still looked pretty big. So after raising three kids to their tweens, it was Mommy's turn to do something major for herself. lol I am reeeeeeeally happy with the results so far!!! The doctor I went to was veeery experienced and knew exactly what he needed to do to rectify what the other doctor had done. (The previous doctor had put cartilage in strange locations which made my profile look sharp and pointy in 2 spots.) My current doctor here in Vancouver, softened my profile, reduced the overall size and minimized my nostril size. I looooove it!!! And the photo I am showing you is from only 1 week post-op!!! So, it is still swollen in the photo and it will settle down even more and be even tinier. I am thrilled and look forward to prancing around the neighbourhood with my new nose for the "next" half (and more I hope!) of my life!! lol
Thanks for your encouraging words. The last surgeon also seems to know exactly what is wrong with my current nose. He is the first surgeon to address all my concerns. He has some before/after photos on his website. But I will ask to see more photos when i visit next time and maybe request to speak to some of his rhinoplasty patients. Enjoty your new nose my dear.
Looks very good your photos and so little swelling too! :) What did you have done the first time? Did they break your bones either time? Any discomfort/tightness/breathing changes? Chris.

AT 21 DAYS POST-OP!!!! And really LOOOOOOVING my nose!!!!!!

OMG you guys i am soooooooooo happy i did this!!! WOOHOO! -sorry, as you can tell i am quite pleased! -i can't thank my surgeon enough for making my nose look sooooo natural and great (sorry i think so at least....lol :) ) which was a very difficult surgery- he had to remove all this strange cartilage placement, had to control my excessive bleeding (i lost 1/2 pint of blood) and the surgery took 2 1/2 extra hours- anyhow, i am really happy- here are some new photos- the doctor said at 6 weeks my nose will be 90% of how it will look permanently- so i will post final photos then guys- thanks! :)
Hi Chris! Thanks much for the compliments. You know I don't know if my 1st surgeon broke my bones the first time but I DO KNOW that he chiselled the hump down on my bridge so much apparently that he chiselled TOO MUCH and had to take some of the cartilage he had taken out and put it artificially back in- my 2nd surgeon saw this in the X-ray. He said it is a common mistake of a young plastic surgeon (and my 1st surgeon was indeed young) - you know I do not recall my post-op AT ALL from my 1st surgery- Soooo long ago for this aging brain lol- so sorry- but for this surgery, yes my nose feels very stuffed up, very narrow, hard as a rock and puffy at the end (which the doc said is how an internally unhealed nose feels- when your nose tip feels soft and pliable again, it is healed inside)- and also tender- however, it was much worse at the beginning- I'm so happy with the results that I don't mind- I hope you get the results you want too!

21 DAYS POST-OP -shrunk even more I think! I love it!

That's sounds like a great plan. I'm glad you get a good feeling in that doctor's skill and expertise. Definitely go with your smarts and gut. Keep me posted okay? You WILL be happy again with your appearance okay? Don't worry, you'll see. You're already taking the steps towards that. And thanks again for the compliments! :)


Sorry guys. Hope you are not getting too sick of my updates! lol



Hi - can't see your photos?
Did he do any grafting? It looks amazing! Sweet relief for you :D
it looks great...Amazing work by your doctor, congrats :)

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