Breast Augmentation Revision Downsized from 32 D to 32 B/C - Vancouver, BC

I had 2 Breast Augmentations by Dr. Gelfant. 10...

I had 2 Breast Augmentations by Dr. Gelfant. 10 Years ago I had 375 cc salines and wanted to downsize. I always felt they were a little large on my small frame but was concerned about loose skin when going smaller. I reduced by 200 CC as I went from 375 cc saline to 175 cc Silcone with no external lift. Armpit incision. Originally went from 32 AA to a 32 D, after the revision I am a 32 B/C now.


I wanted to post without my bikini top but have a company phone so didn't feel comfortable taking the pics with it. I will post others, will just use a friends phone.
You can see by the pics that they are very natural looking now, or so I think:) I love them! would not want to be any larger. You can see a little bit of loose skin when I raise my arm to take one of the pics but that's not really noticeble ever and also may have something to do that I'm in my 40's :)
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Dr. Gelfant did an amazing job. They look very natural and perfectly shaped. Love them now and feel they fit better with my small frame. The recovery was not too long with little bruising. Scars are not that noticeable as he went through the armpit both times. I would highly recommend him. Staff was great as well!

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Thanks Sgfit! I feel So much better since going smaller. I'm so sorry to hear you still feel large. How long has it been since your surgery? Mine were pretty swollen for a 3-4 months afterwards and I was upset as wanted to be smaller. They did eventually go down in size when the swelling subsided. I totally know how you feel. Even with my 175 I'd be happy to be even a little smaller then I am now. I had to push to go to 175cc they wanted me to go with 200+ as well. I wanted to go to 140 so 175 was a compromise. The 175 silicone look and feel totally natural on my body now but they are definitely the largest size I would want. If I ever had to re-do them again I'd go with the 140. The good news as you said is that you have saline now so if you do have them redone again one day you can easily deflate them. I debated for a long time saline/vs silicone or having them totally out but in the end am happy with the smaller silicone. Really feel it gave me the most natural look. Good luck with everything!
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You look perfect! I downsized from 400 mod + to 220 low profile and still feel large. You are the second person with 175 and I love it. I wish my surgeon let me go smaller but I had two consultations and one said not less than 250, the other not less than 220. Since mine are saline I hope in the near future to deflate then in office and decide if I want to remove or replace smaller under local anesthetic. But anyway, you look beautiful.
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             looking forward to seeing your pics!
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! Did you stay with the original breast aug for about 9 years and then recently downsized? You mention you have a small body frame, what are your stats? Did you end up having much loose skin with the smaller implant size? Glad you are happy with your new results!

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Hi BethH:) Yes I had the original BA size for about 9 years. I went from a 32AA to a 32 D with the 375cc of Saline and found it very stressful. I have a very thin build. I was not psychologically prepared I think to deal with such a big change. I just wanted some breasts, not for them to take me over:) I wanted them redone right after the surgery but had to wait to heal before I could get another surgery. In that time the swelling subsided, maybe I got used to them a little and also I could not really afford to pay for another surgery at that point so I decided to wait. I have to say that for the 9 years the size did bother me, I went out of my way to cover my chest up with scraves, wore baggy tops, nothing seemed to fit me properly anyway as I take a size 0 and was a 32 D at the time. I always felt that men & women would stare and it made me insecure thinking they were judging me..again with my small frame it was very obvious I had had a BA. SO sorry for such a long winded saga but it was 9 years:)) Anyway, I finally saved the $$ again and was determined to have them done smaller. I was worried about the loose skin and was prepared to have to possibly get a lift afterwards - but really wanted to avoid the scars if I could so I decided to do without at first. Very happy I did as I have very little loose skin-there is some but its not very noticable, if anything it adds more to them looking normal. Very pleased I went with Silicone too as they feel and look much more natural. They turned out perfectly symmetrical as well. I think Dr. Gelfant said he cauterized some of the inside of the pockets/bottom before putting in the silicone replacements in order to get a 'natural lift' and it worked. No issues as I said with healing and very little bruising. I just wish there was more info when I was making my decision on going sizing down, most of what I found on the internet was on sizing up. I think many want to go bigger but that was definitely not the case for me. I will try and find some pics of me before the re-do I think I have some saved somewhere and will post some pics soon. Thanks!:)
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I have a friend in the exact same fact, I thought you were her! Yes, you're right though, you experienced a more unique situation. Most women want to go larger with their implants. Glad to hear your surgery and recovery went well and that you're loving your new results. Are you able to wear more form fitting clothes now and feel comfortable and confident? I'm glad the 175 cc's feel just right. Yes, we'd love to see some photos! Take care!

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Hi Beth, I just posted a few pics...with bikini top for now as with company phone. will pic some more soon when I can borrow a friends. and will try and find some before pics when I was 32D. Yes I can wear all the clothes I want to now. I went out and bought alot of form fitting dresses and now live in them and tube top maxi dresses. Also love wearing bikini tops now, before I would wear a top over the bikini. I think the psychological relief has been the best, really don't think or focus on my breasts anymore, they just feel a natural part of me now. thanks:)
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Thanks for the photos! Good point about the company phone! :)  Glad you can wear the form fitting clothes without worrying about your breasts anymore. Enjoy!!

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