3 week post op. SOOO HAPPY!

I have been considering a rhinoplasty for 5+ years...

I have been considering a rhinoplasty for 5+ years now, but I am finally doing it! After months of looking at noses and becoming a little (who am I kidding A LOT) obsessive, I finally met with a surgeon. He is the first and only surgeon I have met with. My co-worker had her nose done by this doctor and he is the surgeon that receives the most revisions of patients that were not happy with their nose after other doctors surgeries. I feel much more at ease than I did before the appointment.

I found out at my consultation that I have a deviated septum. I will now be getting a septoplasty as well as a rhinoplasty. I will be getting my hump removed, minor tip work and narrowing my bridge.

I paid for my procedure and set the date for surgery. It is a little over 3 weeks from today! Wahoo!

Just little over a week until my surgery! I am...

Just little over a week until my surgery! I am both nervous and excited. My biggest concern right now is not like what he does to my nose. I couldn't live with the thought of me changing something that wasn't that bad and made it horrible. I'm sure everyone on here has had the same thought as me. Anyways I will post more picture of my before nose soon!

In a lot of pain right now and can't stop throwing...

In a lot of pain right now and can't stop throwing up. Could use some words of encouragement or advice!

Yesterday was my surgery. I got to the facility at...

Yesterday was my surgery. I got to the facility at 9:30 talked to the nurse and received an IV. Then I met with my surgeon and anesthesiologist. I as soon as I got in the operating room I started to get really nervous but the nurse kept telling me I was going to be just fine and I was in good hands. The next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. I woke up throwing up blood (not fun) and in a lot of pain. My nose didn't hurt but I was having the worst cramps ever! On the way to the hotel I threw up more blood but once I got in bed and kept down the pain pill and nausea pill I felt so much better. Last night I didn't sleep well, but I expected that i wouldn't. I woke up every 15-45 mins with a very dry throat/mouth.

Today I went to the drs and got the sponges out of my nose. I can breathe a little bit but not very well. It is nice to be able to swallow without popping my ears. My swelling is a lot worse today, but I don't have any pain. Just uncomfortable. Does anyone have advice about using a saline spray to clean my nose? I am supposed to be doing it every hour but I don't know how.

Today was pretty good. I only woke up a few times...

Today was pretty good. I only woke up a few times last night. I have just been taking it pretty easy. I have washed out my nose using the saline spray. I am supposed to be doing it every hour, but I have only done it about 4 times today. I have been sleeping sitting up. I personally think it is more comfortable this way and since my swelling is so bad it is supposed to help with reducing the swelling. Tonight I have been getting a pounding headache and pain under my cast. It isn't awful, but not pleasant by any means. I have been taking my pain meds every5-6 hours I only take one instead of two. (except for the last dose I took two to try to help with the headache) Well thats about it... Nothing too exciting just a lot of sleeping and relaxing.

Day 3 post op! Ouch is all I can say. Today I have...

Day 3 post op! Ouch is all I can say. Today I have only taken 1 pain pill because I am trying to see if the pain pills are what are making me not want to eat anything. My face just feels really swollen and tight. I also have a throbbing head ache. I have heard that day 3 can be the most uncomfortable. My bruising is fading into a yellowish red. Sorry my brain is so scattered right now. Anyways, is anyone else having the same tight throbbing pain? any suggestions? Ps. On a happier note, I took a bath today and washed my hair... AMAZING!

Day 4 post op! Today was actually a really good...

Day 4 post op! Today was actually a really good day! I felt like I was back to my normal self (feeling not looking haha). I am just getting excited to get my cast off on tuesday. I will be fitted with another cast but just a small tan colored, tape one. I guess it is because my nasal bones were larger the Dr recommended wearing a cast a few days longer to help ensure they will stay in the place he put them. Most people would be bummed, but I am trying to stay optimistic. I didn't go throw all this to have it not turn out right, so a couple more days with a cast is fine by me. He are some tips I have thought of while recovering.
1. Take baths instead of showers. This made it easier for my husband to wash my hair and it felt so good.
2. Sleeping on the couch was more comfortable than the bed (days 1-3 especially) It was easier for me to sleep on the couch and I didn't have to worry about my hubby accidentally bonking my nose.
3. Force yourself to eat. I didn't eat much the first 3 days but now that I am eating meals I have so much more energy.
4. Clean your nose (it really does help even though it can be a pain)
5. After I clean my nose I put a little but of Vaseline at the base of my nose because it tends to feel dry after.
6. Drink lots of water
7. Don't schedule your surgery on your period. I did and I had the worst cramps the night before and on the surgery day. I couldn't take any meds and it was miserable.

Thats about all I can think of now, but hopefully that helped someone. Now, back to bravo tv :)

Post op day 5- Still doing pretty good today! I...

Post op day 5- Still doing pretty good today! I went out to lunch and did some little errands around town. I didn't feel too many people staring at me. Over all I am healing pretty well. My bruises are so much lighter today. My picture is a little bit deceiving because I have make on, but it is the night time and most of the concealer has come off. I do have ONE BIG thing to complain about and I am sure everyone can relate. I have the worst crusted, bloody, boggies! They are hanging in my nose and it is driving me nuts. I have been so good about using hydrogen peroxide and saline spray and I still have crusted gunk in my nose. I am trying to be patient until my appt on Tuesday. Does anyone know if the dr will clean out my nose after he takes off the cast. What about the stitches? do they dissolve on there own? Anyways, it was actually a good day :) happy healing everyone!

Post op day 7! I get my cast off today! I am...

Post op day 7! I get my cast off today! I am almost as nervous tonight as I was the night before my surgery. I am so happy this week is over. I am excited to hear what my dr has to say about my nose. Anyways, I will post again after my appt. Yay!

Hey everyone! I am done with my appointment today...

Hey everyone! I am done with my appointment today and I am so happy! I got to see my nose while they were changing my cast. Now I have a removable one that I will wear for one more week. I am so happy it still looks like me but better! That's exactly what I wanted. Yay! The nurse cleaned out my nose too! No more stuffy nose!

Hey I am in the process of retaping my second cast...

Hey I am in the process of retaping my second cast off because it was falling off. I took some pictures real quick :) I'm am more than happy with my new nose! It is still my nose but better! It was a very subtle change but it made all the difference to me!

So happy! I have been beyond happy with my results...

So happy! I have been beyond happy with my results. I am almost 3 weeks post op and I know I still have a little bit of swelling that needs to go down, but I am so happy with my nose! I think that because I had a closed rhinoplasty (I did not have any stitches outside of my nose) My swelling hasn't been bad at all. My skin is still peeling but it is better and I am back to wearing foundation. my nose is still really stuffy. Overall, my change has been subtle and natural. I even went out to dinner with one of my former roommates and she didn't notice anything. The only thing she said is that I looked really good. :) Anyways... I have had a very smooth recovery.
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Hey! Haven't heard from you in a while, just curious as to how you and your new nose are doing? :D
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Gorgeous :)
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Wow, what a wonderful outcome! You are just gorgeous!
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Wow, very beautiful!
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you look fantastic! So happy you love your nose!
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Looks beautiful! WOohooo!!!
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You look amazing! I scheduled my surgery with Dr.Mobley! February 25th! I am SO excited!!!
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Yay good for you! I am excited for you. Keep me posted on how it goes!
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It is wonderful to see your rhinoplasty was effective. Seeing a good procedure's results is so up lifting. Thank-you for sharing your story.
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Brilliant!!! You look amazing, I remember you questioning if you should do this, and it's great to see it has worked out just as you wished. You sound really happy in your post and it was lovely to read, thanks.
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Wow, the swelling must really be going down if you second cast is getting loose. Your modified nose is gorgeous and matches your face perfectly. You have gorgeous eyes too.
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Thank you! I hope your recovery is going well :) just think I am only week ahead of you! there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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Thanks everyone! You guys have all been so sweet!
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I love it! Looks fantastic! I'm so happy for you! :)
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Looks great congrats! thanks for posting pics
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congratss! I had my surgery on the same day and had the cast removed on the tuesday too, my nose is swollen and i wanted to see it comparisant to yours, are you going to be putting on any updated pics soon?
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I still have a second cast on. My ps said that wearing cast 6 more days will ensure my bones stay in the right place. I will post a pic as soon as I get this one off next Monday. My nose feels swollen though :/ good luck to you!
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I am so excited to see it without the cast! I had my consultation today and it was fantastic to see how subtle Dr.Mobley's vision is! I met with another surgeon who wanted to do significantly more and with Dr.Mobley, the imaging just looked like a better version of me! And I loved his bubbly coordinator! She is so cute! Take pictures soon! I am on the brink of making my decision! Also, Dr.Mobley suggested possibly getting a chin implant for me...I really loved the imaging of it but had never even thought of it before. I am considering it....
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Yay! I have been thinking about you. I really love Dr Mobley! He is very direct and straight forward but he made me very comfortable. I trust him 100% he is a very smart and good at everything he does. I will post pictures as soon as I get this cast off :)
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I am glad you had such a positive experience! Did he do any tip work?
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Yeah he called it minor tip work. It hard because the tip is the last part that swells. I feel like it is swollen but I know it will go back to normal in the future. I am so excited for you!
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How exciting for you. I am so pleased you love what you have seen.
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Congratulations on making it through your first week of healing. All the best for your cast removal tomorrow!!
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Lol, that's funny. I actually didn't clean my nose very much.. just around the outside. the sight of the stitches made me feel queasy so I tried not to look at it. My doctor didn't clean my nose, so maybe it wasn't that dirty.. idk? lol . Some doctors use dissoluble stitches and some, like mine, use regular ones and cut them out at your next appointment. Good luck with everything!
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