Rhinoplasty Recovery - 2 1/2 Weeks in and It Looks Good

The treatment so far looks good,i am 2 1/2 weeks...

The treatment so far looks good,i am 2 1/2 weeks in and it looks good. The facility i went too had good staff, but i felt the doctor himself spent too little time with me, although i really cant complain since i got the opportunities to ask him.

I was wondering when i could do the following things after a rhinoplasty: 1. wear glasses (my surgeon said 10 days but i hear it takes time from other sources) 2. Sleep lying down and on my side 3. Start exercising with heavy weight lifting. Also, I'm worrying about the pollybeak and whether it might happen to me. How long after the rhinoplasty can i stop worrying about the pollybeak occurring?
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Doctor is definitely experienced and knows what he is doing.

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I would recommend 2-3 weeks for glasses depending on the edema. Typically after rhinoplasty, you can sleep on side after 3 weeks and exercise with heavy weights after one month. It is important to remember that every individual is different and that in order to acheive optimal results you should consult with your doctor before returning to any normal activities. Depending on the degree of pollybeak deformity, it may be visualized at the first month, but most are not visible until all of the edema is gone at 6-9 months.
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hi! i'm going soon with Dr. Smaili for a consultation for rhinoplasty. thanks for your review it help me feel a little better about going. do you have any advice before my first consultation? Congrats and best of luck with your results!
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thanks, im 4 weeks in and so far so good. Just remember to go in with plenty of questions written down, do plenty of research so you know whats up.
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Thanks for the advice. so i had my first consultation and i also felt like he spent little time and wasn't very reassuring about the results. But i did ask the questions that I wanted to. The staff was welcoming & friendly. I think the Dr. can really work on his interpersonal skills. Overall, he is very professional and he seems to be an expert in rhinoplasty. I'm still however going to go for a second opinion before i make my decision. Are you still concerned about the pollybeak? Were you under local or general anesthesia?
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