30 Years Old, 2 Children Both Breastfed over a Year. 265cc Natrelle

I have never had big boobs, but I prayed and hoped...

I have never had big boobs, but I prayed and hoped they would come! But they never did. I had my two kids 2 years apart and breastfed my son (4 years old now) for 13 months and my daughter (2 years old) 15 months. I feel very lucky to have had such a great breastfeeding experience, and wouldn't change it for the world! As many other moms know, your breasts will never be the same...
I am now ready to get my surgery and it is surreal- pretty exciting! I have chosen a great doctor that has be used by many people I know. I am really active and pretty small, 5'3.5" and 113lbs. I am really into Pilates, power yoga and running... So having to slow down for a while after is going to be tough, but spending the money and wanting great results will be a reminder to hold if on the exercise until the right time. I really wanted to post my experience because there is not a lot out there about women who get less than 300cc. I am planning on 265cc Natrelle style 15. My doctor told me to go bigger, but they all do. I really cannot imagine going much bigger, but he did order the 286cc implants for me as well. It's not a big difference but I feel like I want to have the look of- are they real or not??! I want it to be a question of either/or, not just: yes, those are fake. It's hard to chose to go smaller because everyone tells you to bigger, but my I am going to follow my gut and go for the 265cc. I hope this posting helps other women who want a relatively small implant- even though it's not that small!! More to come and pics ;)


hi, I'm into weight lifting, power yoga, obstacle course training... I'm thinking the worst part of BA (scheduled march 31st for me) will be the recovery time of 6 weeks no upper body work. Ugh. perhaps we can moan and groan together during recovery? ;) My ps did give me permission to get on a recumbant bike or the treadmill asap, as long as I wear a chest strap over my bra to keep the implants inplace as they settle into the pocket under the pec muscles. Did your doc measure the width of your current boobage to give you advice on how much implant you can handle w/o beginning to look unnatural? Ask about that if he didn't. That helped me alot. congrats and best wishes! I'll keep in touch. Excited!
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I went with 225cc HP overs and ended up a happy 32D, so small implants can be amazing too. My awesome surgeon wouldn't even let me get 250s, so not all docs are about going bigger. I do yoga daily and was grateful for the fast recovery with overs and the lack of intrusion into the muscle. You will love your 265s!!! They will not interfere with working out but will be gorgeous!!!
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2 days post op

Wow! What a great experience! I'm in hardly any pain, and couldn't be happier! The doctor chose 265cc in my left and 286 cc in my left. He is a wonderful doctor and I couldn't be happier that he took the reigns and went with his gut. I went under the muscle and incision under the nipple. Honestly, it feels exactly like when your milk comes in after having a baby!


Hi there! I'm all done and it's been seamless... You will do great, just know that you will get back into doing what you love and you will also love your new boobies!!!! Enjoy, don't stress, and you will be so happy ;)
Thank you for the sweet response! I ended up with 265 on left and 286 on right and it's perfect! I did go under the muscle but I'm really in no pain at all, just engorged!!! It's so great to be on the other side and relaxing. I bet yours are gorgeous as well!!!
Oh, I'm so glad you're sarisfied AND not in pain!!! Awesome!! Congrats!!
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