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Hi I like to tell you about my experience with my...

Hi I like to tell you about my experience with my reline jaw operation in November 2010. I was referred by my local dentist to NHS Hospital in Kent, for Orthodontics treatment.
My operation to place in November 2010, I was informed that it involved relining the lower jaw and using plates to reset it.

All seem to go o.k until a few months later when I started getting infection after infection I was referred back to hospital and had the left plate removed. This was in April 2011. But despite this plate being removed I still got infections and sore throats.

After suffering for a year I was admitted back to hospital in March of this year to have the other plates removed. They could not remove one of the plates due to it marrowing into the bone its self. I was suffering great pain after this operation.

Still the infection came back and the sore throats I cleaned my mouth with the mouth wash I was given and every thing. But I was advised that the infection was caused on the one plate that was still in my right side even tho the infection was on both sides!! Well a week ago I was eating as normal when I heard a crack and my left side jaw was so painful I was taking back in to hospital. As I write this I have my whole jaw wired up and the pain is really bad. I have been told I will have to go under a major operation to remove the last plate by breaking the jaw and rebuilding it. I never ever should of had this operation it was not life threatening. But I know now that my jaw will never ever be the same. Is there any one else out there who is going through what I am going through. i warn any one who is thinking of having this Operation to think twice.

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hi just read your post was wondering if you could give an update as to how you are getting on. Am thinking of getting this procedure done . many thanks
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Hi am going thorough the same thing as yourself only i had my operation 5yrs ago i had my plates removed shortly after my surgery as they were infected, i have constant numbness on the left side off my face even my tongue is numb. i wear a top denture and cant even get it in as my mouth feels its on fire , i have also noticed within the last week or two am getting the same numbness down my left arm i never go out as i feel my face is swollen is so depressing that 5yrs on this is still giving me grief.

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Hi How much were the costs for this operation? I was supposed to get this done when I was 18 but i'm now 23 and may have to go private for her. Worried about the costs. I would like to get the braces without but apparently it wouldn't work.

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Hi, did you end up getting the jaw surgery? I am 24 and considering it too but I'm still not completely sold
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Hi there, i had the same, i went for my op on the 2nd of august and then got an infection in one plate. I had this removed 5 days ago and am still not satisfied with that side of my jaw. Should i go back to my surgeon or wait it out a few more days as it is early on still? however I am going to south africa in 3 weeks so dont want anything affecting me :s please help!
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Hi. I really don't know what to say I am having major problems. I think if you go back they say like they did me its to early for any result. I have been suffering for almost two years now with mouth infections. I still have my Jaw supported but due to have it removed next Friday. I am very worried that I am still going to have big problems but I let you know.
I am sure there is lots of people out there having the same problems with having this Operation but are suffering on there own I my self know of 3. And you must be really worried going to India.
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I'm sorry to hear you know of 3 others going through a similar experience. Please invite them to RealSelf to share their story and to allow us to offer them support.

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Hi All. well my appointment has been brought forward as the infection has gone down due to my antibiotics. I now am going in on Monday there going to remove the other plate by breaking and reseating the jaw.
Last time I had operation my blood white count went down very low and they were very concerned so that's a bit of a worry. Yesterday I looked at my old photos before I had the operation and I hate to say this but I looked not that bad. Do not no why I went down this road. I suppose I thought I have super looks well I certainly learnt that lesson in life!
Well if you do not here from me by end next week I never made it! Only joking Haa haa. Have to keep smiling or I cry.
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I'm so glad your infection has subsided! I can imagine you aren't looking forward to the surgery, but better to just get it done and over with. Please give us an update on how you are doing once you feel well enough to. We'll be thinking about you!!

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My gosh, I am so sorry to hear what you are experiencing. I can only imagine how that is affecting our life. Are they keeping you in the hospital until the next surgery, or were you allowed to go home after they wired you up?

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Hi Megan. No I am home now. can not do much tho. I look like the terminator. Before I had the operation it was not that bad so it was touch and go if I was to have the Operation or not friends kept edging me on to have it. But some of my Mums friends said to leave it well alone there's thousands people worse of than you. I only wish I could turn the clock back and taken notice of them.

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I can understand why you would feel that way, but try to keep in mind you made the best choice you could at the time. You just happen to be one of the very unfortunate few who experiences complications. :( Of course you had no way of knowing that ahead of time. Do you have the operation scheduled, or do they want to wait a bit before doing it?

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