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I am having my primary ethnic rhinoplasty in...

I am having my primary ethnic rhinoplasty in London on Friday, I am so nervous and excited at the same time!!

I love the features that I was blessed with but I have always been self-conscious about by nose. The only reason I didn't have the procedure already was because I was scared of the backlash from friends and family of "not wanting to be black". I have decided to go ahead anyway as I realise that in this life you cannot please everyone and people will criticise you no matter what you do or don't do.

I had my final pre-op consulation yesterday and Dr Ion generated some 3D images to give me an idea of what I will look like post-op. I have started taking arnica and bromelain in preparation for surgery. I will update with photos soon.

24 hours post op

I can't believe that I actually went through with it! Dr Ion seemed very pleased with the results. I however had a little breakdown when I looked in the mirror and saw I looked like miss piggy! I have been assured by Dr Ion and others that this is merely a temporary thing and will resolve itself. I had a rib graft but I am in no pain at all just a little uncomfortable from being in bed all day. So sleepy though from the anaesthetic. Will update again when fully awake!

Four days post op

Today has been the hardest day for me as I have struggled to breath out of my left nostril so I am worried about how I will sleep tonight. I can't complain to much as I have not really had any pain (which is great considering the rib graft). Cast off is on Friday, cannot wait, though I am apprehensive about the removal of my internal splints...

Cast off

So I have just come back from having my cast removed on Harley Street.

I should start this by saying that I have a very low pain threshold! The nurse Rosie was very sweet though. I had a lot of dried blood around my stitches and and in my nostrils which Rosie had to pick away with what felt like tweezers and that was pretty painful for me. Then she pulled out the internal splints and I guess there was still some dried blood behind the first one because I let out the biggest scream in agony which startled Rosie (and probably anyone who was in the waiting room)! Removing the second splint was a little easier.

Taking off the cast itself was fine as my skin was so oily that it was all starting to come off anyway.

When I looked at myself in the mirror I was really confused and then started feeling dizzy and faint - all I could think was "what have I done to myself?". My nose looked and felt so unnatural, especially the tip which is really swollen - I looked more like a piggy than when I had the cast on! I was really upset but Rosie reassured me that it was going to look lovely when the swelling went down and TBH, I knew that it would be a long process. I took a cab home as I didn't feel I looked normal enough to venture on to public transport. Anyway, I got home and looked in the mirror again and the tip had dropped a little and it looked so much better!!! I can see now that Dr Ion has done a really good job and that there is a beautiful nose underneath all the swelling. I am now starting to swell up on the bridge etc which I was expecting and looking like an African Avatar looool. I just have to let nature take its course!

Before and after - initial results

Here are two pics, I will upload some front shots next week once my tip drops a little further.

Swelling be gone!

I woke up this morning as usual and rushed to my mirror hoping that the swelling would have miraculously disappeared overnight - lo and behold, this was not the case. However, for the first time since i started swelling up, it looks like the swelling on the right side of my bridge is showing the first signs of subsiding which is fantastic! I am only 2 weeks post-op so I just have to be patient I guess.

My nose is huge!!

Last week my nose was looking really good as a lot of swelling had subsided on the bridge. But I woke up yesterday and my nose was really swollen and still is! it looks the same size if not bigger than my old nose : - ( I have an appointment with my surgeon on Monday morning so I will ask him about getting a steroid shot in the tip.

Still huge : - (

I was supposed to have my first steroid shot today but I actually saw Dr Ion last Friday because I had a minor infection from where a dissolvable stitche had become stuck in my nostril skin. He cleaned me up and put me on antibiotics and asked me to come in on Thursday instead for my first steroid shot. I cannot wait because my nose is so swollen still. I realise now that my swelling was delayed because my nose was much noticeable swollen in weeks 2 and 3 and then doubled in size at week 4. I was just getting used to having a cute dainty nose!!

Will post some pics now so you can see what I mean!


Sore nose

I just had an early morning appointment with Dr Ion and he gave me a kenalog shot in my tip. It was a little painful but nothing like I felt when I had my splints removed! My nose is a little sore now but I can already see a difference in swelling. I will give it a few days and then upload some more pics.


I'm feeling a little low today as I can notice much of a difference in my swelling : - ((

Has anyone else had a kenalog shot in the supra-tp area? Do you knwo how long it took to see a difference? Dr Ion said he used a weaker concentration to begin with as he wanted to see how my nose would react and would use a stronger formulation in 6 weeks if necessary.

It's just so annoying as I had a nice small nose for a few weeks and now the supra-tip area is so swollen (which apparently is a common occurence in African and thick skinned patients which left untreated will turn into a permanent pollybeak) I look like a parrot - not a good look : - (


I meant to say "cannot" see much of a difference.
Lucian Ion

I will update this once I have had the procedure and seen the results.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Hey can i see pics please? i cant see them on your page :) thanks
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Hi could u send me before and after pics please iv been thinking about a ethnic rhinoplasty but it's just hard to find the right surgeon as it on your face .thanks
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Please can I see your pics?
  • Reply
Hey are you going to post pics i would love to see your results
  • Reply
Any chance of a pic? I'll understand if you don't want to. I think it would appear worse than what it is as you know what to expect or what you'd like to see. Have any of your colleagues of close friends noticed the swelling?
  • Reply
It's great to see some more pictures I can really see a big change from your old nose. It looks amazing! ....Wouldn't it be good if we didn't have to have swelling? ... You're going to look great :) xx
  • Reply
You look amazing! Honestly, like a doll. Gorgeous results even with swelling :)
  • Reply
I can see a difference in the size of your nose even with the swelling. I looks much smaller.
  • Reply
You have good results...I can see a big difference. You just have swelling now, which is normal. You look pretty!
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Hiya! Any chance of a pic so we can see the changes?
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Have you tried massaging it as Rosie instructed because it helps. It encourages the lymph fluid to move along. I know It's frustrating. My swelling comes and goes too. It's a waiting game! Good luck with your apptt on Monday and keep us posted.
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You are absolutely gorgeous! Your results are awesome. I wish London was more convenient for me. I would go to your doctor in a heartbeat.
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Thank you!
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Hey it's looks lovely. Were the incisions to reduce the nostrils made externally? Will you have scars?
  • Reply
Yes there were but I struggle to see them myself so hopefully, everyone else will too!
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I think you're absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see what the final result looks like and happy recovery!
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Aaw thank you. I think I am more swollen now than when I took that pic which is annoying but I knew (especially given my skin type) that I would be pretty swollen for a while so I have to be patient I guess. I have been following your blog, there's not long for you now! All the best, I'm sure it will go well xx
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Your nose looks really good. Besides the rib graft what else did you have done?
  • Reply
Thank you! My bridge was narrowed, I had a slight alar base reduction and some tip refinement. The tip work is causing most of my swelling which is why I think it will be a few months before I am as happy with my front view as I am with my profile.
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Hi! Your nose looks really good!! It really doesn't look like a 7 day post op nose, it looks good already. Great to hear you've had a positive experience, it really suits you! Can't believe I ve only got a week or so to go, I hope I come out the other end as well as you have.
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Your nose looks great and really suits you! Congrats!!
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Thank you, now I just have to wait until I can see the results on the front view but that will take a while. How is your recovery going?
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I am still a little bruised (3 weeks post op) but the swelling is going down very fast. The tip is starting to drop now which is such a relief. I'm very happy with the results!
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Wow, considering you're so soon after surgery you look fantastic! You don't even look swollen, well done! :)
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