It's Not Worth The Temporary Effects.

Pro's: Cleared face after 2 weeks with a minor...

Pro's: Cleared face after 2 weeks with a minor initial breakout. Made my skin look like $1 million dollars. I could shave while walking down the street because no spots get through. I looked like the person I wanted to be. After using Accutane I had no reason to wash my face, it looked so clean. It makes you focus on life and regular things because you dont have acne. You cant help but go out and have fun. It actually cleared my minor dandruff issue.

Con's: The results are temporary, if you inherited acne, your acne comes back bad. Your oily skin returns after 2 months off Accutane. Suddenly you dont want to go out again. The acne that comes back is quite fierce, its like it gets angry. The side effects are insane, cracked lips, you cant eat or talk some days, nose bleeds, dry inside of your nose, cracked corners of your lips, headaches, your face blushes red daily, intense peeling, hair loss that does not grow back in most males, neck pain....etc And supposedly I only had the minor side effects haha. I lost my job because I couldn't go in most days. The harsh side effects are not worth the hassle, honestly.

I took Accutane because oily skin was giving me moderate acne every day persistently for 8 years, I took it at age 21 for 2 & a half months.

Remember, it is not a cure. Accutane is relevant for Models/Actors....etc...and used as a temporary fix to shoot photos or get some movies done without the acne, but honestly, just keep your personality shining and accept that humans have acne, don't use Accutane you will regret it. Find a regime that controls your acne and eat well and just try and forget you have it, it is very true that no-one actually care's as much as you do about it. So get out there and have fun, eating well and gently washing your face is way more effective than antibiotics, keep it simple and love who you are, you will be looked up to in life, i promise. Here are some photos of me now (below), my acne has returned but look at the photo, does it look bad? No. It wont look that bad because people see through the acne, they do not inspect your face with a magnifying glass!! You can achieve the results I get with DIET, WATER, GENTLE FACE WASH, BENZOYLE PEROXIDE CREAM 2.5% Thank you.

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Dermatologists do not stress to you how severe the side effects are and that you will probably lose a'lot of your hair. Anyone can deal with dry skin for a few months, but hair loss and cracked lips are not good at all.

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You look amazing! I love this "keep it simple and love who you are"

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What helped me get rid of dandruff acne and razor burn. Was selson blue for the dandruff, I slept with no pillows they harbor lots of bugs you can't see with your eyes that's dirty, clean bed sheets every three days bleached sheets, and wash your face before bed n put coco butter on and shave at night so your body will heal your face. I noticed my face healed better at night then at the daytime it made my razor burn go away. Do all that yr round
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That's interesting, I know my son loves Selson Blue for dandruff. Good tip for shaving at night, our bodies are healing machines at night!

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Go on a second round that will do the trick good luck!
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As to "My Doctor" on the top of this comment section.... Please show me the stats on people losing their hair while on Accutane. Im willing to bet its like 1 in 100,000 or more that take it. Just like ANY drug on the market ... you run the risk of side effects. But your statement looks like your saying every singe person taking Accutane looses their hair like its chemotherapy or something and that simply is not the case. I never lost any hair while completing my Accutane treatment. Your comment is absurd.
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The reason it came back so quick... was because you weren't on the drug long enough to effectively shrink your sebaceous glands. 200 pills at 40 mg a piece is the minimum recommended dose to see good, long term results. It also works better for those who take larger doses in a smaller time frame then those who take small doses over a long time frame. It is not uncommon for people to need a second or even third treatment in there life time. If you were suffering that bad, Im also willing to bet you were not drinking enough water during your treatment. By enough water .. I mean you have to drink so much that you have to get up every hour and pee. Easy rule is .. if you pee yellow on Tane .. your not drinking enough. If your peeing clear... your good. Accutane dries you out. No doubt about it. But it also dries you out on the insides including, fluids between your joints and cerebral fluids. You must replenish those fluids at an exponential rate.... or you fell like crap. This is something the dermatologist fails to tell you when giving you the prescription.
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Hi peteKnows,

I think you look absolutely great in all the photos and to be honest, I cannot really see a great deal of difference between them! Your skin looks fantastic. :)
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You were not on it nearly long enough...not surprised it came back...
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