It's Not Worth The Temporary Effects.

Pro's: Cleared face after 2 weeks with a minor...

Pro's: Cleared face after 2 weeks with a minor initial breakout. Made my skin look like $1 million dollars. I could shave while walking down the street because no spots get through. I looked like the person I wanted to be. After using Accutane I had no reason to wash my face, it looked so clean. It makes you focus on life and regular things because you dont have acne. You cant help but go out and have fun. It actually cleared my minor dandruff issue.

Con's: The results are temporary, if you inherited acne, your acne comes back bad. Your oily skin returns after 2 months off Accutane. Suddenly you dont want to go out again. The acne that comes back is quite fierce, its like it gets angry. The side effects are insane, cracked lips, you cant eat or talk some days, nose bleeds, dry inside of your nose, cracked corners of your lips, headaches, your face blushes red daily, intense peeling, hair loss that does not grow back in most males, neck pain....etc And supposedly I only had the minor side effects haha. I lost my job because I couldn't go in most days. The harsh side effects are not worth the hassle, honestly.

I took Accutane because oily skin was giving me moderate acne every day persistently for 8 years, I took it at age 21 for 2 & a half months.

Remember, it is not a cure. Accutane is relevant for Models/Actors....etc...and used as a temporary fix to shoot photos or get some movies done without the acne, but honestly, just keep your personality shining and accept that humans have acne, don't use Accutane you will regret it. Find a regime that controls your acne and eat well and just try and forget you have it, it is very true that no-one actually care's as much as you do about it. So get out there and have fun, eating well and gently washing your face is way more effective than antibiotics, keep it simple and love who you are, you will be looked up to in life, i promise. Here are some photos of me now (below), my acne has returned but look at the photo, does it look bad? No. It wont look that bad because people see through the acne, they do not inspect your face with a magnifying glass!! You can achieve the results I get with DIET, WATER, GENTLE FACE WASH, BENZOYLE PEROXIDE CREAM 2.5% Thank you.


I have done diets; paleo, gluten free, elimination, vegan, vegetarian. I use good organic face wash, I do not wear make up, I have a shower filter, I do not touch my face or pick, been on mino, tetra, doryx, Bactrim ds, spiro, birth control pills, duac, clindamycin, azleic acid, retin a, retin a micro, differin, The Regime, paid shit tons of money for facials, peels, masks, light therapy, needling, accupuncture, holistic approaches, yoga, middle eastern medicine, food allergy tests and hormone imbalance tests. I am more than healthy. I am active and live in the most perfect area to achieve perfect skin, Santa Cruz even has cleanest air , it's not even environmental!! So for some acne is chronic, as it is an auto immune disease. No matter what you do, it does not get better. And with the diets I did, they lasted each 8 moths, I know things take time. I also cut dairy out which has helped. I have finally decided to take accutane. I AM DONE. I know how to prepare myself. I think you may have had an extreme case, as do the people that warn everyone about it's complications. I am taking a probiotic with accutane. I am washing my hair with nioxin, for thinning hair, I am not washing everyday and amping up the veggies and foods that will heal my body from the inside out. I think a lot of people underestimate the power if accutane and do not take the necessary precautions and doctors dont always give that info either unfortunately. Be your own advocate.
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I support you 100%! You are doing all the necessary precautions, especially the probiotics. My daughters both used accutane and several years out their skin still looks wonderful. They get the occasional pimple every now and then with their period but overall amazing. We tried EVERYTHING before accutane. The only effective treatment was and still is accutane. Remember, it may or may not get worse before it gets better when you start accutane. One daughter immediately got better, and the other got worse, but got better shortly after. Keep us posted. Wish you all the best
Thank you for your response :) Danica I am on day 6 and having a tolerable IB, my chin has pretty large ones, but I am confident in this treatment. I just got back from Chico CA, and I think that was a mistake going up there right when I started treatment! It is SO dry up there and hot. I am back in Santa Cruz, and my face already feels better. But I think I got some weird cold because of getting dried up. I am feeling good though. My face IS evening out, but I am prepared for more zits, I am finally able to moisturize, as the last few days I was still incredibly oily. How old are your daughters now? And did they have any lingering side effects? That of course is my main concern with this drug, I almost wished I took it sooner, yet I know more now than I ever did, and I wanted to be well informed. I was going to do a log, but my life is sooooo busy right now But I will let you know how it goes. Bring it on! :)
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Dermatologists do not stress to you how severe the side effects are and that you will probably lose a'lot of your hair. Anyone can deal with dry skin for a few months, but hair loss and cracked lips are not good at all.

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