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Choosing the Right Surgeon - United Kingdom

I have wanted Rhinoplasty for a while, but...

I have wanted Rhinoplasty for a while, but can't decide on the right surgeon. My nose has a hump and the tip drops when I smile, and I don't feel confident smiling in profile, so I am saving for a nose op.

I met with 2 who seemed good-but in different ways!

The first surgeon is a specialist in rhinoplasties, has worked on ethnic noses like mine, and said I won't need packing in my nose afterwards. The drawback with this surgeon though, is that I felt rushed in my three consults with him. I felt like he wanted me to hurry up, to get me out the door. I felt quite jittery after my meetings with him, quite nervous that I my concerns weren't being addressed. I felt like I wouldn't be able to come to him if I needed a revision, and that I'd be on my own. He told me he didn't need to sell himself and I would be happy with the results, yet I felt I couldn't ask all the questions I wanted answering lest I was annoying him.

The second surgeon was the complete opposite. He listened carefully, showed me lots of pictures of before and after noses, noses he'd worked on which were similar to mine. He took time to listen to me, spent a good forty minutes in the consult. When I asked him what would happen if I didn't like my nose he said it was unlikely, but that he would revise my nose. The only prob with this doc is that, unlike the first one, he is not a specialist in noses, but has carried out the procedure lots of times before. I liked the look of his before and after noses-the first doc rushed me through looking at pictures of noses really.

Help! I don't know which one I should choose! One is a specialist and one made me feel more comfortable. I don't know which one to choose.

Hi Angie!

Yes, I chose the second surgeon in the end. I just felt more comfortable with him. I felt like he listened to me more, and wasn't trying to rip me off.

With the first surgeon, I asked if he could run a simulation of what my nose would look like after surgery. His assitant told me that would be fine but that I would be charged £50. That was fine and I paid.

He took a picture with his IPHONE!! then loaded the picture into basic paint software on his computer and simply 'erased' the pixes forming the hump of my nose! And he charged me money for something I could have done at home.

I felt with him, he was after my money. The second surgeon has been great. I have met with him twice and will meet with him on Monday too. It's like it's no trouble to see me for him and he won't charge a penny for my appointments.

I have my op booked for 16th Jan. My surgeon is going to remove the nump in my nose annd cut the muscle under my nose so that it doesn't 'curve' when I smile. I *hope* it's a straightforward procedure, and comes out well.

Do you have any must dos for me-I would be most grateful :)

Hi there!

Just wondering if you've had rhinoplasty yet or have chosen a surgeon?

Hi Angie,

Sorry for the late reply. I thought I had posted something, but I don't think it saved.

The problem is my head vs my gut! My gut says go with the second Doc, but my head is saying the 1st is the rhino specialist.

I have a feeling I would have a better relationship with the second. Something about his manner and the way he took time to listen to me, made me feel at ease. The first one made me feel a little rushed and this made me feel uneasy, despite the fact he said that he could get a good result for me etc.

I just want to make the right decision- i struggle to make decisions at the best of times, and it's worse under these circumstances!

All I know is, I want this done. I hate the way my nose curves downwards and I am always conscious of the way it looks in profile.

So I had my rhinoplasty operation 3 days ago and...

So I had my rhinoplasty operation 3 days ago and it's already been a hell of a rollercoaster! There wasn't that much to actually do on my nose....I just had a bump shaved down and the depressor muscle under my lip cut. So far, my nose looks ok (although it's still bandaged, so hard to know exactly what it looks like)! When I first had the packing/gauze removed, I REALLY panicked because my nose looked piggy and upturned! I called my surgeon and he told me not to worry-the strapping and bandages distort the view of the nose. He told me he hadn't raised my tip (which I was worried he had) and he had just shaved down the hump. My smile is weird at the moment because releasing the depressor muscle makes your upper lip go slack....but my surgeon assured me that this is just due to swelling and my smile will return to normal within a few weeks which is good! It's great to see my nose straighter in the bandages, but I don't feel like myself yet. I have to say I have felt quite depressed over the past few days looking in a mirror and I think this should be mentioned more often in rhinoplasty reviews-that there is a possibility that you are going to feel low and isolated as well as in discomfort. Other than that, I am looking forward to getting my cast off and getting back to normal in all honesty. A rhinoplasty takes it out of you emotionally, mentally and physically!

Hey Plastic.eggy,
My result is fantastic! I'm soooo happy with my nose-best money I ever spent!!

Any chance you could tell me who the 2 surgeons were? Just had my rhinoplasty 3 days ago in Brighton (I live in London). How's your result now? Thanks!
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