Mini Facelift Gone Wrong

I had a mini face lift, i was really unhappy with...

i had a mini face lift, i was really unhappy with the result as i now have sloaping down pixie ear lobes, and what seems to be a pinch of excess skin tissue on either side of my face in front of my ears which is noticeable when i turn my face. i returned to the surgeon who performed a "revision" but it looks no different apart from the fact the scarring is worse and the pixie ears are worse,the excess skin is still there. it is not possible for me to return to the surgeon now,as i had surgery in another country and spent all my money on the second trip. i feel very depressed and cannot wear my hair up anymore.

the reason i had this done is, i was approaching 40, i work in the entertainment world, i had slight sagging in lower half of face, and i wanted to look younger.

the result was not noticeable, i lost over an inch of hairline above my ears, the scarring is noticeable, and i now have sloaping pixie ears and excess facial tissue.

i am saving up, what can be done to correct this please? can the pixie ears and excess skin be removed? what cost ballpark would it be? kindest regards


I'm still on the fence about my Lifestyle Lift of 2 years ago. My face is very thin with little fat and my neck is banded and crepey. I looked great for a week or so after the surgery as my face was still somewhat swollen and filled out. My neck and jawline looked great that way too. Perhaps fat injections or a peripheral liquid lift would be an idea for me.
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Is there a doctor you can recommend for a Midface lift to correct marrionette lines and cheek lifting? I had a SMAS lift and it did nothing to correct issues
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Hello, Sorry you had a bad experience. It appears to me that you actually had a "conventional" face lift and not what we consider a "mini" or "short scar" facelift. A short scar facelift does not turn around the ear and the danger of Pixie earlobes is therefore less. Also the "upper" extension of the lift does not turn into the hairs that you have a (permanent) hairloss. Did you travel to Tunisia to have a lift done for a better price? Are you living in Central Europe or the USA? In both areas you should find very qualified surgeons who can improve on your situation. This even though I do not have the luxury to examine you and have to rely on your description. I wish you good luck!
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