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Battled acne for almost 10 years. It was bearable...

Battled acne for almost 10 years. It was bearable until age 24. It has gotten worse around the cheek area. My dermatologist had been trying to get me to go on isotretinoin (accutane) for almost 2 years but I was hesitant. Finally I decided to go for it. I didn't want to ruin my skin any longer. I will say hands down it was the best decision I have ever made regarding my skin. I was on it for 6 months, yes it got a little worse for about 2 weeks but then about 3/4 months in it began to get crystal clear. Even my marks went away. My only side affects were very dry lips and eyes and a bit more tired than normal. It was well beyond worth it. I debated for so long about taking this. Listen to your dermatologist, trust them it works. It takes a little time but you will LOVE your skin after. Imagine glowing skin and being able to look in the mirror and think "wow that's my skin, it's perfect." At least that's how I feel. Go gain your confidence back because that's what this will do for you. For all you acne sufferers, you understand what I mean :) (start date was in November and finished in June 2014 )
You look amazing! I am starting next month, from years of being hesitant as well. I am 26 years old and finally at my wits end. I tried everything and every hormonal/thyroid/food allergy test, I even did Chinese Med and practiced some holistic approaches. Every topical and antibiotic including Spiro. And I am DONE with acne. I am curious if you noticed any hair loss during or after your treatment? Did you take any supplements with your course? Did you experience a lot of facial flushing? Thanks!
Thank you! I noticed a bit of hair shedding but not bad at all! Nothing I would worry about honestly. I did not take any supplement while on it either. Only vitamin C here and there! I was perfectly fine, I think you will do well on it and will be very happy after! Face flushing, yes! Not too bad but I would tend to get red later in the day for some reason. Good luck! Xo
I also forgot to ask about your initial breakout (if you got one) how bad was it! I asked my derm to start me on 20mg instead of 40 mg so my body can adjust for that month. Then probably be on 40mg for two months then 60mg and probably 80mg. What was the timeline of your doses? Sorry, I ask so many questions! And I know everyone is different!

2 months post

I'm about 2 months post isotretinoin. (accutane) I've gotten a few tiny pimples but nothing like before. Still was well worth the 6 months of treatment.
You look amazing! I'm about to start next month. My dermatologist advised me to give it a try. Been battling acne for 10yrs now and I'm so tired of it. I'm already resistant on acne creams and antibiotics so, the derm decided to start isotretinoin. At first i'm so hesitant because it's a very strong drug but when I found this site and saw your pictures, i finally decided to push through the treatment. I'm so ready! Hopefully my skin would turn out just like yours. So beautiful. :)
Thank you!! I was hesitant too, it's normal because it is such a strong treatment. But when you've been going through what we have for so long it's just worth it. As long as you follow your doctors instructions and you treat your body right, you'll be ok. Eat right, get a lot of sleep and drink as much water as possible! It takes time though so be patient. Finish every pill and compleate the full treatment, you'll see at the end it was worth it. I wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask! :)
Do you have a before accutane picture??

1/2 way through accutane treatment.

I don't have many pictures from my before treatment because I didn't like seeing my skin. But this was about 3 months into treatment. It's a little blurry but my cheeks are red and there's still a few pimples, inflamed. But was much better than when I started.

3 months post accutane

Trying to keep this updated to be helpful to everyone whose considering treatment. I'm 3 month post now and everything is still pretty good. I've gotten a few little ones but nothing that bothers me. Just some advice DO NOT pick at anything. If you do get any little pimples post treatment they go away very fast. So here is my 3 month picture.
Thank you for your quick reply..I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. We've signed the IPledge form and have decided to allow him to go on this medication. Our pediatrician said the depression side effect was only in extremely rare circumstances and he felt it a safe treatment for our son. In fact the pediatrician said that he expected to see a change in our son's mood in the form of euphoria once he sees how amazing his skin looks after 6 months. We called the dermo and will start his medication this week. I shall keep you posted! Thanks again!
I just got back from the derm w my 17 yr old son. He has horrible acne on his back and not as bad but bad on his face. The doctor said 6mo on accutane would clear him and in fact would be the only real treatment for his cystic acne. As a mom I am extremely worried about the side effects. You hear depression and as a parent you really get nervous when it comes to your teenager. Also the doctor mentioned he would do monthly blood work. Did you have that as well???
Hello! The 6 months is a normal timeframe. I was on it for the same amount of time. I honestly felt no change in my state of mind other than the fact that I was a bit more tired than normal which wasn't that bad. I would just keep an eye on him to see if you notice a change in mood. The blood work is normal also. I got it every month. They want to check your levels to make sure your liver enzymes are normal and not elevated. It seems like a lot with this drug but In the long run it had more pros than cons, at least it did for me. Best of luck for your son!
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