11 days post-op

I've disliked my nose since middle school when I...

I've disliked my nose since middle school when I developed a dorsal hump (I'm 23 now). I've always wondered if I broke my nose when I was little because no one else in my family has my nose. I was never teased about my nose, but I really realized that I hated it when I was getting my senior pictures done in high school. One of the "default" poses that my photographer does is a profile/silhouette pose... Ewww. No way did I purchase those few shots :) Anyway, now that I have a good job and have saved up, I'm ready to fix my nose!

After a ton of online research I booked a consultation with Dr. Golden. I met with him on July 17 and could tell right away he knew what he was doing. His calendar is booked solid with rhinoplasties (up to 6 every single week) and I like the look of his noses (straight with the tiniest bit of a slope and very elegant). He told me I had good skin (very thin, not thick) and would see great results. We talked about what I wanted to change (removal of dorsal hump, reduce projection) and then tentatively booked my surgery for August 17!

I'm putting my deposit down this week and have since been gathering all of my pre-op supplies. So far I've bought the following. If there's anything else I should pick up, I'd love all of the tips I can get! I don't personally know anyone else that has gotten PS, so I'm relying on the helpfulness of everyone at RealSelf :)

- Vitamin C
- Arnica pills + gel
- Non-mint toothpaste (apparently mint can counteract the effects of arnica, so I bought this nasty sounding Fennel toothpaste from the health store :)
- Multivitamin
- Handheld shower attachment thing so that I can wash my hair!
- Chapstick
- Vaseline
- Qtips
- I still need to buy bromelain, but is there anything else I'm missing?

Getting excited ... less than a month! :)


Thanks for starting your story with us! If you haven't seen it, here's a list of supplies to get ahead of time. Feel free to add to it if you like. I might also add frozen peas for swelling, but you can ask your doc about that.

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Only 3.5 more weeks to go! I've started taking...

Only 3.5 more weeks to go! I've started taking Vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin and a multi-vitamin religiously and have been eating very healthy. Minimal salt and no alcohol is a small price to pay for a quicker recovery!

I'm still in the excited phase, less of the anxious phase, but I'm sure I'll get there as the days dwindle down. The only thing I'm feeling a little nervous about is the car ride home. I live 2 hours away from the surgeon, and my boyfriend will be driving us home after the procedure. I really don't want to be nauseous and uncomfortable in a 2 hour car ride! Any tips? I know I'll bring water, some kind of crackers, and a bucket just in case! ;)

Lastly, I'm still trying to decide who I'm going to tell. What does everyone normally tell their boss/coworkers? I'm also debating not telling my parents as I'll be seeing them 1 month after the surgery and kind of want them to figure it out on their own :) Thanks for any advice!

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I put down my deposit today--only 12 more days...

I put down my deposit today--only 12 more days until my pre-op! I'm going to add some "before" photos tonight when I get home from work.

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Just added a couple before pics. At first I was...

Just added a couple before pics. At first I was nervous about recognition, but as others have said, anyone on RS is considering PS too! Not to mention that I don't like reading the reviews without photos, so I can't contribute another non-photo review :)

Things I'm hoping to improve on the side view: eliminate my dorsal hump for a straighter profile; deproject the tip, and a little bit of upward tip rotation. Things I'm hoping to improve on the front view: straighten/thin out bridge and I think the Dr. said he's going to "debulk" the tip a tiny bit.

I have my pre-op next Tuesday where I hope to solidify my plan with my doc. I'm confident he can improve my profile, but I'm more nervous about how the front view is going to turn out. Going to bring lots of examples!

Countdown to surgery: 18 days!


good luck with your surgery!! I had a Rhino last July and I totally was not happy at all! The PS left me with a bump on my nose so I went to Dr. Golden in April of this year so I am 3 1/2 months post-op. So far I am liking my results, but not "in love". I think it is also because I am still pretty swollen and he refused to do tip work on me. he did remove a slight bit of cartilage from one side of my tip (supposively one side was higher than the other, which i never noticed lol) but i feel like my tip is still bulbous..but I iam hoping it is just some swelling. I have a HUGE long review on my journey if you are interested in reading lol! Take Care & good luck! :)
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My coNsultation went really well..I must admit I was very nervous going in because this is my face and all haha but dr golden was really nice, professional, and realistic. He had me stand in front of the mirror and show him what I did and did not like ...and he basically told me exactly what to expect and what he could do! He said I'll have to have my nose broken, which I expected..but also that I have excellent tip cartledge ..whatever that means lol so he doesn't have to touch that at least. I tentatively booked mine for mid November because I'm about to start a new job and I don't want to take time off right away, but I think I'll probably alert my boss to the fact that I'll be having this surgery done...not sure about co workers though since I'll be new and won't know them too well yet!
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Oh I also meant to say that I'm also 23! Seems like this is the perfect age to finally get this done for a lot of people :)

COUNTDOWN: 14 DAYS My surgery is in exactly 2...


My surgery is in exactly 2 weeks and I'm getting more and more excited. My boyfriend and I are going out to eat and drink tonight as a last celebrate of sodium-laden restaurant foods and alcohol. After tonight, I'm sticking to healing, healthy foods (fruit, veggies, eggs, etc.) and water.

My pre-op is in 4 days. I'll get my prescriptions and show him the photos I like one last time. He's also writing me a prescription for Latisse, so I saved a dermatologist visit ... score! Side note: A lot of people cite a favorite celebrity nose. Lots of Jennifer Anistons and Megan Foxes. But my ideal nose is Hilary Duff's post-op nose. Very straight and feminine.

Question: Has anyone had a chin implant after a rhinoplasty? I know a lot of people get them during the same procedure, but my doc doesn't do chin implants. Does anyone have an idea as to how long to wait between procedures? Thanks!

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COUNTDOWN: 9 DAYS I had my pre-op today. The...


I had my pre-op today. The doctor had me come meet one of his patients that was there for her 2-week checkup. Her nose looked fantastic, and she told me she had literally no post-op pain; didn't even touch her pain meds!

I paid my balance, got my blood drawn for the blood work and got all of my prescriptions to fill before surgery. An antibiotic, Vicodin, a nasal ointment, acidophilus (to put good bacteria into the stomach) and Latisse (I will probably start another review on RS for this!).

Lastly we looked at the print outs of my photos from my initial consultation and reviewed the work that would be done. Basically the bump will be shaved, my nose will be broken and reset to thin and straighten my bridge, I'll have weir incisions to decrease my nostrils and he's going to straighten out my septum. I realized when I got home that we only looked at the front and 3/4 view, so I'm going to send an e-mail to make sure we're on the same page with the profile too. IMO the tip needs to be de-projected and rotated a tiny bit.

I'm very confident in my doctor and now I just feel very impatient ... I can't wait for my surgery!


That's what my concern is re tip. I have read that it can be done via closed with a very skilled surgeon. Idk. My tip is the main prob I have. My profile is horrible but I have to look at my tip! :) Thx for your reply! Good luck! I can't wait to hear!!!
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I will be thinking about you!! I can't wait to hear how it goes! I think you will love your results. You don't need tip reshaping...that's my only ? with Dr. G. still. I have a very bulbous tip. Like a door knob. I'm not convinced that a closed procedure can get the results that I want. Ugh. I have 2 more consults with different Docs. One today, and next Monday. I will update after.
Best of luck!!! Oh and how did you get your pics to hide your eyes?
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Julie, I'm pretty happy with my tip, I just think it needs to be deprojected a bit (and from my understanding, that's achieved by moving the whole nose, not just manipulating the tip).

I used Photoshop to put black bars over my eyes ... you can do it in Microsoft Paint too! I hope you put up a review, I'd love to follow your journey!

COUNTDOWN: 3 DAYS Only 3 more days until...


Only 3 more days until surgery and the days are draggging on. I'm excited and just want to get it over with at this point! I am trying to be as proactive as possible in regards to bruise/swelling prevention, so I feel like all I do is take pills these days! :) 3 days, out, I'm now taking daily:

- 1000mg Vitamin C
- 500mg Zinc
- Biotin
- A multivitamin
- Bromelain
- Arnica montana (5 tablets, 3 times per day)
- Acidophilus (3 times per day)
- Mupirocin Calcium Ointment 2% (applying inside the nose 3 times per day)

A small inconvenience, though, if any of these tactics help me heal faster!


My surgery is for the same day. From your description, it sounds as though we are getting a lot of the same things done. It's exciting, isn't it? I loved reading your story and I hope that you will follow up after surgery. I also understand what you mean about the travelling. I will be driving for 4.5 hrs to and from surgery. PS advised that I may want to stay in Toronto the first night, but could decide the day of surgery...depending on how I feel afterwards. I will likely take Gravol for the drive back. On one hand staying overnight would be convenient for sleep, drowsiness, etc...but then on the other, my home will be all set up with everything I need for recovery. And from the posts on this site, many people feel alright the day of surgery, but progressively get worse as days go by. I'd hate to have to travel when I feel even worse! I suppose either way, it's taking a guess at what would be best. I wish you strength, wellness, and quick recovery!
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COUNTDOWN: 1 DAY Very weird to think that in...


Very weird to think that in 24 hours I'll be 1 hour into my surgery. I don't feel nervous at all; I'm not sure that it's registered that tomorrow is the day! This week I made and froze big batches of Butternut Squash Soup and Tomato Bisque so I'll be all set with liquid foods for a week. I also stocked up on Naked smoothies and juices. I have a haircut tonight and am getting about 6 inches cut off to help throw people off the trail of "what's different?" post-surgery.

I think my PS and I are on the same page as to the aesthetic I'm going for, but I do hope I get sufficient time before surgery to confirm everything with him one last time. Wish me luck! :)


Hi. How did it go? I'm on my third day of recovery. Today is the first day I don't feel so groggy. Hope you're doing ok,
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I wish you the best for tomorrow!! I'll be waiting to see an update!! :) Good luck!!!
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Good luck! I have my surgery tomorrow morning as well (11:00am), but I think I'm slightly more nervous than you are at this point! I look forward to seeing your updates!
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Surgery was almost a week ago and went perfect....

Surgery was almost a week ago and went perfect. Recovered in the office for an hour or so before my boyfriend drove me 1.5 hours home. No nausea in the car ride (or ever actually). Woke up super swollen day 2 .. could barely open my eyes. Got 2 black eyes, but they were super dark, more "green" eyes and they've already faded to yellow. Swelling in my face has dropped to my cheeks, but will probably be completely gone in 2-3 more days.

I got my cast off and sutures removed on Tuesday (4 days post-op). Was uncomfortable (and the numbing liquid tasted gross) but not painful at all. As for the nose ... I LOVE it. The profile is EXACTLY what I wanted. It's still super swollen so the front view isn't perfect, but I can see what it will look like when the swelling subsides and it's perfect. It's straight, not piggy and my nostrils are smaller.

For anyone looking to go with Dr. G, I can't recommend him and his staff enough! I'll post photos when the swelling goes down a little more. Marking my experience as "Worth it!"


Thanks very much!
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You're very welcome. Any time.
I have my surgery scheduled on a Friday too and planing to return to work Monday after (10 days post), looking at yourself now that your surgery was 1 week ago tomorrow, do you think by Monday you would be able to go work and look presentable?
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12 DAYS POST-OP I had my second follow-up with...


I had my second follow-up with Dr. G today. He pulled out more gunk from my nose and one more stitch. My bruising is completely gone today and so is 98% of my facial swelling (not including my nose). I went back to work today and people who didn't know I had surgery didn't notice anything. So for those asking, 1 week off from work (including 2 weekends) seems adequate for a closed procedure.

My tip has noticeably dropped a little which is ok by me. Still considerable swelling in the bridge. My only complaint at this point is that my nose is filled with tiny whiteheads and blackheads. Dr. G recommended applying my leftover antibiotic ointment to the top of my nose to kill the bacteria. Crossing my fingers this will help. Will post photos soon!


I'm glad everything went well! It sounds like you're healing fast. I plan to return to work on day #10 so it's good that's sufficient. How are the Weir incisions healing up?
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