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I had my nose done by Dr. Golden in March 2008. I...

I had my nose done by Dr. Golden in March 2008. I liked Dr. Golden's website and his experience and for some reason I was under the impression that he was more skilled because he acheived it all under closed procedure and that I would have excellent results. I did a lot of research on the surgeon but not enough research on the procedure itself. I wish I would've consulted with more than one doctor but there are NO good rhinoplasty surgeons in Las Vegas that I know of and I was so impressed by his website that I thought I would have excellent results. My final results took 3 years to achieve and overall I feel they are just okay, I do wish I picked another surgeon. Dr. Golden is a bit old school in his techniques and his noses are a bit cookie cutter. He broke my nose and pushed the bridge together and then cut the cartlidges in my tip. He did nothing to reduce the width of my nostrils which I asked him about and he said no he doesn't like that look. But I was naive and trusted him. Now after all the swelling went down I have slight knucling of the bossae cartlidges and my nostrils appear "stuck" onto my nose. My tip is slightly long and I have very slight hanging collumella. I am currently searching for a great surgeon to do my revision and it's depressing because of the extra money it costs and the fact that I have to travel just to get a good consultation. I need help finding a good revision specialist. My advice is go to atleast 3-5 consulations, get recommendations and imaging!!!

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Didn't do my research. Chose on a whim.

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I know a great revision surgeon who just fixed my nose! But he is located in the Southeast.. if you're willing to travel I'd be happy to give you the surgeon's info and details about my revision surgery.
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I am also going to meet with Dr. Theodore Golden and i am on the fence if i should get the rhinoplasty. can you please send me pictures and provide feedback as well. Thanks!
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I always felt Dr.Golden was quite full of himself and overrated. People here in the area make him seem like the greatest rhinoplasty surgeon but he isn't. When I met him he was very unusual but that didn't matter what matter was can he make a normal looking nose for the face and make someone natural and very happy. I saw his pictures and all his females look like they had way to much bone removed, way too much bone! I had to say it twice cause I meant it. And not only that he makes them look piggy by pointing the nose too upward when he says he won't. As for the males it's the same thing to a lesser degree. He makes the male nose super straight looking while having no type of shape to the nose. He has no reason to be full of himself because at the end of the day most of the people I seen in his pictures and even on here look like they have there noses done for sure and artificial looking. Not only that a lot of his patients need revisions because he messed up the tip or septum, or the nostrils are not even. Am I saying hes horrible no! But he is too hollywood in a sense that he won't give you a super natural looking nose. So if you want that go to him,l if you want to look normal and happy go to someone else.
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This what I mean for the Females- Look at his patient 13 This what I mean for the males-See Patient 6 Now this what most of his results look like there not horrible but I can tell something isn't right. Why would a great plastic surgeon do that to someone?
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Im about to schedule surgery with Dr. Golden. Could you please send me your pics too. Thank you!!!! My email is ********

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is that the procedure where they bring your nostrils closer together? Yeah thats weird...because i asked for that too...cause I feel like mine are kind of far apart but he said they looked fine... so i took his word for it... but maybe you are right, maybe he isn't skilled in that area? Hmm... i'd love to see your pictures though! My email is A****

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i'm sorry you didn't like how dr. golden did your surgery. Have you been back to talk to him about a revision? Can you post before and after pics so we can see a comparison? thanks.
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I will be happy to email photos. But I live far away it's not easy for me to get in contact with the Dr. Originally he refused to do an alar base reduction on me and I don't think he is skilled in that area so I don't know what to do?
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Can you please send a copy of your pic to me? I had a consult with him and I'm on the fence whether i should go to him or not. Im also afraid of getting the pinched look youre referring to. My email address is s**** Thanks.

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"My advice is go to atleast 3-5 consulations, get recommendations and imaging!!!" Good advice MsPlatinum!
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Thanks for posting your experience here on RealSelf. I actually think your nose looks natural and nice. You, of course, are the one who has to live with it, though. So I totally understand seeking a revision if that's what you feel you need. Please keep us posted.

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