Huge Tip Swelling - Trinidad, CO

Hello, about 4 days ago I had a rhinoplasty done...

Hello, about 4 days ago I had a rhinoplasty done and the surgeon lowered the bump in my nose and elevated the tip. I told him I did NOT want a big change, just minor adjustments, however looking at the results I am horrified at the pig nose I have. Although its just 4 days, he thinks it looks fine ! :'(

Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Like the others have said, tip swelling can last for quite a while. Would you consider posting a before photo so we can visualize what you looked like pre-op?

Thank you Angie, and I posted two photos
Don't worry. Swelling usually gets really bad on the first few days and right after they take the cast off. But it will get better with time.

Pre-op photo

Hi, I'm sorry I'm doing this so out of order.. But this is a photo of me before the operation.
You are sooo soon out, trust me.... I had absolutely no alterations or enhancements made to my tip during surgery, it was simply cut through for the operation and what you nose looks like now is similar to how mine was... that is not your nose. Your nose is all taped up and then you have a cast pinched onto it, add all the swelling and I'd be worried if you didn't have a piggy nose! Swelling can take some time to go away so you really should not stress right now. Try to just relax while you heal :)
I also wanted to add.... you really only have that one angle to view your nose from right now, with your head tilted up and a mirror or camera under you.... I challenge anyone not to resemble a pig from that angle, lol ;)
I really feel so much better after reading this, thank you. Will keep you guys updated with more photos over the next few weeks, I admit I'm lacking in photos!

1 week, cast is off!

Hello everyone, it's been 1 week. I can't believe just seven days ago I was lying in the hospital unable to open my eyes or move my legs. I've gotten my strength and my energy back just within the past two days... Today I actually cleaned up my room properly and got started on projects I had planned. So my life is getting back on tract.
Right, so about the nose itself.. The swelling has gone down significantly, as you guys said it would. The surgeon actually came to my house and removed the stitches (which did hurt) but afterwards I felt so much better.
Lots of swelling still of course, I mean it's just one week, but it's no longer looking as alien-like as before.
Very glad I did this :)
Yayyy, see?! So natural and will get better. Happy you have some relief now :D
Thanks once again, reading these things always give me some relief that I'm not the only one. I left a comment on your post, go check it out :)
Hi there! We all start out with a piggy nose but that changes fairly quickly. I notice the majority of swelling goes down after a month, then the rest takes a few months to dissipate. All the best; I hope you adore your new nose.

10 days - "Restaurant Ready"

Hi! So it's ten days now and my nose looks completely normal, I feel like all the swelling has gone. I'm sure there's more residual swelling that'll heal over time, but it's not noticeable, not even to me.

This is going to sound gross, but I had hard dried impacted mucus stuck inside my nostrils (because I couldn't blow my nose) and I tried rigorously to clean it out. In doing so I interfered with one of my internal stitches, hope that's not too much of a problem. :| :|

Also, I was told I can't exercise I can't swim etc. I understand the swimming part, but if I feel up to strength and my nose looks more or less healed, why should exercising at this point be a problem ?

Day 10 photos

As the swelling goes down, the bump in my nose is starting to show more and it's getting me a little bit down... Especially as I presume it'll get worse. :/ I'm not making a huge issue out of it though, I mean, I'm not going to re-schedule a whole new rhinoplasty just to take down my nose a few more millimeters

A part of me does kinda wish I fixed up my nose better while I had the chance, to end up with a straight, beautiful nose ..

But I guess that's where character comes in. I'll always have a big nose, it's what I was born with. It's ironic that I one thing I hoped to be removed is still there, but oh well, guess I need to stop whining and live with it, huh?
You're looking great! I still have swelling some days and I'm 1 1/2 years post op. Just giving you a heads up! :)
Good to know, I'm telling myself it's my actual nose and not the swelling though, just to not be disappointed LOL
And thank you :)

Alright alright let's wait a minute here ....

So I'm NOT crazy and paranoid after all, I'm looking at an old photo on myself (see photo) and the bump in my nose wasn't so bad! I mean, of course there was a sink and then an outward projection, but it was pretty snooth out after that. Now my nose is a defined bump and then a dent, and then a projection again, it's irregular. I thought that my bump was just being revealed as the swelling went down, but my nose is actually looking more irregular than it was before. I'm thinking callouses, but ... :/ thats such wishful thinking, did anyone else's noses turn out like this after the surgery? :)
Did he place a tip implant to raise the it?
The tip takes the longest to become more defined. It swells up the longest. Especially if there was an implant used. It could be causing that second bump look, which could diminish over time. Mine tip looked likethat
No he didn't, :) from what I understand he made very minimal changes..

3 weeks, I'm blowing my nose I don't care!

Hey everybody! Yesterday made it three weeks since my operation. I can't believe it, it seems like ages ago.

So at this point the tip of my nose is still very hard and I have irregular swelling all over the place, which makes my nose look weird at times. However, I went to the Med Banquet party last Friday, and absolutely no one from my school noticed that I had surgery.. Which was awesome. So whether this surgery was "worth it", I don't know.. But it definitely wasn't a mistake.

At week three life is obviously becoming a bit easier.. As the title says I've been able to blow the gunk out of my nose. I'm starting back to exercise moderately.. And I occasionally wear my glasses but I do see them imprint in the swelling of my nose.. So I only wear them when I have to.

SWIMMING.. URGH! Swimming is still the only thing I can't do.. Yet. I'm such a beach junkie so being unable to swim underwater is a major drag for me, especially during summer time.

Tell me, how long after surgery did U start back exercising? Wearing glasses? Swimming? My doctor always says wait wait wait.. But I wanna hear from actual people!
It took me three months to go back to the gym. I used to go spinning three times a week before my surgery and it was not until a couple if weeks ago that I was able to go back to class. I still get some swelling every time I go to the gym now. I haven't gone swimming yet, but every time I go out in the sun, my nose still turns really red and swollen even 6 months after surgery. By the way, I think your nose looks really good and natural. Congrats.
Thanks Malian :)

Swelling when I'm active

So at about three and a half weeks I've decided to be Miss Daredevil and go swimming and feting and all that active stuff, next day, nose was swollen as hell! Lol, anyways, it's good to see what are aggravating factors and relieving factors. This is a photo of my swollen nose right before a party ..
Your nose is shaping up really nicely.
Thank you foxy!

Oh, about my surgeon

I've realized I haven't given any description about my particular surgeon. The reason is, because I live in a country called Trinidad in the West Indies and I doubt very many of you are from there... Lol. When I was creating my account it would only allow an American profile because they didn't know where Trinidad and Tobago was, :( hence why it says Trinidad, CO. But my surgeon was really fantastic, really helpful and answered all my questions. Everything went smoothly and if any of you are thinking of getting a rhinoplasty done in this little island, I'd be happy to answer any questions about it!

1 month <3

So they say at 1 month is when you get an idea of what your nose will permanently look like. At 1 month I can say I'm very happy, in this pic I'm posting is when I'm in Grenada getting my life back, even swimming. I almost keep forgetting that I had surgery done and I have to be careful. I'm so happy with how it looks, and from now on my updates would be fewer and further in between.

I have to say, to anyone getting a rhinoplasty... You have to be prepared for anything. You HAVE to be flexible. The nose I have is not the nose I planned to have, but I like it because I'm open. The truth is, this procedure is SO inpredictable and it is a risk, even if your surgeon is in the same page as you are, there's know guarantee that you'd get exactly what you want.

When I joined this site, I read a quote that said: The best candidates for rhinoplasty are those who are seeking improvement, not perfection.

It is SO true. Well, at one month, I got my improvement.
Your body is sick!! Love your shape
Thanks sadgal!
your nose in the cast/bandages looked juuuust like mine. your nose looks super natural though and i completely agree with your last post... you cant go into rhinoplasty expecting a certain EXACT nose, you will most likely be disappointed. very few people are 100% completely satisfied to the point where the picture matches the outcome perfectly. ive learned to accept i cant have a tiny, pointy nose (those are my favorite) but i still like mine too. great post and nice nose!! :)

Pimples and oily skin (7 weeks)

So I know I'm not the only one who has this problem with tiny pimples popping up all over my nose. (In Trinidad we call them "heats" because they appear in the sun). However, I do feel like its a bit late for me for be having this problem, I'm now about 7 weeks post op and everywhere I've read has said that this breakout is caused by taping trapping the oil and stuff.

With my little medical knowledge, I'm thinking that there's a lack of drainage that's causing the little buggers to appear on my nose. What I can't explain is why my nose is SO OILY all the time. I always had an oily nose, but this time it's taken to a different level, and it's DEFINITELY after the surgery.

If someone can enlighten me that'll really help. No medication has worked thus far (your daily soaps and salicylate)
I'm sorry I mean was living the same nightmare about the piggy upward lifted nose
Hey Zerry, it's difficult to say when EXACTLY the nose dropped because it was so microscopically gradual that one day I just noticed it looking lower, that was about 3 weeks after the surgery. What has happened is that your nose tip is swollen, and pushed up by the swelling. Try to do things to ease the swelling, whatever your DOCTOR recommends, some people use ice or sleep in an elevated position. Don't be depressed about your nose, by the time you go back to university it'll go back to looking normal. I'm about 2 months post op right now and nobody even notices I had something done. Don't worry, it'll be fine. And that is my HONEST answer, as you asked.
Thank you sofiya for your honest answer :) i appreciate it

2 months, tip dropping

It's funny. My very first post was about how worried I was with my upturned nose .. And now at 2 months the tip of my nose has dropped so much that I'm afraid it may just go back to looking like my old nose. What irony! The following are close up shots of me doing different facial expressions, showing how the dropping of my tip and the outward projection of my hump makes my nose look very long

3 months

At three months, I can pretty much say the majority of my healing is over
You look great!
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