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5 years ago I had 325cc saline put in. They sat...

5 years ago I had 325cc saline put in. They sat too far apart and weren't big enough for me so I went to 550cc silicone under the muscle last week and absolutely LOVE them.

Lutherville Timonium Plastic Surgeon

Dr. R answered all of my questions, was very informative and patient. His staff was beyond caring and helpful.

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Beautiful results
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I do not have breast cancer just re-did my breast implants to go to a larger size and replace the saline with silicone. Thank you for the compliments and good luck with your surgery :)
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Koozie, pictures please. {Edited to removed email address. Please send personal message to communicate with this user.} jpg format, 400x300 pixels works great. Thanks again.
My pre-op is the 29th of this month so it's coming up soon.
Take Care and I will let everyone know how it goes.

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Wow they are nice. You hold a large implant really well :) im going in soon to have 345 cc round silicone implant. What profile did you go?
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I personally do not like a round profile because that is exactly what they are is round, round like a cantelope and they look it also. Round gives you very little profile or projection from the chest. Round gives you wide breasts, to me the best choice is also a high profile that will give you more projection and less width. As far as the implant itself I have now and will after my exchange use Mentor Memory Gel. The do not leak, they hold their shape and if they rupture the shape does not change. I love the feel of the memory gel, to me they feel more natural than any other implant.
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I have naturally round breast.. im going 345 cc round GEL!!! IMPLANTS.... "HIGH PROFILE" i already have nice shape just looking to replace lost volume after having a baby three years ago..
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Thank you! I don't have natural cleavage so I had to go a little larger in order to get any cleavage at all. I have 550cc Moderate Profile Silicone
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Koozie, you do look great! I appreciate the information about size & profile. Did you have both beasts removed or just one? I missed that. Did your doctor make a nipple/nipples? If so, how?
I really feel good about my plastic surgeon, but I do feel mine are too 'round'....all the doctors & other cancer patients say it is one of the best they have seen, and I am not finished yet. Did you have radiation? I have a very thin place at the bottom of my right side where the radiation made it thinner and/or it was scrapeda little too much. You can see the wrinkle of the implant at times. That radiated breast is still soft thoughand I also had node involvement so I have found yoga stretches help a lot there. I think you look great! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to hearing more. Jeana
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Koozie, I have looked at thousands of pics online trying to find the look I want and I have to give it to you surgeon, he did an awesome job with you and you are what I compare everything I look at. Yours are a little larger than will fit my frame plus I am going with a higher profile since I will not be as large but again props to your surgeon and congrats to you. Darlene
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Sorry for the delay. Yes, my breasts were symetrical to begin with. They pretty much looked like this just smaller.

have you met with a Plastic Surgeon yet to see what your options are? I'm sure there's a way for them to get them to look the way you would like.
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Yes I have met with a plastic surgeon. I had breast cancer back in Dec, had a bi-lateral mastectomy and he did the first set of implants that are NOT pretty at all. I have thru @#ll and back between 3 surgeries, and all the pain. Anyway I was browsing copied your pics and have my dr put them in my file when we do my replacement implants. So I just want to say Thanks for giving me an exact replica of what I want to look like. Your dr did a GREAT job.
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Thank you! I really love my doc. He's done my boobs and about 4-5 other girls I know, him and his staff are amazing. I'm sorry to hear of everything you've been through and hope you end up with the results you want. Sounds like you deserve them :)
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Beautiful job. This is what I want mine to look like. Did you have symetrical breasts to begin with?
I had a mascetomy in December, implants in April and I just hate them. They are not big enough, one is lower than the other, one is smaller than the other. I have an incision in the front of the breast that was cancerous that has prevented that portion of the breast to round out.
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Thanks for sharing your photos with us! I'm glad you got the results you'd hoped for.

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