Tuberous Breast Implant Revision - Toulouse, France

I need help !!!! I am lost !!! I saw my surgeon...

I need help !!!! I am lost !!!
I saw my surgeon today. I have currently implants of 235 cc.
During a consultation in October, he says me to correct the asymmetry lowering the right path and reducing the areola and change my current implants (235cc) for round or anatomic implants a volume slightly larger (300cc) to increase a bit the base of the breasts and allow to round the lower right and left segments. Today, it m 'said the left was not too bad and can not be affect that right by lowering the right path and reducing the areola ....

So I sent him an email asking him: "I would prefer, if that is possible, there is change of prostheses to improve the result and correct the asymmetry?"

He replied: OK! So he goes to put 300cc

But I'm afraid that 300cc is too big ????

So, i don't know if i keep the implant and the surgeon just correct the righ or if he changes the two implants ????
I am lost !!!

Sorry for my english !


Aurélia Monsempron-Libos, I would strongly advise two important components to a revision for you. #1 use an Allergan 410FM anatomically shaped implant of a very low profile round implant like an Allegan style 10. #2 do not repeat a dual-plane submuscuar revision! The muscular forces amplify the separated and tubular aspects. Ideally your revision should be in the subfascial plane but if you cannot find a surgeon proficient in subfascial augmentation I would recommend subglandular over dual-plane for you. You need an implant that can fill your true breast "footprint" to avoid the narrow spaced out look and the technique needs to allow the implant to occupy space more medially which a submuscular/dual plane technique cannot. I only use form stable anatomic implants and the Cold-Subfascial technique in my practice for these reasons. It is very important for you to have this type of implant and placement because of your current concerns. I hope this helps! All the best, Rian A. Maercks M.D.
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I am not sure, I am in a similar situation, my left is a cup size larger after my recent surgery. I see my ps in a few months. I was wondering if fat transfer might be an option. I hope you get the answers you need and results you want soon. M
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I have done ! 300c correction ok at Days 3

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day +3

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Dr. Chavoin

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