Scheduled for Septorhinoplasty on Feb 15 - Toronto, ON

I never like my nose especially as a child. At...

I never like my nose especially as a child. At school some kids used to call me vacuum, because my nose is broad at the bottom. As a teen I focused more on doing my hair different ways to keep the focus off my nose. I decided to go ahead with the surgery in Dec. and search the internet everyday trying to find a good surgeon. I met with the surgeon on Jan. 20 and felt really comfortable and trusted him right away. But He told me not to get my hopes up as the results can sometimes be subtle as I have thick skin. As long as I get a bridge and get some shape to my vaccum nose (lol) I'll be happy. I'm really nervous, anxious but mostly excited. I'm happy I found this site, I read so many stories that gave me so much confidence and piece of mind. I can't wait.

I am also getting a septorhinoplasty on the 9th of Feb. I was born with Cleft lip And Palate so i was born with pratically no tip of the nose, at 4 years old my nose was corrected to a certain standard. However, now that i am 18 my nose grew out of proportion with the rest of my face. The tip is far too low, the nose goes off on one angle and there is also quite a big hump. So there is quite a lot of work to be done. I am excited but im so scared, really scared. As i live in the UK the surgery is free on the NHS so thats not a worry its just such a major surgery, personally.. I also have been told that i have thick skin so the results should be interesting. Good Luck !
Good luck on your surgery, I hope you get really good results...Please let me know how it goes...

I went for my preadmit appt today, but unlike many...

I went for my preadmit appt today, but unlike many people in this blog they did not do a blood test, they said it wasn't required. I guess that's the norm in Canada. I don't know??? Better for me because i hate needles anyways... she gave me my instructions for pre and post op. and I was on my way. I'm counting down the days, I'm super excited....

What a happy valentine's day present for you! Make sure your surgeon is a rhinoplasty specialist!

I didn't have blood work done either. I don't know why some docs do it and some don't.

Thanks so much for posting your story here on RealSelf. Looking forward to reading more!

Well in less then 13 hours i should be on the operation table. Jeeeez. Can you upload pictures on this ? Would be brilliant to share the results properly. Have you found a surgeon you're happy with yet?

My first night post-op, I'm still a little drowsy...

My first night post-op, I'm still a little drowsy and keep taking my meds every 4 hours cause I'm in pain. I wasn't able to eat all day as I feel nauseous so i just drank ginger ale. my eyes were so swollen after surgery that the nurses start applying ice to them when i was in recovery. And now I have "purplish" rings under my eyes and they are still swollen. I'm happy about the surgery because I can see the change in the shape of my nose already even with this cast, but i'm getting depressed about the way i look. i didn't know i was going to bruise so badly. I'm blessed to have such a strong support system, my 2 brothers and sister all came to stay with me and are taking care of me (as my husband works nights) that' so nice of them, they are all spending the night to make sure I'm ok and keep reassuring that i will look better shortly...
She just asked me about my medical history, if i was allergic to anything or took any medications. she went over what the surgery day will be about, gave me some instructions and safety pamphlets. And no I didn't get any medications nor creams pre-op. it was really short, about 15mins.
Bloodwork is not actually necessary unless you're old or otherwise unwell in some way. Just curious, what pre-admission stuff is done? Do the rest of you have any medications or creams given pre op? MRSA screening is big in the uk, not sure about other countries?

I'm on day 4 post op, and I can't look into the...

I'm on day 4 post op, and I can't look into the mirror without face is so swollen, think chipmunk. The first day was swelling in my eyes I could hardly keep them open, but now the swelling has been travelling down my face. I heard day 3 and 4 are the worse in term of swelling and bruising, well i hope so. I don't have an issue with the shape of my nose, i actually like it, what is getting to me is the face swelling and the pain....if i knew I was going to get so depressed I don;t think i would of gone through with this. Sorry for being so depressing, hopefully tomorrow Day 5 will be a better day...Goodnight
Who was your surgeon and are you happy with your results?
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