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Well I'm 42 and hating my nose more and more....

Well I'm 42 and hating my nose more and more. Overall it's just too big and wide for my face, with a hump. I wish I had done this 15 years ago, when I first thought about it. But, I didn't it - life took over and kept me busy with other things. I haven't really decided if my fear is bigger than my dislike for my nose. I have this deep apprehension that I'll hate what I see in the mirror - more than what's there now. Reading other's positive reviews and stories, give me strength. Albeit - short lived. Then I read a bad one - and my heart sinks. Such a huge decision. One day I really really want to do it. Other days the fear and apprehension seems to paralyze me. I don't want a huge drastic change. Just a nose that suits my face. I don't want people to really notice that I've had a rhino either. Want to look better and feel better about myself. If you're wondering why no pictures. My family has no clue (yet). Not quite ready to tell them. Need to be sure what I want first. And quite frankly, I'm not ready for the comments/judgements/ or whatever will come. Maybe they will be completely supportive. Who knows. I just know that if they start questioning why and tell me I don't need it, it will just add to my apprehension and lack of strength. So in terms of where I'm actually at int his whole process, I've already met with one Dr. (Smith) and will be meeting with another one in May (Rival). Hard to really know who's the right one. Dr. Smith is soft spoken. Doesn't seem to advertise and yet many reviews mark him as one of the best doctors around. He performs something like 10% of all Rhinos in Ontario (approx 200/year) and 20% of all complicated nasal surgeries. Dr. Rival, who I have yet to meet, is much more present in terms of the media, his website, the before/after photos. I guess I'll know more after meeting him too.


Good luck with the next consultation with Rival and keep in touch to know who you choose.
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No one I knew and hadn't told seemed to notice! Even though I thought I looked SO much better.

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I got my rhinoplasty when I was 27, and at the time I felt almost too old, like "why bother now"? Hahaha! I'm about your age and am SO glad I did it, even though I had to have a revision. Honestly, most people who are unhappy with their rhinoplasties didn't do the research into the doctors (me included--the first time). Make sure you get a board certified rhinoplasty specialist, that you see a ton of their before and afters and are sure you're on the same page about what you want. Go on as many consults as you need until you find this.

I hope this helps and I hope you're able to get it done.

You might not want to tell people until you're close to going into surgery. You don't need haters thwarting you from something that will make you happy!

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So I had my second consult today and I think I'm...

So I had my second consult today and I think I'm not any closer to making a decision. Not just about the doctor. But, whether I really want to do this.

The second doctor was honest. A little more informative than the first. I spent about 25-30 mins with him. He was running a bit behind. But, he didn't rush me. He answered all my questions. And he actually was a little more descriptive about what he would do.

So here's what I got ...

Doc 1 - he said 1-2% revision rate (for his own patients)
Doc 2 - he said 5 % and in 80% of those cases it's because the hump returns (slightly - but enough to bother people).

D1 - Rare to develop breathing complications or collapses
D2 - Maybe 5% (breathing comps) - didn't expect that in my case. So not sure if he's just quoting the risks or if there is an actual issue. I can't find anything that says people had breathing issues with him. He actually said the literature is closer to 15%. But not at his practice.

D1 - does about 200 rhinos/year
D2 - He does about 5-6 rhinos per/week - let's assume a 40 week/year for the doc = 200-240 noses/year

D1 - Didn't really describe what he would do. Just sent me pictures/mockups
D2 - Was more descriptive - but no pictures. I did my own mockups with his Iphone/Ipad app and took them with me. very helpful.

D1 - Open Rhino - said i didn't need to worry about scar
D2 - Closed rhino - said he could get good results with closed and didn't want me to have to worry about scar. Pleasantly surprised. Said he said 60% of his practice was closed. And since my nose was slightly upturned, he wouldn't want to do open.

Both seem to think that overall risks are low. Seemed like Doc 2 wanted to cover the risks clearly and honestly. Not that the first didn't do that. But, he talked about them much less. Gave me impression that they were very very minimal and in some cases had to ask. Whereas, the second doctor spoke about them directly.

What I really want to know is how bad are the emotional ups and down of this experience. How real are the actual risks. Both doctors seem to very good. I have to say that the closed makes me feel a bit better. Just really concerned about how likely my hump would come back. Since both doctors are well certified and specialize in rhino how probable are the other risks.

What do you guys out there have to say?

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One more thing: D1 - Can't find any negative...

One more thing:

D1 - Can't find any negative reviews - have checked and checked. Just don't seem to exists
D2 - Some bad reviews. A couple are really over the top. Not sure if that's just unrealistic expectations. Asked the doctor about them and he couldn't really speak to them, but just said most of his patients are happy and satisfied. Some patients just obsess. And it's interesting that most don't post pictures, which to him means the patients might just not have adjusted to the way the look to themselves.


thank you very much for the update.
i think closed rhino is much easier . you will not be swollen like the open one.
but for a revision it's always open because the result is better because the doctor can work better.
i had a closed rhino and an open rhino and i can tell you that the closed one was much easier. it depend of the doctor. you have to make the right choice and have a lot of information about the doctor and talk to people who had rhino.
go to makemeheal and they talk about dr rival but not much about smith because smith is much more expensive but for a revision i think it's worth it.
i don't know because i did not have experience with them but yes if you don't like your nose, you should go for it.
just a hump it's really easy.
good luck and keep us posted.
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