Supratip Swelling or New Nose? Front view- Toronto, ON

I had a surgery on April 11, and now it is April...

I had a surgery on April 11, and now it is April 18, I got my cast removed today and I am unsure about what I am seeing. I understand that it is too early on after the surgery, but perhaps I could get some good educated advice regarding the shape of the side view of my nose. I am unsure to whether or not this is caused by swelling (the pollybeak) or if there is something wrong here? Prior to surgery, my bridge and tip met fairly close, and this is completely different than how it i was before. Please let me know.

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Also, check out the before and after pictures of...

Also, check out the before and after pictures of my front view, doesn't look like anything has changed.. any advice or comments?


It's completely normal to have a lot of swelling in the supratip area. The tip of my nose and columella were very swollen right after surgery. I'm three weeks out and have seen a lot of improvement. I know my doctor wouldn't even think of doing any steroid injections until after six weeks. Good luck!
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I had my surgery Dec 7th and my nose is still a tad swollen ( you can't tell though). It's going to take a few months to get the final effect, but what you are seeing now is exactly on schedule. Don't worry and let mother nature take it's course. :-)
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Hi! You look very swollen. It is much too soon to judge your outcome. I know this from personal opinion. My nose looked like a lumpy hotdog at 2.5 weeks out. At 3 weeks it's started going down. Give yourself sometime. If too concern speak with your surgeon. He/ she should be able to help put your fears at ease. I'm unsure of we're most of your work was done bc you don't have a before picture. I had septoplasty/ rhinoplasty with a dorsal hump removed and tip reduced. My whole nose looked huge.
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I must add that I am not sure exactly what kind.....

I must add that I am not sure exactly what kind.. but the surgeon placed a graft in my tip to support it.. is it possible that the graft is over sized and that this is why over my tip is large and bulges out -- both from front and side view? will the grafting cause swelling where the graft was placed? Anyone experience a graft and looking large??


I had spreader grafts used. They go into the middle vault of the nose is (between the bone and cartilage). Probably not the same as what you have as they end before the tip begins; although, they can sometimes make the tip appear somewhat larger. My skin seemed to swell up MOST in these areas after cast removal. The skin just inst used to that cartilage graft being there. I too was worried that I would be left with a much wider nose than before, but it was just swelling. It took right up to a month before I saw any nice changes take place. Just remember the grafts are there for a reason, and you should trust your surgeon and give yourself more time before you start to worry much.
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Swelling also improves from the top of the nose down; thus swelling in the tip will last the longest.

Here's what doctors said to another user who was concerned that her graft was too big, but I'm sure it's similar to what you're hearing, that it's way too soon to make any judgments and you just have to be patient. I know that's not what you want to hear, but I think it's reality at this point.

You seem concerned enough to call your surgeon and ask. That might help ease your mind some. Good luck and please let us know how you continue to heal.

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My nose is slowing starting to change for the...

My nose is slowing starting to change for the better, sometimes our minds just get kinda crazy and anxious, There is still the bump on the supratip.. But im just gonna wait it out because I remembered that I totally trust my surgeon and he's absolutely amazing! So its all up to what my body is doing and how my skin and everything else is reacting! So it has nothing to do with the job that was done!


Hunny, My surgery was on April 15th and I am having the same problem with swelling in the tip. It's just a matter of trusting the process, I think. You look beautiful and I think you will be very happy in the end. Good luck and keep in touch! -Maggie
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