Male Rhynoplasty October 24th - Toronto, ON

I have always been self conscious about my nose...

I have always been self conscious about my nose since I broke it a few years ago. I use to have a perfect nose, I was confident and happy with my looks. Now I’m the only one in my family with a dorsal hump and the family finds it funny to joke around with me which over time has just made me feel worse. I don’t have a huge hump but it’s large enough that it bothers me. My nose has been controlling my life for a long time now, anywhere I go anything I do I’m only ever thinking about it.

I did years of research before deciding to go with my doctor. I notice a ton of people on this site decide to go with a cheaper doctor. No I am not rich but this is your face people! You need to take the time to do the research and choose a doctor with the experience and the proper citification instead of choosing based on a $2000 difference. Again… its your FACE! Anyways the doctor I decided to go with has been amazing throughout this whole process J

I went in for my rhynoplasty on October 24th and so far I found the recovery process for my rhynoplasty actually quite hard. After all the research I did on rhynoplasty I wasn’t expecting the pain to be this bad but I guess its because I have a low pain tolerance and I had a lot of things done to my nose. Anyways that’s why I waited a week to write my review/progress. Right now I’m day 6 post op and I feel good, I’m still taking my pain meds every 6 hours but I have cut down to one pill for the most part. My face has swelled in probably about every place possible and is only just starting to get better. I’m not sure if its normal but its almost like most of my swelling traveled to my left cheek lol (I’ll upload a picture) but other then all that I think I’m healing nicely!

Alright so this is what I had done! I had my hump shaved down, my columella lifted up, my nostrils evened/smaller (which I can already tell looks great), projection shortened and my tip a bit smaller/defined). I also had a bit of bone taken out between my eyes so that I have more of an edge to where my nose starts (hence the HUGE amount of swelling between my eyes making me look like an Avatar) All of the changes I wanted were obviously parts about my nose that bothered me and I asked for most of them to be suttle. My biggest fear going into my rhynoplasty was getting to much taken off or to change it to a point where it didn’t look natural but so far so good *crosses fingers*

How I feel about my surgery thus far. Bottom line with it only being 6 days I’m happy with how everything is healing at this point. I have to keep telling myself that it’s extremely swollen (which it is) so I don’t get too down. Its obviously not going to be easy looking in the mirror and seeing your eyes/cheeks black and swollen but its all part of the healing process. I’m super excited for my results because from what I can see it’s going to be great. Its just a matter of time and taking everything a day at a time.

I get my cast off and nasal stents taken out on Tuesday November 1st and I am just more then ready to get it done! Large plastic tube things up your nose just does not feel good! Its are to picture what your going to look like without your cast so I’m nervous and pray to god It’ll look fine. I’m expecting it to be super swollen 2 days from now but hey you never know! I notice a big difference in bruising and swelling almost everyday. Anyways feel free to check out my progress pictures underneath (I blacked out my eyes which makes me look scary ass hell but hey it’s Halloween!) let me know what you guys think so far. THANKS

It has been 2 weeks since my Rhynoplasty and so...

It has been 2 weeks since my Rhynoplasty and so far I am about 85% happy. I did have some pretty bad bruising and swelling after my surgery and 2 weeks later I’m still bruised. Its 95% better but is still hanging around. I find it a bit odd because most people are no longer bruised at this time but it may just have to do with genetics and the way my body reacts to trama…ANYWAYS. After my cast was removed I was concerned about a bump on my bridge and the width of my nose. 5 days later my swelling has gone down and so has the bump it is about 75% smaller and I believe it will be gone completely within the next week.
but even if it isn’t I would still be more then happy with my profile. You guys have to remember your nose isn’t going to look good when the cast comes off, my nose looked huge lopsided (swelling subsides in places at different times). I think it looks like I could have easily been born with this nose, It overall just looks really NATURAL! As for the front I must say it is not easy seeing yourself with a new nose even if you do like it, its just a crazy weird feeling. I wanted it to be a bit more defined then it is at this moment in time but then again it’s most likely swelling that is hiding that defined nose I was looking for as it has only been 2 weeks. I just need to wait it out! Every day it just gets better and better. Alright so one of the biggest problem I have now is my nostrils. My doctor told me ahead of time that they were not going to be perfect and from the front I think they look pretty good even though my right is way bigger then my left. The big problem is from the bottom, so if I was looking up it looks horrible now, even worse then before surgery. I don’t know if this is temporary or caused by swelling but in all honesty it feels permanent which worries me. It also feels as if something’s holding my nostril open? And it feels like there is something inside… do you guys know if this is normal? Should I mention the asymmetry to my doctor? He may have done what he did in order to match the nostrils up in the front and sides but am I suppose to never look up? If you look at my after pictures above my stints were still in which held my nostrils open so I couldn’t see this before. My doctor does injection rhynoplasty so even if it does need to be touched up I think that he wouldn’t have a problem doing it but I don’t know if that would help my nostril problem.Let me know what you guys think about everything so far. THANK YOU!

ALSO I decided not to hide my face because it...

ALSO I decided not to hide my face because it takes away from my result and I'm super lazy. Its something that needed to be done anyways so there ya go, thats me :P

Alright so today was the first day I took a...

Alright so today was the first day I took a picture with flash. I’m a guy who never cries, and I broke down. My nose looks HORRIBLE with flash its all uneven my nostrils are so noticeable and my nose just looks fat and twisted! Its been 2 weeks is this all swelling? At this point after seeing these pictures I am horrified!


OH AND NOW THE TIP OF MY NOSE IS ROCK HARD, and when I say rock it can not be moved pushed in its just so freaking hard. Is this normal?

Alright so I’m 3 weeks post op and I’m...

Alright so I’m 3 weeks post op and I’m feeling… Alright. My new nose is growing on me and keeps getting better. It is not perfect, not even close at this point but I do have a ton of swelling. 3 weeks later and I’m still slightly bruised under my eyes so that tells me that my body obviously doesn’t react well to trauma. I took 3 weeks off of work and start back tomorrow which I’m SO ready for. I have to admit that I have suffered a pretty bad depression after my surgery that I am still battling now. There has been some family issues that could have contributed but I know the main cause is my surgery and the fact that I have been off work for so long. My Doctor is getting me to take an Advil a day for the next month because it’s an anti inflammatory and my swelling is BAD. (I know my results look good in the pics I am posting, its what it looks like with flash and in certain lighting that is frustrating me). I’ve been taking it for about 4 days now and I’ve already noticed a big difference in swelling. My tip is still uneven but I’m not going to freak out because it does feel like swelling. My nostrils are actually getting better which I am so surprised/happy about! They are not perfect at all BUT it’s something that I can live with and since they have changed so much already I’m almost certain they will get even better. I’m happy that my nose doesn’t have a “fake” or “operated” look. That was my number 1 concern going into this. It still doesn’t have that much definition to it and it seems to have a bit of a puffy look but again the swelling is bad, it’s actually SO annoying and I think that doctors should really stress just how long it takes for everything to settle. I think physiologically I see the swelling and I feel like that’s my nose for good and its crazy frustrating because I KNOW it will change, well hope. SEE I just did it… UGH. Anyways I posted new pictures. They are at 3 weeks and I will do an update at 3 months so everyone can see how much it’s changed and how I’m feeling about it for now I am happy with it. Thanks for all the comments sometimes I have to read em to get me through the day!

Alright, I was going to do my next update at 3...

Alright, I was going to do my next update at 3 months and I still am but I just wanted to let you guys know how I’m feeling. I have NEVER felt more confident in my entire life, my nose is getting WAY more defined and at this point I am more then happy with it. I didn’t think it was even possible to get a result like this… Dr. Oakley Smith literally went beyond my expectations and I couldn’t be happier. I’m almost a month post op and I feel great! I went to another audition the other day and I feel way more comfortable in front of the camera just because I’m not focused on what angle their filming me from… it’s amazing! I can already tell that this is the best decision I ever made. I didn’t really realize just how bad my break affected my self esteem well… I guess I just learned to live with it but now… NOW! I don’t think about it at all if anything I’m thinking about how great my nose looks. If you guys are considering looking into Rhynoplasty seriously consider seeing my doctor! I can’t find one bad review on the guy and all of his work looks natural… he won’t give you that “pinched look” and he actually pays attention to your other features creating a nose that best suites your face… It doesn’t matter how many times I photoshop an old side profile picture of myself I can’t make it look as good as the nose he gave me… and this is REAL LIFE. BAHAHAHAH sorry I’m done rambling. If anything my review lets you guys realize just how depressing the recovery processes actually is. I HATED my nose after surgery and I felt like the swelling would never go away… I honestly didn’t believe it was swelling, I thought my nose was stuck like that and I guess that’s why im so happy now. I learned to live with my swollen nose telling myself it was going to be like that forever and now that the swellings gone down so much I feel like a million bucks! I still have a ton of healing to do and that only makes me more excited! How can it possibly get better then this? Ahhahaha I’ll post a new update in 3 months! HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE!
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Oakley Smith is an awesome doctor. Smith genuinely cares about his patients and their desires. He is realistic and will let you know straight up what can and can’t be done. My experience with him has been great. I will never regret choosing Dr. Oakley Smith as my surgeon. THANK YOU!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Pictures!? Would love to see as I am considering Dr. Oakley Smith myself . . . perhaps you can PM me pictures!?
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No pictures?
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where did your pictures go?
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any new pictures?
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Hey Jake!

I just had my rhinoplasty Jan 17th. I'm pretty bruised up and the swelling is very similar to what yours was.

I feel that my nose is a bit fat, I really hope it's the swelling and that it goes down a lot soon. Did you find that your nose was very swollen when you had your rhinoplasty???
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Hi, I had rhinoplasty about a month and a half ago . I also feel its fat and wide and the shape keeps changing all the time. How does your nose look now? Is it better at all? Thnx :)
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Hello Jake, please send us more new pictures and how you feel with your new nose. Good job and a good doctor.Bye
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really appriciate you updating your profile weekely...Keep updating us please especially frontal pictures. =D
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Your welcome, I'll do a picture update in about a week!
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could you brag anymore :) ??! haha JK!! It looks GREAT!! I'm so happy you are happy with it!! I think it looks amazing! & you are right! a nice, natural looking nose does help boost up your confidence! Best of Luck! :)
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Aw you seem so happy!that's so good :)...i'm actually booking mine with dr.oakley tomorrow for Jan 17 :D (FINALLY- too many things came up and i could not head down to the office earlier)...anyways wow huge difference between your posts before and now!very encouraging!
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Your nose looks really good!!!! :)
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I just looked at your new pics again and your nose looks perfect already! I'm sure the scar will fade fast! My pics are up now if you want to see :)
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Awesome, Thank you so much for all your comments. I really like my nose now! can't wait for 3 mths :D well...I can cuz im moving but you know :P Im going to check out your pics now. THANKS AGAIN!
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You look very good! I am on the verge of scheduling septorhinoplasty with Dr. Smith and I want the same chiseled look. Any specific suggestions please on how to highlight my wants? Thank you.
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wow, your nose is looking VERY good, it really suits you
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Thank you! I love it even more now. It sorta sucks because the swellings going down faster on one side but it just looks better and better everyday. My nostrils don't even stand out at all now. SO HAPPY!
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Wow, you nose looks great! The swelling has really gone down a lot :)
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That's good...I want to see yours pretty badly lol I'd love to see some frontal pictures if you have any
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There is now one in my profile picture but the review with a lot of pictures has not been added by realself yet.
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The review includes a lot of before and after pictures but for now, the profile picture is a the lateral view of my post op taken yesterday (exactly 3 months post-op)
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omgosh i love it! i really hope mine turns out as good! i'm super excited to see more pictures
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Im looking forward to seeing the pictures

Ive added a review myself, and it should be posted within a day or so and Ive included pictures.
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Me too !!! =)
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