24 Years Old and FINALLY Booking my Appointment for Rhinoplasty! - Toronto, ON

I'm a 24 year old female and I've wanted...

I'm a 24 year old female and I've wanted to get rhinoplasty ever since I can remember. I do not think I am ugly or anything like that but my nose has defiently held me back from alot of things; I've always wondered what people think of it and what not.

My nose is quite large, I have a bump, and hanging columella

Today I am going to finally book my appointment for surgery; I will be getting it January 17th!

I am SUPER excited! The countdown begins!!!:D

Hi, how you are? I hope the swelling in going down and you are feeling better and no longer in pain. All the best to you! If you wish, please share any of the concerns you might have or suggestions for others who will be in the same situation as you. Thank you so much in advance.
Hi, I am considering Dr. smith. How have your results been with him? Are you able to share any pictures?
Heyy! I am only 3 months post op...my nose is no where near perfect but every day it's getting better and better...i do have some concerns because I feel it is a bit bumpy on my nose but this could be just swelling...also, from the front, it looks like my columella is still hanging a bit, but again, this could be just swelling...in general...my nose looks 100 times better and he is a great great doctor...he cares a lot about his patients and i am sure he gives 150% into every surgery he does...he is great
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