Rhinoplasty soon approaching

Hey everyone, So I've been lurking around on...

Hey everyone, So I've been lurking around on this site for a a few weeks now and thought it was high time that I finally start my own story. My rhinoplasty is scheduled for April 23rd and is soon approaching! I've wanted this for as long as I can remember but the as the date comes closer, I can't help but get more and more nervous! I've never had any sort of surgery before so I am not familiar with any of it. I'm nervous about the post-op recovery and I'm nervous about going under general anesthesia. I guess I just need to stop being a wuss lol.

Anyways, my story is that ever since I was in elementary school, I've never liked my nose. I have a bump and my tip is droopy as well as a bit bulbous. I always told my parents that when I was older I was going to get this done. I'm finally at a stage in my life where I can afford this procedure and as soon as I had saved up enough money I started doing consults. After meeting with 2 very skilled surgeons I finally made my pick and I am very confident in my choice.

How exciting! Just a couple of days away :))) Try to remember the surgery is very short! You will do great and then the healing begins. My husband refers to my new nose as the new born :) Tender, changing every day, cute, and a little funny when swollen :))
Know that I am thinking about you
Hello only 4 days to go before your surgery, wish you good luck and can't wait to see the before and after pictures.
Hi I just want you to know I was soooo nervous! I had my surgery on April 5th under general anesthesia and it was perfect! Went right to sleep and woke up in recovery...I had a bit of a dry mouth and throat but a sip of water made it all better. I actually felt really good after surgery...I think it was from all the numbing and drugs through the IV. I had no nausea and actually went home and had a smoothie right after :)
Best of luck to you! I know it will go just great! I preferred general over twilight sedation for fear I might have remembered something...xoxox

So my surgery is finally tomorrow! I can't believe...

So my surgery is finally tomorrow! I can't believe it creeped up on me so quickly. I remember booking it and thinking, "wow this is so far away!". I am still soooo nervous for tomorrow but luckily I had an exhausting day today so I don't think I will have any trouble sleeping tonight. Thank you to everyone who has reassured me and given me an idea of what to expect - definitely better than any unpleasant surprises ha. I will try and update tomorrow. Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones and skip the nausea... here's to hoping!
hey hope your surgery went really well! Can't wait to see the pictures! I'm getting my procedure done in Toronto as well but with Dr Rival..is that who you're seeing?
good luck! Hope everything goes smooth ;)

Day 2 (day after surgery): I feel like crap. Kudos...

Day 2 (day after surgery): I feel like crap. Kudos to all the people who say that they don't feel pain and just discomfort. I on the other hand feel like my entire face is going to explode. I have the worst migraine I've ever had and my face is completely swollen. The bruising has spread and I woke up with a pretty nice black eye. My nose bled a lot yesterday once I got home and I had to change the "mustache gauze" quite a number of times. I also freaked out this morning because my cast seemed a bit crooked, but I think a lot of that has to do with all the swelling I have. Did anyone else notice that as well? Other than that, that's it... hopefully the pain will subside soon.
when are you removing the cast?? me too it was very difficult after my revision i could not open my mouth or even talk i did not eat for a while just drink. i,m 9 months post and i still feel the tip hard and i need an other revision . i can't imagine that once again.
Hi, I'm glad the surgery went well. I remember the doctor told me about the discomfort to expect and at the time I thought, 'hell, bring on the discomfort -- I'll have my new nose and I'll be alive!" I was just so scared of the surgery. And every time I had trouble breathing, sleeping, or changing the dressing, I kept thinking, you're in RECOVERY! Remember when you were so nervous and so anxious and you thought, recovery will be a snap -- the surgery -- that's the scary part. Well, you're in recovery! And just think, you did it. You conquered the fear, had the surgery, and now all you need to do is literally sit back (ok, propped up) but sit back and relax! Congratulations!!!
Yay!!!! After the 3rd day it only gets better xoxox!! I too had lots of discomfort and pain. I took my pain meds!!! They really helped make the discomfort tolerable.
Movies,rest, tons of water really help :) congratulations! You did it!!!!

Day 4: Feeling a bit better, but for the most part...

Day 4: Feeling a bit better, but for the most part still feeling pretty crappy. Day 3 was terrible pain wise. The pain has gotten a bit better today and the swelling has been moving downward (from my eyes to my cheeks), but for the most part there is still a lot of pressure in my face. I've been taking the pain meds pretty regularly and I literally fall asleep within 30 mins of taking them. So all in all, there is been a lot of sleeping. I get the stiches out tomorrow and I'll also find out when I can get the cast off as well.
Hey how are you doing on day 6? Hopefully feeling better? I honestly didn't feel so great until day 8 or so. Then it was more like dealing with headaches and some continued mouth breathing...xoxo
Hi Finallyanewnose, how are you doing/ Hope your pain has subsided and the beautiful Saturday sunshine in TO is making you feel better. Can you please share a little more of your experience with Dr. Smith. I've already consulted with him. My next consult is with Dr. Rival in May. Keep well.
That's so funny that they told you it was like a few glasses of wine, it must be in the anethesiologist handbook :).

But didn't it feel better knowing that we all went through it and came out with flying colors! I found this site very reassuring -- and I off-lined with a couple women to share pics etc -- it's great to have the support!

Congratulations again!

Day 7: Hi everyone! So I'm at Day 7 now. The pain...

Day 7: Hi everyone! So I'm at Day 7 now. The pain is completely gone and yesterday was the first day I was up and about. Still some swelling in my face and still have one nice big black eye which isn't even turning yellow yet. Does anyone have any tips on how to make bruises fade quicker, other than using arnica? I'm not sure where to buy arnica pills in Toronto. I went in on Day 5 to have my stitches and stents removed. Dr. Smith mentioned that I was really swollen compared to other patients and that it's just a matter of time. Getting the stents removed was extremely painful for me, Dr. Smith said it was because my nose was quite swollen from the inside as well. Anyways, now that that's all done with I'm just waiting until Tuesday to get my cast removed. I'm pretty excited but at the same time my nose is SO swollen that I don't think I'm going to have any idea how it's going to look later down the road. I'm hoping the swelling goes down by Tuesday but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen and even if it does it's only going to go down minimally. I will update again on Tuesday.
I recently purchased the arnica gel as well. Hope they work for both you and me! I've been applying it for a few days now but still haven't noticed my bruises/swelling getting any better. I got my cast taken off today and my nose is gigantic. My doctor is actually quite surprised with how swollen I am and said the amount of swelling I have is very unusual and atypical. I really hope it starts to subside soon. I will try and put up some pictures soon... I still don't know how comfortable I am with the idea since there are so many people that don't know I did this. But I'm trying to get comfortable with the idea so let's see! Hope your bruises are fading. :)
Hi Star! I am feeling so much better - thanks so much for asking. Yesterday was the first day that I was actually up and about and did laundry, walked around the house normally etc. Taking out the stents have really helped to alleviate the pressure so that's really helped with the headaches. My nose is still stuffy however and the mouth breathing is definitely getting annoying. I can't wait until my breathing returns to normal. When did your breathing return to normal?

How are you doing? Has your swelling come down a lot since the last time you posted pics? My nose is still so swollen, I've seen no changes in the tip of my nose since the day of my surgery to today. It's just a big blob with no definition right now. It's kind of disappointing but I'm trying not to let it get to me because I really trust my doctor and even he told me that I was extremely swollen. I guess it's just a waiting game...
Hey girlie
You just had a controlled trauma to your nose and face! Remember it takes time :) At 7 days my tip was so swollen too and I had big bruises under both eyes! Keeping my head elevated and drinking tons of water I think helped with the swelling, in addition to very little salt. I notice a huge difference between week 1-2 as far as swelling went...my bruises however are taking forever!!! Which I don't think is the norm. So my last picture was at 10 days and it has changed a lot since then. Even more reduction of swelling, more definition of the tip and bridge. However even at 3 weeks I can see how the remaining swelling is still going to go down more...I have some uneven swelling along the left side of my nose ( only I can probably notice).
I tried arnica pills all through surgery and after and not sure if they helped or not???? I recently bought a cream form to see if it will help get rid of the bruises...we'll see.
Be patient darling :) you are just at the beginning of the healing process. Wouldn't be great if we just took off the cast and it was perfect? Unfortunately we sometimes have to wait an entire year to see our final results.
xoxo pictures?

Day 10: Hey guys. So I got my cast off 2 days ago...

Day 10: Hey guys. So I got my cast off 2 days ago and unlike some people here who love their nose right away, I was definitely not in that place. My bump is gone but my entire nose was SO swollen. I looked like an Avatar. My doctor was also quite surprised at how swollen I was and said that there's no explanation for my unusual amount of swelling at that it's just a waiting game. It was comforting to know that it was swelling and not my actual nose, but it's still very frustrating at the same time. At day 10 my nose is still very swollen and it still looks kind of avatar-ish. I also still have my black eye. I have a couple of wedding events to attend in the next couple of weeks so I really hope my swelling goes down soon.
Hi, I'd say don't panic or freak out at all. My tip looked really small and I thought too "nose job" like in the beginning. But it really does take some time to heal. Now, I look at my tip and think, "could have been a hair smaller..."

Give your body time to heal. My bruising took weeks to completely heal and I took arnica tablets religiously. Every body heals differently. Now that the cast is off, just keep letting your body do it's natural thing. My doctor said your nose will take up to a year before it's truly the fully healed nose you'll love forever!

3.5 weeks: All traces of bruising are finally gone...

3.5 weeks: All traces of bruising are finally gone right now. To be honest, I don't know how I feel right now ... I don't see a big difference. My bump is gone, but the overall size of my nose does not seem much smaller. In fact I saw one of my best friends today who I've known forever, and she didn't know I was having this procedure, and she didnt mention ANYTHING about me looking different. No comment whatsoever. My biggest worry was that it would be too noticeable, but now I'm upset that people aren't noticing! I didn't want to look like a whole new person, but I didn't want a big nose at the end of it still either! I'm not just talking about the front (because I know there's a lot of swelling there), I'm talking about the profile. Even though my bump is gone, I still feel like my profile is kind of beaky. For a few days I liked my nose, but ever since then I feel like my nose is growing and becoming beakier... has anyone felt this way? I really hope my nose goes down a lot from the profile as well. I was telling my mom yesterday how I still felt like I had a "big" nose and she gave me her honest opinion and agreed with me and said it's probably just swelling, but I feel like from the profile you have a pretty clearl idea, and the general size from the profile can't be attributed to swelling. Overall I'm just feeling a bit down about the whole thing because although I wanted to keep it natural, I guess I wanted a more drastic difference size wise. I still see a nose that is too large for my face...
Don't panic. I had my surgery on the 4/16 so im a few days away from a month post op. My bruising just today finally disappeared. i have some risidual yellowing but its not too noticeable. I cant believe some peoples bruising goes away within a week. But, one should never compare their healing to others - so many variables matter as to why some heal faster than others. i have bad days and good days. i have stopped taking pictures all together because the stupid iphone camera gives it the fish eye affect and makes me look like Mufasa from The Lion King. i literally wanted to punch a wall everytime i took a picture and looked at it. when i look in the mirror, i am just now starting to like what i see. And by like, i mean i no longer want to crawl under a rock and hide out for a year until i can see the final result. Im naturally an obsessive and impatient person which is just a bad combination. I have researched and researched and found a ton of rhinoplasty progression pictures. If you like you can PM me and i can send you links to some of these pictures. they have helped calm me down everytime i would start to panic. Also, just in the past few days im starting to see the swelling going down faster on my left side then the right side. it is also driving me nuts! uneven swelling is not uncommon in case you start notice it as well.
I'm one month post-op and just getting to where my family can seethe difference. Use arnica gel, avoi increasing your heart rate (causes swelling) and you should see a difference soon.
Thanks LoveMe, I have been using arnica religiously and been refraining from doing anything that causes increased heart rate. Hopefully it will go down soon. Did your nose go down from the profile as well or just the front?!
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