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This is a procedure I have been looking into...

This is a procedure I have been looking into getting for about 15 years. I have hated having inverted nipples. It seems to have tormented me since puberty. For me, it has made me feel like less of a women, like I'm missing a very sexual part of myself. This surgery is very significant for me. I can finally feel like more of a woman. The only downfall, no more Breastfeeding (don't think I'm having another one anyways)

Less than 24 hours

I just thought I would update with another picture before the surgery tomorrow. It's surreal that this is actually happening .

8 days post op

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. For the first few days my nipples throbbed and stung at times. Now they kinda ache randomly. When I took my garment and clothes off for the first time at 5 days post op, I nearly passed out and/or threw up, I felt like I was in shock. I actually couldn't look at my nipples. They were out now, but covered in blood and scabs. They looked so foreign and out of place on my body. So I put the bandages back on and took a shower. It's funny that something that I wanted for so long could back me feel anything but thrilled. I think it'll take some getting used to.

Now that I'm 8 days post op. I noticed that there are sutures around the base of the nipple (making them look like gumballs, lol) and I actually can't find an incision mark. I think he went in at the tip, which is awesome because then there's no scar.

I tried to shower again at 8 days post op, I was fine until I had to clean the nipple... I'm not normally bothered by that kind of stuff. I guess because its on me it different.

I'll update again when the sutures have dissolved or there's a change in the way they look.

2 week post op

I saw my surgeon today and he says everything is healing nicely. He says I don't need the tape and gauze anymore but I want to wait until it more healed to take it off.
Also, I'm nervous to wear a bra and have pressure on them (even though I'm told its fine), so I used medula breast shells. I separated them and used the doom section over nipples in by bra to maintain a space there and keep them erect.

I've discovered that when I have to wipe away dead skin and actually look at how raw the nipple is, it makes me nauseous and light headed. Weird because I have a strong stomach.

The pain wasn't too bad. At times it was a moderate, pulling, aching pain. But mostly dull throbbing.
When I got cold and they became erect, I surprisingly didn't hurt. Which was good lol.

It doesn't hurt anymore which, so now I'm just waiting for it to heal more.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brown answered every question I had about this procedure before and after it was done. He was very reassuring and even say me earlier than scheduled to make sure everything was healing well. I would recommend him to any one and I will be going back to him for any future procedures.

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Wow! The look perfect! I too have inverted nipples:( I hate them! And I will be getting a BA with nipple repair, but reconsidering the nipple repair bc my plastic surgeon is amazing, I am not sure how good he is with inverted nipples.. Your look great! U must be so happy:)
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It is not a common thing, but you can ask and talk about options. Originally my doctor mentioned he would possibly use a piercing for a few months to help bolster the nipple, but he wouldn't know until he got in there to see what was tethering and the condition of the skin. At my pre-op, I could tell he had been researching and thinking about it because he mentioned not needing the piercing (perhaps it was my shocked face when he first mentioned it?!) and using a wire suture with plastic tubing for a few days instead. Honestly, there are so few before/after pics and some are not great, but I feel like wonky everted nipples beats sad, inverted nipples anyday! The other factor for me was I wanted to get both procedures done at the same time for recovery and scheduling purposes. And I have to say, the best part of this whole ordeal has been the nipples. I have had boobs at different points in my life (when nursing, on certain types of birth control, etc) but I have NEVER had nipples. Good luck making your decision!
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Thanks,... I am very happy, but not I'm scared to wear a bra invade they reinvert, that's me being paranoid though lol. Good luck with your procedure!!
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Thank you for posting! I just had the procedure done along with my breast augmentation. I am 4 days post-op and haven't see t them bc they are still covered. I go in for my post-op appt tomorrow to see the result. I still have numbness in my breast from the implant, but I started feeling twinges around the nipple yesterday. A strange feeling for sure. I am interested in what kind of sensation you have and how things progress.
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Contacted on your surgery, I'm sure you starting to feel it, just hang in there. I'm 3 weeks on Wednesday and all the pain is gone. There are still little scabs on the nipples and they sometimes get itchy but for the most part they are fine. They look great, but it's still very weird to not have them inverted anymore.
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How are you doing? Loved reading your review and curious about the procedure. I have one nipple that is inverted, and the other is about half and half...sometimes in and sometimes out.
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Im doing good. I saw my surgeon today and he says everything is healing nicely. One nipple is slightly bigger than the other but he says that should even out while it heals. It's definitely worth doing (as long as you're aware that you can't breastfeed afterwards). If you have any more questions feel free to ask :)
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Thanks for the update! I talked to my husband I guess after we do the "kids" thing it will be up for grabs!
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Hope you're starting to feel better!
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Thanks. I am feeling better. Everything is healing nicely. Keep checking back. I'll update again in a few weeks :) Good luck !!
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Thanks Phoenix!
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I am 24 years old and seriously considering this myself, however, I have no children yet, and I would like to be able to breast feed, is not being able to breast feed a DEFINITE consequence, just a possibility, or involve a different type of procedure altogether? This is certainly something I will wait on if that drastically lowers my chances of breastfeeding, if not, I would consider doing this in the near future. Are you able to mention prices you were quoted, and if you considered other places? Sorry so many questions! Like someone else said, there is not very much information or very many pictures regarding this type of surgery! Thanks! My nipples are about the same "grade" inverted as yours, so I assume I would see similar results. Have you have the opportunity to update with any more recent images?
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Hey, I sent you a private message :)
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My goodness! Your nipples look fantastic! I hope you are thrilled as you have an excellent result!!! Congrats!
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Thanks :) Looks great so far. Just waiting until the scabs come off and I can finally wear bra. I'll post more results as things change
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Good luck! And please post your results - there are so few nipple posts that I'm sure it will be very helpful to others. :)
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Thanks. One of the main reasons I am posting my experience is braise when looking on this sight for inverted nipple reviews, I couldn't find many that were very helpful. Check the week after the 13th for updated pictures :)
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Women who have this procedure are so happy with the results.  Soon that will be you!
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Thanks :) I can't wait! 2.5 weeks to go :D
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It will go by so quickly.
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