Got Juvaderm Injection Done on Lips for First Time! -Toronto, ON

I have always hated my very thin lips. I was...

I have always hated my very thin lips. I was always too scared to get injections done. I tried lip plumbers and lipgloss and nothing worked. My lips were ugly and I stopped buying lipsticks and didn't bother because there was no point my lips were non existent.

I was at my laser clinic a few weeks ago getting a chemical peel for my face and asked out of curiously how much lip injections cost. They had a promotion so I agreed to go for a consultation.

Arrived on a Tuesday for a consultation. Plastic surgeon was awesome. Very patient and warm and answered all my questions. I told him i want big lips and for him to go as big as possible without looking fake, scary and like a trout. he said i should use no more than 1 syringe because i have fine features and anything more will look scary.

He asked if I wanted to proceed. I said yes! But didn't know it was happening that day! Thought this was just a consultation appt! I was not prepared and started shaking with nerves!

Nerves sank in and I closed my eyes. He put numbing cream on and I felt barely anything when the injections entered my lips.

My lips kept getting larger when I got home and I was in awe. My lips looked so massive. I was excited. I put an icepack on my lips as instructed.

Overnight my lips started killing and I was in a lot of pain. I put ice on my lips but didnt sleep all night it was that bad! I was thinking "what have I done ?"

I couldn't go to work the next day. I looked like a scary duck face. My face looked so fake I was embarrassed. But I loved my massive lips. I was worried my face would forever look fake like a duck and I was panicking all day.

Now it's been 24 hours my lips have shrank which is sad because I liked how huge they looked. But my duck face is going away so I guess that the swelling is subsiding and I can go to work tomorrow and hopefully sleep tonight!

I will keep you posted! :)


Your lips look beautiful! How is the pain now, is it gone? Thanks for sharing. :)
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Thank you!! The pain is almost all gone I still feel a bit of pain on upper lip but it's totally tolerable. First 24 hours were brutal
They look amaaaaazing, Shame they don't stay like that
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My lips shrank and aren't noticeable :(

Hey everyone,
Posting an update 6 days later. First 24 hours were brutal and lips killed and I was swollen and looked like a duck. Ice was my best friend :)

I still feel discomfort on my top lip but totally tolerable.

So I'm super pissed and feel like crying. My lips shrank and barely look different. I'm so upset. Not wasting another $600 to have them deflate. Pretty disappointed. Guess destined to keep these thin ugly lips of line. Even injections can't help me. Feel like crying ;-(

Here's some updated pics, what do you think , they shrank ?


Hey, i had my lips done 3 weeks ago, i used 1 full syringe. In his office they looked amazing. I was so pleased. I hav had fillers bfore. Restlyn. But it never lasted- at al. I wud get them done come home.look like a duck for 24 hours then my lips wud totaly deflate. I complained. then this is wen the doctor used juvuderm instead. I do think it is better. But the same sorta thing has happnd :( i went back a week later and paid to hav another half syringe put it. I could c a slight difernce so i asumed i just needed more. I dont no y buy they never stay the way they do wen they are just done. I am wondering is this normal or not? I see so many friends with amazing lips done with filler and they literly cant believe i have 1.5 synringes in my lips when i tell them. Is it the filler being used or my lips?! Is it being injected in the right way? Any1 with any answers please gt bk to me. Thank you!
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You may just need more filler. I had mine done and I had to get a second syringe. It's not one size fits all. Some people need more is all.

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I would definitely go back and let them see your lips. That shouldn't of happened. Maybe they can do something about it. You paid alot of money for that. Keep us updated.
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Amazing ! Great doctor.

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