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Pre op 34A, I had my first augmentation 2001 and...

pre op 34A, I had my first augmentation 2001 and got 350cc saline implant above muscle. A month later I realized my one breast was higher, I had a capsular contraction and went for another surgery a year later just to fix it, of course my breast never looked nice after revision. I'm very active and I also didn't like the distortion from muscle flexing. I knew I would eventually have another surgery. So I just had it 3 weeks ago. I explained the PS I didn't like the gap I wanted to go size bigger, and I wanted them to look kinda even not perfect, He suggested Natrelle inspira SSF500 over the muscle. I told him I was very small pre op and I was afraid of having ripples. He said with this new implants I wont have this problem. Im having follow up appointment in two weeks, I don't know what to tell my PS but I don't want to have to deal with this and be unhappy for another 10 years, I want him to fix it, I trusted him, I have perfect right breast and very ugly effect on my left breast, what should I do?...ask for strattice?. implant with different profile? have them placed again under the muscle?...I like the look of having them sub glandular but I hate my ripples in my cleavage area of the left breast? PLEASE HELP with my decision,

correct mistake in a review

my 350 cc saline implant was placed under the muscle not above

a follow up appointment on onv.27th

I had my follow up appointment with my PS to discuss options for my rippling problem in left breast. Since it is still early to do anything on January 27th 2014 I will see the doctor again and we both will make final decision, these are my options 1. add strattice or do fat graft 2. both strattice and fat graft 3. place them again under the muscle.....No charge !!!!! now I feel much better knowing there is an option and I really want to keep them on top because under the muscle I had wide gap. I will add more info after January 27th. :)

after revision I had my revision done....the rippling showing on my left breast was a result of pocket being over dissected....I just had my revision for a week ago, so far breast looks very good, there was no swelling after the surgery the only area that is still little sore is the incision, in about a month I will take a new photo and update my story.....I went back to the same surgeon, I was not charged at all:)

Post correction for slight bottoming out

So my implants above muscle resulted is slight rippling and shortly after surgery I had one bottomed out .. The laft one.. 7 months later I had revision which resulted in this look. Here is my new photo

Am I happy now? Not 100%

It's better but still not what I wished for .. So for now I leave it ...
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:) I'm glad he fixed it for you. How have you been healing?
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Wow!! Glad your happy and no charge!! I had cc and rippling with my 225 overs, so I went to a new surgeon (my old doc refused to let me go under the muscle claiming my anatomy wouldn't look good with it -- that didn't sit right with me). New surgeon was twice as much as first BA, but I have Strattice now to prevent cc and rippling. I hate the wonky pec feeling while working out, though, so I agree with you there....
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Did you get bigger implants?
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Lucky there's no charge! That must be very relieving!
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I think your breasts looks amazing. I guess it's which one you can handle more, the little rippling or the muscle distortion?
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if I can I will ask for Strattice or fat graft and if that is not an option I will ask to submuscular placement. I will find out on 27th this month. If I can get it fixed with my first two option I would prefer to keep them on top :),
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Well all the best with it, I hope you can get it sorted! So you obviously prefer them on top? I'm also getting them on top, my biggest concern is the chance of rippling. I'm only doing it once so I hope it works! How much do you have to pay to keep going back for revisions?
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From what I heard from doctors, is that under the muscle is more natural, but each case may be different. By the way, your breast still look good, even if they are not as perfect as you waned them to be.
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I already had implants under my muscle and with the muscle distortion and really big gap I asked another surgeon what can be done to fix that problem. I told him I was almost flat prior to first BA and he assured me that with inspira implant I will not have rippling problem, I love my right boob but I really am upset about the cleavage from my left breast.
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its me again, I want to correct one mistake in my first BA with 350 saline implants was under the nuscle not above
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after first breast augmentation I had revision for CC I didn't pay, this time I dont know since its a cosmetic concern, I hope wont be much because the doctor was sure I wont have ripples, so will see, I will see PS on 27th and I will post coment about it. Make sure you talk to your doctor about his her revision fees, I forgot so now I don't know i just was really making coments to my doctor about not wanting to have this problem and if he told me I might have ripples I wouls just have revision to exchange the implant for silicon and choosing slightly larger size had them put under.
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