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My First Time with Juvederm

I have my smile line since I was 30 years old and...

I have my smile line since I was 30 years old and now that I'm 44 I want it to get rid of them. I was researching on line to do it my self and when I sow the disasters on this forum, I decided to go to a competent dermatologist. The results are great, my right side is slightly different than my left but it is something that I only can see. I was lucky, no swelling and no bruises. My dermatologist was great and she tried her best to make it even. I can honestly say that I look younger and I feel great. After I understood how does it work I can advise everybody, not only to not do it yourself but to use a very good dermatologist. Don't trust the look of the office, ask your friend, do research but don't do it if you are not 100% sure of the doctor. It is a very difficult procedure even if everybody tells you different. The best doctor can make a mistake and even the smallest mistake can look awful on your face. Next time I will use the same doctor but I think I would prefer to go for restylane even if my doctor offers it at the same price. I don't know the product but my theory is that if by mistake I don't like myself, at least it won't last that long. After a years, when I'm sure of my doctor's hand, I will probably go back to Juvederm. I am now on my second day and I look good, it was not a major change but was enough for me. It is a filler and doesn't make the wrinkles go away but simply filled them to make them less noticeable. You will look like a when you had a very nice sleep and your face is puffy and relaxed. If you have a very skinny face I wouldn't suggest it, because you will see the puffiness were the product is inject it. I would never use around my eyes and I think that doctors that advise it, are crazy and do it just for money. The new Juvederm is now with some anesthetic in it, so it was absolutely painless. The best thing is that I went back to work the next day nobody realized, not even my husband but I feel great and look younger. I hope I helped people like me searching information on the web. Please leave all your feed back for people that doesn't know better

 I did it to make my smile lines less...

 I did it to make my smile lines less noticeable 

Anna Krishtul

The office is clean and the assistant is the sweetest. The doctor seemed very competent and nice

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