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Juvederm in Lips - Worse Mistake of My Life! - Thornhill, ON

I was injected with juvederm in early May, things...

I was injected with juvederm in early May, things did not go well for the first few days but the swelling and peelins skin etc all subsided in a few days. Suddenly about a month and a half later I woke up one morning with my top lip swollen so badly I thought it would burst. It was painful and tender to touch, very hard and lumpy and thick. Family doc treated me with oral steroids (prednisone). Swelling went down in one week. Allergies and infection were ruled out. Thought everything was going to be ok. Then another month later, woke up again one morning, another episode of delayed severe swelling in upper lip. Family doc treated again with prednisone. Saw a dermatologist who says he has no idea what it is but it could be granuloma and the only way to know for sure is to have someone cut open my lip (yikes). He said he's not the guy to deal with this because it's out of his area of expertise. Other docs have said go back to the initial injector, but that seems ridiculous to me, if someone makes a mess of me once why would I trust their judgement a second time? The swelling has now mostly settled down from this second episode. From what I've read from other people who have had these problems with ongoing, delayed onset, severe swelling after juvederm I can expect more of these episodes. I have also read from several people that the injection used to dissolve this filler is not a good idea because they too have many complications and risks. What's a person to do. At no time did anyone ever tell me about the risks of juvederm filler injections, or the potential for reactions or problems. Everytime I asked, is this safe, could anything go wrong, I always got the same answer - of course not, this is 100% safe, there are no known side effects, complications or risks. Now, inretrospect I beg to differ, as I have now seen from my research online that there are many possible side effects, reactions, complications, etc and yet doctors are not warning people, nor is the manufacturer. People have a right to know. So all I can say is this, if you are thinking about or pondering the idea of juvederm injected - DON'T DO IT. PLEASE don't do it. The risks are not worth it, the lack of information and warning and truth given to patients beforehand is unfair and unjust and does not enable a person to make an educated choice. This practice needs to change.


I'm going through the same thing right now and was told after 7 days of swelling to go to emerge. Please give me an update as to what your next step was and how are your lips today. I'm desperate for information.
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How are things going now?  Any changes?

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I am so sorry to hear of the problem that you expierenced with Juvederm. I have been getting it on the lips, around the mouth and under my eyes for over six years. I have never had a problem with it. I know that Restyln has been known to have more side effects. Are you sure that that is what they gave you? You need to check this person or place where you had it done and make sure that they are or have used the correct product. You need to report it to the company that make juvederm just in case you continue having problems. You should get all of your money back and have all doctor visits paid for. That should not have happened. You may be able to save someone else from any other problems if you report this...... So sad
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Dr. Javad Rabbani

I am not in a position to determine if my problems are a result of bad skill or bad product, someone more knowledgeable than me needs to make that determination. In time that determination will be made. For now, I hold Dr. Rabbani 100% accountable for this mess I have.

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