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My name is Tracey I live in the uk and my story...

My name is Tracey I live in the uk and my story starts when I had breast augmentation in July 2000, I had a very small chest 34a and wanted to feel more womanly so had 325cc above the muscle. I loved them, they were perfect and lasted me many years. Around 1 year ago after putting on weight and losing weight, it took its toll on my implants, they didn't fit the pocket and we're beginning to sag and look unsightly so this year in February I had a scan to see if they were ruptured due to the odd shape, it turns out the left one was and they both had capsular contracture, not bad tho for nearly 14 years with these silicone implants.
I went for a consultation with the hospital group and saw a lovely surgeon who suggested a smaller implant this time and a lift. I was booked in for the 2nd April.
I checked into the hospital, had all my bloods done, ECG and blood pressure and was scheduled to go into theatre around lunch time. I was soooooo nervous, but really it was nothing to worry about, I was asleep within minutes of walking into theatre and the next thing I knew I was awake!

This time I had a lift and had the implants under the muscle so the pain was different this time to my first augmentation. More discomfort than actual pain. I was given anti sickness drugs, morphine and felt fine although a little tired and a sore throat.
My blood pressure did drop and made me sick but think that was just from the anesthetic.
You cannot use your arms to lift yourself otherwise it pulls across your chest so doing things for yourself is a little tricky but it gets easier I assure you. Sleeping upright is annoying and hurts your butt after the fourth night of doing this but again I'm sure this will get better when I can lie in a more comfortable position.
I have had some oozing from my incisions but the surgeon doesn't seem worried.
He did tell me that when he took my implants out one was upside down, the other ruptured and I had more breast tissue on my left breast so he removed some from the left side to even out the breasts. The incisions don't really hurt, they just pull at times that's all and I have noticed some bruising in the middle of my chest. I cannot see my incisions as they are covered up but I am having my dressings changed on Tuesday 9th April so will let you know and keep you updated on the outcome of that.
I'm sooooo bloated, this is what is bothering me, I'm not sure why, I feel twice the size I normally am.
I'm on day 4 post op and feeling a lot happier today but my nipples have swollen so much this morning, I rang the hospital to check if this was not
Real and was reassured it was so I can relax.
I will keep you updated on my progress and if I can help anyone about to go through this or in the same boat as me, then please feel free to ask any questions and I will help where I can.

Much love

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Post op pictures

Here are some pictures, the first is four days post op, the sexing with no dressings is one week post op (today).
I do have a bright yellowish ooze from the nipple scar, quite watery which is a bit worrying but I have been told to keep an eye on it but pleased so far with the results. Dressings are now bavk on for another week.

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One week post op


Hi ladies I had my two week post op appointment today. I was hoping to get my dressings off today as they itch me like crazy!..... But underneath my breasts they have not quite healed enough to go without so I will have to wait another ten days. I want to make sure I heal properly so snother ten days isn't too bad. Ian allowed to start driving now, a bit nervous about this as it hurts just to even do a bit if dusting, it seems to pull across my chest, the implants went below the muscle so I'm thinking it's that and not actually the lift that is bothering me?? I have added a pic and there is Definate improvement in the last week x
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So good to see you're healing and getting back the body you wanted. Sounds great that the implants lasted over 12 years. I also just got a lift just on one side and I feel more sensitivity on that side. I'm also bloated (after a tummy tuck couple months ago) so this swelling is noticeable. Did you have draining tubes? I didn't and that's why I'm attributing the bloating to that fluid. Rest and nourish yourself. Hope you continue to get well. Thank you for sharing.
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Tracey, Thanks for sharing your experience! My lift with implants is scheduled for the 16th. I'm so excited....but also a little worried about freaking out the first several weeks until the scars settle down a bit. How long before they let you take a shower? How did you wash your hair? I've heard we're not supposed to raise our arms above our head for awhile. BTW you look great!
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2 week post op


Hi there I am day 4 post op. My surgery was performed at the Wellbeck clinic. I also had my implants removed after 14 years they to had encapsulated. I decided to go for 380cc under muscle but surgeon said I had lost a bit of breast tissue as well. Unfortunately I bled a lot in surgery and was discharged with 2 drains had them removed on day 2. I have a compression dressing which is starting to itch. I'm worried about next week and caring for the kids. But I'm so happy that my breast feel soft and not hard like before, I do pray they stay the same. I am a little disappointed that I didn't go larger but I just want recover now. Glad to hear you are making a good recovery and look forward to following your progress. Have you attempted driving yet.
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Hi ya!..... How u getting on? R u up and about? So sorry u had problems during surgery and did t get the size you wantedx I have only had 220 in because I didn't want large breasts again only to have them lifted again in a few years lol this op isn't as easy as just having implants is it? You will have to ask the children to help you next week, you can easily rupture your wound and have to go back in to have repairs so make sure you take it easy! I will be 3 weeks post op on Wednesday, still lying on my back in bed, still can't do everything I want to do but Definately getting better, the wounds are healing ok but still have itchy dressings on. I can drive now so that's brilliant, I can get out and about and dont feel stuck in the four walls anymore. What size implants did you have in the end? Quick recovery wishes being sent your way x
Thank you for the advice. I definitely will take it easy . I am up and about but only left the house to see the surgeon on Good Friday to remove my drains. I was feeling tearful think because its Easter and everyone is out and about 'cabin fever' is setting in. I went for 380cc but can't really see the result as I have a compression strap. My hubby says I look the same. I I had 300cc before over muscle but I also didnt want to go big as I liked the fit of my clothes before. My surgeon said the previos implants were extremely hard and I had hard capsules that is the reason I bled alot. The dressings are very itchy indeed and I have to keep them on for another 10days hope I can cope. I want to get well and do hope all goes well. Do ne honest I can't afford another breast operation in the future. So I am determined for this to work, I have asked a few people to help me with school drop offs next week. Then I can drive from day 12 or so. It's my 2 1/2 year old that I cannot pick up at all. So I have to get ready early so that I take it easy. You are doing very well considering you had a lift and your breasts look very natural. Wishing you a good recovery as well. You are doing very well x

2weeks 3days post op pic


Morning Tracey, how are you feeling. I am day 7 post op and I noticed a slight ooze on my dressing, I removed the mepore which has a 5p size fluid. I could remove the steristrip as they are hard to get off. There is no redness or pain I appear fine. Did you have any ooze. My problem is that I have no one to help with the kids and the PS office is in West Malling. So it's so difficult to get there. Just looking for some reassurance. I will phone the PS office at 9am.
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I hope you are recovering well. So hard those first days. Takes a toll on the body. You're looking good. Hope your spirits are up. Rest and get better soon. Thank you for sharing your story.
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Awww thank you precious that's very kind, Definately improving day by day xx


Hi ladies, so today I had my shower and changed dressings and I have a little spot that won't dry out???.... I have added a pic, can anyone advise what it is or what to do please? Xx


They look great, did the surgeon say why one was upside down? did it flip or was it put in that way? I'd think you'd notice it flipping.
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Congratulations Joelsmummy! What did your doctor say about the spot that won't dry out? Hang in there!
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Hi Beth!..... Apparently it's just delayed healing on a weak part of an anchor lift so I just have to be patient, keep it clean and dressed and keep an eye on it for any changes x
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