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Holiday Juvederm Treat to Lips Not What I Expected - Thailand, TH

7 days ago, while on vacation, I decided to plump...

7 days ago, while on vacation, I decided to plump up my thin lips a bit. Since then I have been bruised and swollen and look like a cartoon character or blow up doll ....not at all what I was looking for! Bruising has faded a lot, but they are still tender. Is it possible that there is still swelling & will reduce further or has the doctor filled them too much? I feel like a freak and can't face anyone.

Last night when I headed off to bed, my top lip &...

Last night when I headed off to bed, my top lip & above it was feeling much flatter, but today I have woken and it's large and hard again....I feel like a duck. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated?!

Sorry to hear that the swelling has persisted. Here are a couple Q&As you might find helpful:

Juvederm Swelling

What to Expect from Swelling After Juvederm for Lips?

Here is a review from another community member who wasn't comfortable with the way her lips looked after getting Juvederm. You could reach out to her to ask about her thoughts on dissolving or you could check out our Hyaluronidase community. You will see there is currently a 55% Worth It Rating, so it seems people are pretty split on it.

Thanks for replying Megan, and I appreciate your help. I'll look these up.

Happy to help. Please keep us posted on how you are doing and what you decide to do.


It is 9 days since filler and my lips are still...

It is 9 days since filler and my lips are still tender and the top lip swollen and out of proportion. Tonight I have noticed white bumps appearing and suspect it is the Juvederm becoming more noticeable as swelling dissipates. I don't recall the doctor massaging the lips at any time during the process. I did bleed a lot. I have contacted the PS who is performing my rhinoplasty in January, to find out if he will look at it and administer the injection to dissolve the filler, as I can't go vack to the original doctor. People at work have been quite shocked by the change.

10 days post Juvederm to lips. I think I can see...

10 days post Juvederm to lips. I think I can see my lips finally settling down. I have been happyt with the bottom lip...little change really, but devastated by the top lip. However, in taking a couple of pics today, I think the top lip has reduced in size now and is not looking freakish as it was earlier in the week. Looking at the new photo, I think there still may be some odema as above my lip still looks a little swollen and the area above it is white like it's being pressed upon and retaining fluid. What do you think? (This review update is as much for my own piece of mind that anything else and it's been a really hard week or two).
I think they look awesome :)
Thank you. Reassurance makes a big difference. Swelling settled down after 10 days. I think it's also taking me a bit of adjusting to having a top lip for a change too :)
Hi, I think it looks fine (my honest opinion). Your lips don't look big or overblown in the photos. They look nice and plump and hydrated :)

It's 16 days since my lips were filled. It was a...

It's 16 days since my lips were filled. It was a rough and scary ride this first time, but I must say I am feeling ok now. I am surprised at how much it freaked me out......mind you my lips were huge and hideous that first week. I am adjusting to looking a little different and my lips are looking ok. The top lip is still mildly overfilled under the cupids bow which is pushing against my front teeth and pushing the lips up to look mildly ducky, but I'm guessing that will change as the product dissolves. Anyway, I have decided to not have the product dissolved and will be more assertive about my needs if I ever have it done again. Next time I will discuss in details what I would like and go for underfilling rather than overfilled look. Oh and one final thing, I did email the clinic where I had it done to ask for some aftercare advice for the two pea sized lumps, but I didn't get a response. Thank goodness for RealSelf!!
I had this but my Dr recommended a different filler ( not certain which it was ) though I had juviderm ultra under eyes with amazing results( though I looked beaten for several days! my upper lip is naturally tiny so I only had it injected there, the tiny smokers lines and a bit in my nasolabial ( ?) folds- procedure done Monday with dental blocks which helped enormously BUT left awful swelling, the injection sites were VeRY bruised, and I had a mustache look that I could not cover with makeup!! My lip looked AWFUL and freakish though my DR did a lot of " spreading" and this may add to bruising( I'm guessing) but I'm glad she did it! I have a large bruise at corner of my mouth but my results! OMG it's amazing!! I also had Botox in forehead bt eyes and crows feet and honestly I look 12 years younger! ( I'm 50 ( am looking 39-40 -in THE FACE only ) I read your results to decide so, thanks so much for sharing! I haven't posted pics but will soon! I think letting my Dr help me pick the filler was very important! ( I've had collagen lips 10 yrs ago- lasted maybe 3 months! but I went in to get the ultra and am glad she said " Eh, I'd rather use this in this area! bc I had to trust her, though now I'm so glad I had it, at first, I was in tears!! You should be warned that you'll look like a duck for days - bc much stress old be avoided If I worked , I'd have definitely called in bc of my appearance! plus I honestly looked " possibly abused!" ROTFl bc of my black eyes and bruised mouth! Now 5 days later I only have bruising at the corner of mouth- I find a yellow correcting powder is so much better to cover dark bluish areas ( under eyes, injection sites, I bought bare minerals " well rested" on amazon and a good eyeshadow brush and it's amazing for this! hope this helps! thanks again for giving details updates, I decided on this largely from reading these!
Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your story too. When I was so distraught, going through the stories of others helped me stay sane....I was desperate to know I wouldn't be stuck this way for months. I am pleased you were happy with your injector and the results were great. Way to go!!
oh my god! i know how you feel when you said you are surprised at how much this freaked you out... i was very swollen and infected for about 4-5 days and i completely freaked out! i cried to because i thought i would look like a freak forever! now my lips are completely healed and look great... i want to continue to get the injections but I'm scared of getting infected again! also I very surprised that they didn't massage after the injections they are suppose to spread it around your lips

This will be my final update. I am writing again...

This will be my final update. I am writing again as an encouragement to those considering lip augmentation.

It is now 4 weeks since my fill, and I am now happy with the outcome. I love the bottom lip but still not keen on the top. Having it done caused big reactions and judgements from everyone......everyone noticed!! I was even avoided by people because they couldn't believe I would do such a thing to myself. Back to normal and all is fine now.

My main comment is to let others know that some people hold swelling more than others. Next time, and I will do it again (but more subtly), I'll take more time off work and take Arnica beforehand. I am also wondering if the humidity and long flight home caused more swelling? Hmmmmm I wonder how long the product will last on me? I was told 8 months. Bye bye!

Thank u for sharing your overwhelming experience. I was thinking to have derma in Phuket, now I think, I have changed my mind.

I just saw this...So sorry this was so distressing (and fellow Sydneysider here, now live in US - enjoyed reading your nose surgery review. My primary surgery was last April, just had minor revision to "tweak" things yesterday). Anyway, I have small mouth and thinner upper lip so I had my regular dermatologist inject my lips last year. She used Restylane. I was very happy with it. I also looked like Donald Duck initially!! However I only felt embarrassed to be seen for about a day. I don't think anyone noticed after day 1, it just looks really nice in pics and made me feel good. I think she may have been a bit more conservative. She is known to be "talented" at injections (even my rhinoplasty surgeon said this and he does facial fillers etc) and she did small amounts at a time. Also a few weeks after there were a couple of blebs in my lips and she massaged them out for me and said this was normal. I see you had some blebs or something? I went back to my doctor after about a week and she massaged them for me (whereas I know you couldn't do this). Mine also didn't bleed at all. She used one small size syringe of Restylane whereas I have had her inject under my eyes (I am late 30s but small and thin so not a lot of facial volume) and for that she has used I guess the larger syringe and used one syringe for both eyes and then to inject two small pitted scars on my forehead from chicken pox. I am not sure how much is in a syringe of Restylane vs Juvederm..? For me it lasted in my lips I think at least 6 months. She told me that with Restylane that it tends to last longer after you do it about 3 times ( and she has had this herself which is handy). Possibly if you could find someone you like in Sydney? I went to dermatologist originally as my skin is very sensitive and I could not find an under eye cream or sunscreen that I did not react to. Oh and us Aussies know about sunscreen! Then I actually got plastic surgeon referral from her for rhinoplasty. Anyway, if you happen to see this hope it helps!! :) And also that by writing this it doesn't come off as making you feel bad as that is not the intent - I just feel bad for all you went through whereas for me it was sort of like nothing vs the whole rhinoplasty stuff (one day of weirdness and some money) and I think you should be able to have that!!! I don't have nose surgery review and pics for privacy reasons. I am going to get my lips injected again soon - it has worn off and I want it back! :) It was $400 USD.
Thank you for taking the time to write and share your own experience with me. I has a horrible ordeal and believe me the photos didn't come close to how hideous my upper lip looked. It has been 7.5 months and still have product there, but I am happy with it at this stage. I like the idea of slightly fuller lips but it will take a bit for me to do this again. I am pleased your results have been good. All the best for your revision recovery.
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