i love my new nose! - Tehran, Iran

I have always hated my nose. I have always thought...

I have always hated my nose. I have always thought it was so big and I just did not like it. When I was 10 years old I went to Iran for the first time to visit my family and I would see so many people walking on the street with tape on teir nose and I would ask my mom, ''Why do they tape their nose ?'' and she would say because they have a nose job and I would think by my self, ''wow so there is such a thing as making your nose smaller?''. I decided to get a nosejob when I was old enough to do it and they usually recommend 21 because than your face has fully developed and I know most other docters say 14 or 16 but my mom said it's better if you wait because I have a cousin that did it at 16 and as he grew older his nose got wider..? Anyways It did not end so good for him and he already has had 3 nosejobs and his nose just does not look good.. ANYWAYS now, I am 19 and I went back to Iran in July 2014, and I had my nose done by doctor Ali reza mohebbi in Tehran, Iran. In my opinon he is the best surgeon ever because he did such an excellent job with me (and I have seen a lot of his patients while I was waiting on my apppointment, and there was not one that I did not like.) I told him I want it as natural looking as possible and I just want it to look good on my face. The reason I went to iran to get my nose job is because they have so much more expierience, for them it's like going to the dentist.. (literarry!!!) When I did my nosejob I was at his clinique for only 3 hours and then I went home. the next day they took my filters out of my nose and that was the only thing that hurt about the whole surgery. One week later they took my cast of my nose and now I have to tape it for 3 months because it has a lot of swelling and according to my doctor you have to tape it so it wil settle nicely. My doctor told me that a lot of the swelling will go away within the first month but it takes up to 5/6 months for the real real result!

5 weeks after surgery

So yesterday 08/30/14 I went to a party and i decided to take my tape of for a few hours. I felt great! I felt pretty!! haha i feel like i dont have to be ashamed of how I look anymore. I am really happy now. Happiness starts from within and when you feel great you will look look great!

4 weeks!

4 weeks after surgery

Week 5!!

Okay so today I decided to try out new makeup looks with my new nose haha. It probably sounds weird... But yes new nose, deff need to try new makeup looks that may look good now!! I used to only put on nude lipstick because it would kind of hide my nose and now I can just wear any color lipstick and look fab!! Haha. Here are some photos of me today! 09/04/2014

Weeek 6 !! and I love it~

Photo taken on 9/10/14

Dr. Ali-Reza Mohebbi

My doctor is Doctor Ali-Reza Mohebbi and I flew all the way to Tehran, Iran to get my surgery done. I found his website through a nosejob page on facebook and I loved his work. I payed 6 million rial which is 2000$ (and my flight was about $ 2600). i think he is such a great doctor who listens to his patients needs. Vey professional and very nice gentlemen.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi! I haven't been able to contact the doctor and I'd really like to chat with him either on e-mail (his doesn't work) or phone (they dont answer), could you please help me? Thank you :)
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Your Gorgeous!
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Sorry so how long did it take before you can normally breath, or breath normally?
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Oh sorry another question is your smile back? You know the stiff upper lip thing:)
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yeah my smile is 100% back haha!!
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Okay good to know:)...also after the cast and splints were removed how long did it take before you could breath normal. Well I had my t urbanites reduces, think that makes the congestion worse.
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Well you look gorgeous before and after, but your nose turn out really nice. I have a question I just got my nose done 11 days ago still taping my nose but only for one more week, how long did your doctor tell you to keep taping your nose for?
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He told me 3 months but I want to tape it an extra 3 months at night only.. just for safety reasons
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Okay mine said two weeks, will probably keep doing it for at least 1-2 months thank you for sharing your experience; )
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God deff took his time on you
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haha I think he sure did
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Wow your eyes are amazing! And your nose job is cute for sure. They should do the tape thing here too but. In the u.s they don't do that. I'll ask my doc about that.
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Yeah I am actually kinda surprised that they don't do that here.. although I havent seen it here. I do have to say that I deff see a big difference if i dont tape it for one day because I feel It's still healing so you have to make sure it'll ''grow'' (heal) into the right shape
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Omg what an awesome result! Your nose is perfect!!
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Seriously. This surgery is such an amazing result !!! Amazing doctor. I'm looking for a doctor as good as this in the uk but so hard to find.
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It took me about 4/6 months to find the right doctor! make sure you feel comfortable and trust your doctor!! thanks :)
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