25 Years Young and Ready for my Confidence to Come Back - Tampa, FL

My 1st plastic surgery was with another surgeon...

My 1st plastic surgery was with another surgeon that was eager to do but the outcome was nothing like he expressed. I never did my research I was just young and dumb and happy to finally have a chest, well I paid the ultimate price. Meeting with Dr. Rieger was amazing, I know plenty of woman that he has done and boy are they amazing and I just can't wait to fix my breast. I will be removing my saline implants and replacing with silicone as well as a full breast lift.
I think you breasts now are very nice...I can understand if you might want a little lift on the left side to bring it up to the same level as the right, but otherwise I think they look great!
I just started a new forum for women getting breast implant revisions this September, 2104. Feel free to be the first to comment...and send other women to this forum. (Even the experienced revision ladies can come on over and support the newbies!) Looking forward to following your journey.
I have a consult with him in a few weeks! I wish u all the best!
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