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My rhinoplasty experience has been life changing. ...

My rhinoplasty experience has been life changing. At my two appointments with Dr. Nettle we agreed a very subtle change, so subtle in fact that he assured me no-one would know. He was quite pleasant but overconfident and although he went through the risks, was quite flippant about rhinoplasty being a very minor procedure. I stressed many times wanting a very natural result and explained the importance of keeping as true to my original nose as possible - I am very private and also liked many aspects of my nose and wanted to maintain them. This was not a problem, he assured me. When the cast came off, I was distraught and mortified that my nose had been altered, overhauled and pared down so dramatically - there was not one aspect of what we discussed that had been fulfilled. Things were changed that we had never even discussed. My nose is now asymmetrical, arches to one side, thin, pointy and artificial looking and the scar underneath very obvious. Life has not been the same since that day. Whilst I could write pages and pages on my experience and how terribly something like this affects someone and their family, my motivation for writing this is not to spite him, upset and angry as I am, but to just ensure others are aware that this is a huge decision and to be prepared if it doesn't turn out as expected.


I don't understand what rhinoplasty operation you have undergone. Was it to remove a hump, narrow the bridge or add cartilage to it? As in, did he have to reduce your nose bridge or increase it? If he increased it, what did you have done e.g. Implant or cartilage from ear or rib? I don't understand what it looks like, could you post a photo or similar please? You don't need to show your face, just your nose. If you don't, we all won't know what your really are talking about because words are words but if you show us we will understand better.
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Can you post pictures of your nose?
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Hi Foxyboxy, I am so sorry but I won't post pictures for privacy reasons but also I don't really want all the comments from people about my before/after pictures. My reason for sharing my story was really just to make people aware of what a big decision this is and that even great surgeons have bad days and things can go wrong. Undoubtedly, any surgery carries risks but a surgeon doing what THEY want, not what YOU want is unforgivable. There is a difference between something going wrong in surgery and a surgeon deciding to create and chisel a nose that THEY like. Sadly, removing cartilage/bone is quite easy...but adding it back means taking cartilage from your ear or rib. Revision surgery is a much more complex undertaking and this upsets me greatly as all I wanted was a subtle change to a nose I quite liked. The emotional impact has been devastating. I would probably find it easier to accept had he given me a nicer nose but I've been left with an unnatural and unfamiliar appearance that is decidedly less attractive than my original nose. My self-esteem and self-confidence has been affected so terribly and I am very embarrassed and depressed - it affects nearly every facet of daily life. In addition to cosmetic issues, there are some functional ones - my breathing, which was perfect before, is worse and I now snore. My sense of smell, which was excellent before, is also diminished. There are all the emotions of anger, disappointment and regret to cope with, all whilst starting to think about looking for a surgeon I trust enough to rebuild my nose back to what we agreed. Ultimately, successful rhinoplasty should mean a happy patient - not a patient shocked with the outcome, looking back at a total surprise nose/face. There is no one set aesthetic standard that can be applied to all patients. There were cultural and familial aspects of my nose that were so very important to me, that have literally been wiped off my face. Even if my request differs from Dr Nettle's views, it is up to him to gage a clear understanding of my specific desires and not over-ride them with his aesthetic goals. Of course computer imaging is not a guarantee, and there will probably always be some degree of variance between the imaging and the actual result, but to get a nose so dramatically different to what was agreed and discussed is inexcusable. My view is that the best nose jobs are ones that make you look better, but that no-one can pinpoint that it's your nose that is the difference. My overaggressive rhinoplasty is very noticeable. Most disappointing to me, is that the person I read about, who seemed so conservative and kind, was so different to the person I dealt with post-surgery. There is always that thought before surgery that if something did go wrong, at least I have an ethical surgeon who would deal with the situation professionally and empathetically but this has not turned out to be the case. A true test of a surgeon's ethics and character is their actions and behaviour when things go wrong. Choose your surgeon wisely, communicate well, go with your gut, and remember that you are interviewing them. Any doubts, don't do it.
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Unfortunately, I have not one positive thing to say about my experience. I am utterly devastated by what he has done and gave him my honest feedback on the situation(why it happened? how it happened? its affect on myself and family). Although he has apologised, he blames my overdone, botched result on the 'vagaries of surgery' rather than anything he has done. He did not like my feedback or assessment of the situation and will now not revise what he describes as a 'difficult case'. I'm not exactly sure what a surgeon expects when a patient gets such dramatically different results to what was agreed but he says I have been derogatory so he will not revise my nose - though he created this nightmarish situation for me. I feel such aggressive excision of cartilage by a surgeon of this level of experience has most likely been due to miscommunication, carelessness and adding his artistic licence in surgery, regardless of our conversations and my wishes. The kindness described by others, I have not experienced - his behaviour and lack of care and empathy after his mistakes have been very upsetting. It is all too easy for surgeons to blame bad results and unhappy patients on unrealistic expectations, body dysmorphia or some psychological issue but I am just a normal, every day person hoping to have had a small change and have been left utterly broken by what he has done to my nose - I wish I had never stepped foot in his office.

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