Excellent Juvederm Results for Eye Bags and Top Lip Line

Hi there, I actually had Juvederm about 3 weeks...

Hi there, I actually had Juvederm about 3 weeks ago and am thrilled with the results. I had injections under my eyes where I had eye bags and now...... gone! I have smooth under eyes now and I also had some inejected into my top lips to redefine my lip line and my lips look amazing. No trout pout look just a beautifully defined lip line complete with cupids bow. I can't wait to have some more.

Which brings me to ask. does anyone know where I can go (reputable of course) in Bangkok to have some juvederm and botox. I am going over there on the 19th April and would love to have some more, as I am pretty sure it will be cheaper.


Wowee yes pls keep my posted. i don't know anyone personally that knows anything about this!

xoxo ;>
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No no no, my eyes are great. Don't be afraid these fillers have come such a long way these days. I just had my lip line done and I love it. I must say it's even made my smile look more even.

I'm going to have some filler in my cheeks soon so that should be great. I'll keep you informed if you like.

I say go for it, non invasive procedures like fillers, botox etc are such a godsend I reckon.
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ok hahahaha! gosh though I wish I could see your eyes. So are you saying your eye problem is back full force and you need to get it fixed?

gosh i'm so afraid to make a move and do anything.

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Bronnie at North Shore Skin Care Clinic

She is a qualified pracitioner in the cosmetic field and keeps up to date with all procedures. She is a walking advertisment herself.

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