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I decided to get Juvederm on my cheeks because I...

I decided to get Juvederm on my cheeks because I felt I could benefit from more prominent appearing cheekbones and to lift the slight crepiness i had.

I had 2 mils in each cheek about 3 months ago from now and I'm not sure if I'm just used to it or whether it just wasn't very effective, but I can't notice much of a difference, and no one else did when I first got it either.

I can feel them still under my skin but only 3 months later they feel like they are beggining to diminish and I still have slightly crepe-like cheeks.

If i could do it over i would have put the money towards cheek implants instead.

hey cameron, if i were you i wouldnt get it done again, there are a lot of cases with dermal fillers in their cheeks that have caused serious problems such as sinus infections, migration and etc. please just dont do it i had juvederm injected in my lips 3 years ago and its still there in some patients it just doesnt go away ,so what if you didnt like the results? please be carefull and just for the record your cheeks are fine and normal :)
I tried juvederm for the 1st time back in Nov it only lasted for 3months . I cant tell you how sad it made me i gave up a year of gifts I spent around 600.00 ( I had botox also) . I called back to let them know and they told me come in and they would redo it i did and im guessing because they did a redo they didnt use very much because that was 2weeks ago and its gone again . The only thing i could think of that happened is i have Graves and mybe that caused it to break down so fast . I wont be doing it again . I wished i would of put the money on a down payment for a facelift o well a lesson learned.
Hey im pretty sure i went to the same place and i thought they were great! Do you know the name of the person who did your injections or how did they look like?

Maybe you'd be better off trying a more permanent filler than juvederm like radiesse.
Personally i don't think you need it but do whatever makes you happy i guess!

I suppose it did the job, but i didn't expect that...

I suppose it did the job, but i didn't expect that the results would be so little.

I hate the fact that juvederm only lasts so long, I HATE the idea of maintenaince.

I would gladly go through a year or more of pain if i could just look the way i wanted at the end of it, and on that note the fact i want cheek implants instead of these stupid needles is just for me.
It looks to me like the fillers were poorly placed-too low-and there was not enough volume put on your upper cheekbone area. A lot depends on the artistic eye of the injector. It's important to be picky regarding finding the right person,I think.
i have to tell, i can see ur cheeks.
but yourself u cannot see so good like other persons the result. i think i forgot my face of the past. i dont know u know , what i mean, ...but every time, when i do injection, i think it is like before...but that cannot be reality.!!! i want to tell for ur cheeks, maybe try Radiesse. i did my create my nose with radiesse. 1 ml of radiesse does more volume make , than 1ml of hyalorone. and it does last 1-2 years in ur cheeks.
i have it now in nose.
a friend of mine had cheek-implants and then she got ill, and hat to take antibiotics...but it doesnt go the implants had to do go out of body! now she takes radiesse, too. here in germany one injektion with 1,5ml cost about 450 euro! that is ok for 1-2 years. for the cheeks normally u take 2 injections! about 750 euro in germany.

and so many people , i know , all say, injections look better and more natural than implants. please dont surgery with implants ur cheeks... it is foreign material and in face no foreign implant is good. in the body like breast it is ok,...but the face is more smooth and u mostly have problems with that....

-sorry for my english--^^

You seriously don't need anything doing to your face your very cute and handsome, don't do it.

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I had a lot of questions about the procedure and I don't feel like they were answered well or even not at all.

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